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Roundup of Liberal Apocalypses

June 13, 2012

The Nuclear Counterarguments Essay Series painstakingly exposes and catalogues many different kinds of liberal paranoia. #20 Global Warming – Just Another Liberal Apocalypse Scenario (yawn) lists the large phantoms of the last fifty years that liberals have invented to scare society into making changes toward their utopian goals of safe collectivism:

Liberals are also terrified of all that threatens progress toward utopia in regard to health and the environment. This has led to many panicked responses to imaginary cataclysms and apocalypses, costing in both, vast amounts of wasted money and even human lives. [*422syw9] [123]

• 1960s – Early envirotheist, Rachel Carson wrote a book named Silent Spring claiming that the very effective pesticide, DDT was a cause of human cancer and bird population depletion. Neither turned out to be true, but her radical stance led to a ban on the use of DDT as a preventive measure against deadly mosquito-born Malaria which has resulted in literally tens of millions of needless human deaths throughout the world. Regardless, Carson is still upheld by liberals as a pioneering heroine of the environmental movement. [42lu2jy] [124]

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Liberals Are Drowning & Dragging America Down With Them
Throw Them A Lifeline: Nuclear Counterarguments
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• 1960s – Envirotheist apocalypse prophet Paul Ehrlich wrote the book The Population Bomb predicting that a cataclysmic worldwide famine due to overpopulation would cause mass starvation. This made Ehrlich instantly famous, but the eventual failure of his prophesy has not diminished him in liberal eyes – he is still surprisingly viewed as an ‘expert’ on overpopulation. Recently, he made the news for actually claiming all of his predictions were accurate. [insert Twilight Zone music here] [6bagf6] [125]

• 1970s – The seventies brought the Armageddon scare of anthropogenic global cooling causing a new ice age. This apocalypse theory prevailed in the media and academia well into the eighties, until anthropogenic global warming theory replaced it. Etheist NASA scientist, James Hansen was an early proponent, but instead of being discredited by the abandonment of the cooling theory, liberals have instead elevated him even further as a champion of the newer anthropogenic global warming theory. [zz7oc, 4kwlklq] [126]

• 1970s – Of course, the 1970s also produced panic over nuclear power plants. Liberal etheists were convinced that the technology was uncontrollable and would lead to multiple failures and untold misery and death around the world. But nuclear power is by far the safest energy source in the world. [6kqfu4t] [127]

• 1980s – Related to nuclear power was the the threat of nuclear war by that cowboy, Ronald Reagan. Liberals just knew that Reagan was going start World War Three and destroy the whole planet. Instead, he ended the Cold War without a shot fired.

• 1980s – Ozone depletion supposedly causes skin cancer and vision problems, but similar to all of the apocalypse theories, there is no actual scientific evidence to support this theory. Nevertheless, we’re supposed to spend mega amounts of money fighting this phantom. [y9yh373, 27wgxfb] [128]

• 1980s – Power lines and transformers emitting EMFs are another supposed cause of cancer. Again with no scientific method behind it. [6redk, 3uonfqm] [129]

• 1980s – American forest depletion became a major apocalypse when the terms “clear cutting” and “old growth forest” were combined by envirotheists to scare urbanites into thinking Bambi and his friends would lose their homes forever, but over the last one hundred years the amount of forest cover in the United States has basically remained unchanged (it is actually marginally up since 1910). [3kdolak] [130]

• 1990s – Another envirotheist scare tactic is to claim that the world’s tropical rainforests are being permanently depleted before our very eyes. Unsurprisingly, somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature, who has this nasty habit of overrunning areas with vegetation in tropical areas. [6cabdvh, 6cflr7m] [131]

• 1990s – Second hand smoke supposedly causes lung cancer. Except there is no evidence for it. [3a75av] [132]

• 1990s – Cholesterol and animal fats were targeted as the number one causes of heart disease and obesity. Society was inundated with food regulations and lectures by liberals on diet, insisting that fatty meats be substituted with carbohydrate grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits. But mankind’s digestive system has little in common with herbivores and much more in common with carnivores. Mankind’s intestines are the same relative lengths as common carnivores like dogs and cats, whereas herbivore have intestines that are up to five times longer. Carnivores, as with mankind, have a hydrochloric acid based stomach for breaking down proteins, whereas herbivores digest using a much longer fermentation process to break down carbohydrate fibers (fermentation of beans, grains and nuts is harmful to the human colon, where much of it takes place). The Inuit of the far north lived for dozens of generations on a diet purely of animal and fish proteins and fats. It has now been discovered that the real culprits of heart disease (and many other ailments) are omega-6 acids primarily derived from grain/nut/vegetable carbohydrates and oils. [6mnq3lt, yqtdcm] [133]

• 2000s – Swine flu was whipped into a worldwide frenzy by the nanny World Health Organization and mass media as especially dangerous for the elderly and very young. It turned out to be no more dangerous than other influenzas. [dbrgm2] [134]

• 2000s – The World Health Organization again signaled another apocalypse warning that cell phone radiation could cause cancer. Again, without evidence. [82ugq] [135]

• 2000s – The Alberta oilsands (so-called “dirty oil”) are now one of the envirotheist movement’s biggest bugaboos, supposedly destroying North American forests and river systems, as well as being a major emitter of supposed greenhouse gases. I’ll put this one to bed myself in the next essay.

• 2000s – Peak oil is the envirotheist movement’s scare tactic to claim that we’re running out of oil in the world. I’ll put peak oil to bed right beside supposedly “dirty” oilsands oil as well.

• 2010s – Now that anthropogenic global warming theory is in serious worldwide decline as the apocalypse of the moment, new Armageddons are already being fine-tuned for its replacement. There is ocean acidification that is supposed to destroy the great reefs and fish stocks – it’s not. There is an oldy-but-goody making a comeback – resource depletion. Julian Simon put that one to bed decades ago. Then there is the biodiversity collapse apocalypse – more nonsense. There is fracking supposedly causing earthquakes and polluting water tables. Another even scarier one is oxygen depletion (help me, American neighbor – I can’t breath, I can’t bre…). [/sarcastic melodramatics] Liberals like to think of themselves as founded in science, supposedly unlike mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging conservatives. In fact, this list proves that it is liberals who are anti-science, willing believe almost any nut with an apocalyptic scenario, regardless of its lack of actual catalogued evidence or lack of adherence to scientific principles, instead closing their eyes to any real contradicting science. Throw in the liberal phobias for tungsten light bulbs, SUVs, Dominionism, Walmart, the Bilderburg Group, extinction of the Polar Bear, the Tea Party and a hundred other things, and you can see for yourself, American neighbor, there is something just not right about liberalism – they are paranoid of just about everything! This is not just based on deduction, American neighbor. There are documented, compulsive ramifications from this kind of paranoia: [*75flnnk] [136]

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Liberals Are Drowning & Dragging America Down With Them
Throw Them A Lifeline: Nuclear Counterarguments
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