D.L. Glossary

Reading Deprogramming Liberalism you will notice my affinity for creating new words and adapting the meanings of old ones. My wife calls them Jimeries. In George Orwell’s classic dystopia novel Nineteen Eighty-Four the character Syme is a lexicographer developing the language of Newspeak. Syme loves his job: “You think, I dare say, that our chief job is inventing new words. But not a bit of it! We’re destroying words — scores of them, hundreds of them, every day. … It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.” This is what paranoia does to a language. Tyranny destroys. Liberty creates. So I will play my small part in this evolution. On this page I present my glossary, including personal writing markups and new words.

Within the essays I utilize what is known as logical punctuation in regard to quotations rather than the common mandates of the Chicago Manual of Style. Logical punctuation allows for a faithful quotation without introducing foreign punctuation within the quote that may erode its accuracy. (Also, logical punctuation just makes sense to me, whereas the CMS mandates in this area do not.)

blue text = excerpt from the 22-Essay Series

~_ _ _~ – Quotation from person or text.

>_ _ _< – Search engine term.

[/_ _ _] – End of as in the end of a sarcastic statement. [/sarcasm]

800 pound gorillaaa – A deliberately ignored fact or question whose obvious answer invalidates liberal thinking.

aborticidegj – A replacement for the word abortion, but with an emphasis on the death aspect of the act. With each aborticide someone dies.

aggressive groupthinkerab – See alpha liberal.

alpha conservativeac – Well researched leaders of the conservative movement.

alpha liberalad – Produces the sophistry and leads the demagoguery for the movement. Desires to be an elite, directing other peoples’ lives.

apocalypse syndromeae – A compulsion to see apocalyptic scenarios, no matter the contrary evidence.

argumentation theoryco – That the human reasoning process is seldom objective toward finding absolute truth and is instead often presumptive and defensive in argument, seeking to satisfy a confirmation bias, regardless of truth.

ashamed liberalgf – A liberal who is embarrassed to be identified as a liberal.

awakeningaf – A moment of realization when a liberal realizes that their liberalism is in part or all a fraud.

beta conservativefq – Intuitive conservatives.

beta liberalag – Follows the lead of alpha liberals. Desires that their life and other peoples’ lives be directed by an elite.

black sheepah – One who is not susceptible to the herding of sheeple.

Blackshirtsai – Originally a paramilitary force of dictator Benito Mussolini used to intimidate businesses and voters in fascist Italy. I have adopted there name for progressive-fascist enforcers of liberalism who use intimidation, demagoguery and violence to further their ideology – unions, activist groups and the neoKKK.

blynchingft – Also known as Polar Bear Hunting or The Knockout Game, where groups of black youths emulate the KKK of a hundred years ago, randomly picking non-white victims to punch unconscious or dead and then rob them.

Bonesaj – See Dr. McCoy.

branch-yearsak – A year divided according to each political party’s control of each of the three governing branches of the federal government – Senate, House and Presidency – to calculate D.L. Governance Indicators.

broken window fallacyal – The erroneous belief that destruction is ultimately more beneficial than non-destruction. (See crowding out effect and lost opportunity cost.)

carrot and stick capitalismam – Similar to command capitalism with a mix of modern corporatism which also known as corporate welfare. (See command capitalism and demand capitalism.)

civil societyan – A guarantee of equality of opportunity through strict enforcement of minimal laws and adherence to an ethical code of morals. (See just society.)

cognitive dissonanceao – When the conscious belief system realizes the existence of a conflict with the subliminal belief system.

collaboratorap – (See alpha liberal.)

collectiveaq – Societal groupthink where individuality is viewed as an undermining of utopia.

command capitalismar – A heavily restricted economy of regulations, taxes, cronyism and corruption directed by government command. (See carrot and stick capitalism and demand capitalism.)

conscious beliefas – Beliefs derived through critical thinking.

