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Broken Links

June 13, 2012

Broken links are a constant threat on the internet, whether as references for this blog or in the accompanying  #1 Deprogramming Liberalism with Nuclear Counterarguments.

If you come across a link that takes you to the website, but not the desired page, try to copy and paste the title text of the link into their site search engine. The story is probably still there, but under a different address.

If that doesn’t work (I find site search engines often do not work well), try pasting the link text into Google and add a site identifier. For this you need the root web address for the site. So to find this page type in the search form: >site:deprogrammingliberalism.com Broken Links<.

If the original site does not have the page anymore, try a search without the site identifier, but add quotation marks: >“Broken Links”<, substituting the page title for broken links. Often other sites, especially blogs will have copies of other’s pages. If there is quoted text from the broken link, place that in quote marks and perform a search.

If those ideas are unsuccessful, you can see if Google has a cache of the page. Copy the full address of the link and add it to the Google search form with a cache identifier: >cache:https://deprogrammingliberalism.com/2011/11/06/broken-links/&lt;.

The Internet Archive is a last resort, but it will not have any pages less than six months old. Copy and paste the whole address into the Take Me Back form box and press enter. If it has been archived it will give you a list of links to the page based on the dates archived. (Videos and graphics are not included in the archive, however.)

If you do find a broken link in the books or elsewhere in the D.L. website, a short email notification would be appreciated.

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