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Better a Societal Outcast and Vote Democrat

July 15, 2012

Re: The GOP’s crime against voters

Eugene Robinson     Washington Post

Mr. Robinson is upset that 758,939 registered Pennsylvania voters may be disenfranchised if they are required to supply photo ID to vote. There are a lot of other things these Pennsylvanians are probably disenfranchised from without photo ID:

~Taking the ACT/SAT exams for college; cashing a check; buying a gun; applying for a job; flying; getting a passport; getting married; seeing a doctor (The Laconia Clinic scans a photo ID); selling real estate; signing up for reward cards, e.g.,

Shaw’s; redeeming a large, winning lottery ticket; buying liquor at a restaurant (Meadowbrook requests a photo ID before serving alcohol); taking professional exams like CPA, law, etc.; buying a car; getting a hunting or fishing license; applying for food stamps or housing; applying for Social Security and Medicare.~ Letter Look where you need a photo ID

Mr. Robinson doesn’t seem to care a whit that these 758,939 Pennsylvanians appear to be complete outcasts from society. They could be the Beverley Hillbillies without varmint rifles or oil, but as long as they can be rounded up and bused in to vote Democrat, that’s all that matters. It seems to me the proper response would be to demand a way get these 758,939 Pennsylvanians legitimate photo ID so they do not remain societal pariahs living hand to mouth. I thought liberals supposedly cared about these sorts of things – I guess not…

I have been asked to present photo ID to vote here in Canada for some years, and I don’t recall any problems in the media about it.

Again, I have to ask why Mr Robinson is so callous about these people without IDs being so disenfranchised from society?

Update: Here are few more reasons a person requires a photo ID; opening a bank account and writing checks, buying medication at Walgreens, buying tobacco, renting an apartment. Voter ID: A Good Idea

Besides allowing a person to vote, having to show an ID protects that person’s vote as well – they don’t have to worry that someone may illegally vote in their name.

Update 2: Here’s some more things one needs an ID for: Driving, applying to school, store credit, a utilities account, outpatient testing, Medicaid, open a retirement account, vote in a union, donate blood, pawn shops, car insurance, train tickets, annual tickets for amusement parks, volunteering at a non-profit organization, library, and acquiring a professional licence. 71 % of Voters Favor Voter ID

Update 3: Here is some myth-busting about North Carolina’s Voter ID law: Daily Beast’s Bouie Repeats Faulty, Tired Talking Points About North Carolina’s Voter ID Law

Update 4: Oh, the irony: ID’s required to attend NAACP rally to protest voter ID requirements

Update 5: Democrats claim that there is no voter fraud. Again, North Carolina puts the lie to that claim. Over 35,000 cases of voter fraud have been discovered for the 2012 election. North Carolina answers Democrats’ question ‘What vote fraud?’ And Over 40,000 voters are registered in both Virginia and Maryland, group finds

Update 6: Voter Fraud: An Existential Threat to America

Update 7: 6.9 million multiple voters in 28 states, report finds

Update 8: Black voter turnout exceeds white voter turnout, even in states with strict ID laws, pundit claims

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