conservatism (contemporary)at – 1. An ideology based on the individual liberty of bold self-reliance to direct one’s own life. 2. The selected mindset of a liberated society providing and protecting the ability of each individual to manage their life with minimal collective limitations.

conservative (contemporary)au – A person who desires to direct their own life.

contemporaryav – Liberals and conservatives since the late 1960s.

contextual investigationaw – A discovering of all relevant circumstances and evidence pertaining to an identified issue.

corporeal scienceax – Tangible scientific application. (See recondite science.)

creeple / creepleismgi – A product of societal conditioning resulting in paranoia. People (creepy sheeple) who are extreme paranoids whose active goal is to make everyone’s lives directed by a collective. Creepleism is a hate-based ideology of progressive fascism. Their strategy is to establish fear as the basis for all decision making. (See freeple and sheeple.)

critical analysis/thinkingaz – Taking reasoning to a higher level through evaluation instead of presumption.

crowding out effectay – When government interference reduces free market investment. (See broken window fallacy and lost opportunity cost.)

demand capitalismba – A free market, laissez-faire economy of limited government directed by consumer demand. (See carrot and stick capitalism and command capitalism.)

deprogramming liberalismbb – 1. A voluntary procedure designed to free a person from the societal conditioning of liberalism and its base of paranoia. 2. A covert planting of conservative seeds within a liberal’s mind. 3. Tactical public counterarguments and responses to liberal sophistry and demagoguery.

Detroit (verb)ge – To thoroughly destroy something through the application of contemporary liberalism. An alternative to Detroiting something could be to California something.

diversity quiltsbc – Liberal clandestine intelligence services training.

D.L. Governance Indicatorbd – (Deprogramming Liberalism Governance Indicator) Economic and other societal indicators determined in branch-years. (See branch-years.)

double standardsbe – An acceptance of lying to oneself when dividing parallel examples of an issue that fall on opposite sides of an ideological line.

Dr. McCoybf – What liberals erroneously picture themselves as – compassionate.

dystopiabg – Liberal utopianism’s inevitable unintended result.

eartherfw – Alternative to birther – believes Barack Obama is not from this planet.

elite visionariesbh – Liberals who believe they should be unopposed in their purpose of coercively creating a top-down utopian society. A nation loses its liberties when elite visionaries run it. Obama, Reid and Pelosi are examples of elite visionaries.

envirotheismbi – The worship of the environment. (See envirotheist and etheist.)

envirotheistbj – An adherent to envirotheism. (See envirotheism and etheist.)

etheistbk – See envirotheist. (See envirotheism and envirotheist.)

e-oilbl – Ethical oil from a liberty-based country like Canada or Norway.

evilbm – 1. Conservative motives (as defined by liberals). 2. A justification for doing everything liberal.

evil monsterfs – A metaphor for everything and everyone that liberal paranoia fears. Evil monsters can be issues, entities or events that by their perceived nature are an obstacle to attaining a utopia where all fears have been eliminated. Evil monsters can also be anyone who opposes liberal attempts to create a fear-free utopia.

fascism-creepbn – Where self-righteous intentions turn into fascistic results.

fact chuckerbo – Liberal fact checker.

factophobiabp – Liberal fear of facts.

FDRHooverbq – Franklin D. Roosevelt – Herbert Hoover’s twin ideological brother. (See FDR/Hoovernomics.)

FDR/Hoovernomicsbr – Creeping statism or fascism-creep. A progressive-fascism economic strategy now masquerading as Keynesianism created by Herbert Hoover and established by Franklin D. Roosevelt. (See FDRHoover.)

feminatorbs – Abortion rights feminist.

Fluked (pronounced flucked)bt – A hypocritical liberal attack on a conservative while ignoring other liberals doing the same or worse.

flybu – The essay reader.

freeple / freepleismbv – People who wish for everyone to be able to direct their own lives. Freepleism is a freedom-based ideology. (See sheeple and creeple)

generational greedbw – Government deficit spending; raiding the grandchildren’s piggy bank for the grandparent’s benefit.

gimmiebx – noun: Freebies at other people’s expense.

group-interestby – Accepting to join the group at the expense of one’s self-interest. (See groupthink and self-interest.)

groupthinkbz – Programmed collective conclusions created by collaborators. (See group-interest.)

guiltca – Cognitive dissonance experienced as an awareness of a view of oneself.

Hardingnomicscb – Prosperity. An overwhelmingly successful economic strategy proven in whole and in part.

herd neoracismcc – Beta liberals who follow the alphas’ lead using demagogic race baiting. (See neoracist, neoracsim and pack neoracism.)

homophobegj – Person with an inborn sexual orientation that includes homonausea. (See nauseophobe and neohomophobe.)

ideologuecd – One who refuses to examine opposing arguments to their own beliefs.

ideologyce – 1. A set of beliefs that may or may not be determined through contextual investigation and critical thinking. 2. A world view of how things work.

intellectualcf – A liberal who uses a title or degree as a license to play stupid in their particular speciality. (See pseudo-intellectual.)

John Deweycg – The Godfather of liberalism.

Johnsonismch – What contemporary liberalism should have been labeled, to differentiate it from original liberalism as defined prior to the 1960s.

just societyci – Euphemism government enforced equality of outcomes. (See civil society.)

Kool-Aidcj – Capitulation to groupthink.

liberal (contemporary)ck – 1. A person whose ideological motivation is fear. 2. A person who believes that liberty is allowing others to direct your life. (See sheeple.)

liberaleezecl – A liberal attempting to be profound, usually resulting in laughable irony.

liberalismcm – The opposite of a truism or axiom. A self-evident fraud.

liberalism (contemporary)cn – 1. An ideology originating in the late 1960s having evolved from old-style progressivism. 2. An acquired societal affliction of paranoia. 3. A submission to having others direct your life. 4. A fear driven submission to collective management – modern slavery. 5. Liberalism in its most basic definition is having one’s cognitive dissonance turned off or suppressed – or in plain language, having no guilt or shame. Liberals are care-less. 6. Contemporary liberalism is the coerced mindset of a command-style society requiring each individual to submit to collective management of their life while believing their submission to be an act of individual liberty. 7. “Liberalism is the art of standing on your head, then telling everyone around you that they’re upside-down.” — Jim Quinn 8. Lunch.

liberation therapycp – A process of liberation from an enslaving malady.

libertycq – A principle of being able to direct one’s own life.

lost opportunity costcr – Benefits sacrificed from a poor choice. (See broken window fallacy and crowding out effect.)

lunchcs – Your liberal programming.

lyncherct – Conspiracy theorist that believes conservative leaders deliberately attempt to provoke unstable members of their followers and society to attack liberal leaders or commit terrorism on the public through use of language and symbolism, without the necessity of confirming evidence. (See neoKKK.)

Mini Critical Thinking Exercisecu – An analytical provocation to direct the reader to think in a desired direction.

mock (to)cv – Compliments from a Democrat to Republicans for a compromise agreement on a tax bill – e.g. “hostage takers”.

modern corporatismcw – Government manipulation of the marketplace through a doling out of corporate welfare or punishment.

mommyismcx – A desire for government to create a safe utopia at the expense of individual liberty.

moral licensecy – Also known as the “smugness factor”. When a liberal self-righteously buys green or politically correct and perceives that this provides them with a balance of moral credit that allows for some lying, cheating, stealing, etc. as a legitimate counterbalance.

motivescz – An assigning of motives allows a liberal to play stupid about the actions of both liberals and conservatives.

Mr. Haneyda – Psychogump, Paul Krugman (based on con man character from television sitcom, Green Acres).

Mr. Haney’s Brotherdb – Vice President, Joe Biden (See Mr. Haney.)

Mrs. Haneydc – Nancy Pelosi (See Mr. Haney.)

Mr. Spockdd – An identity with the attitude that issues should be decided entirely on the merit of contextual investigation and critical analysis.

nationalismde – The desire for utopia over an unsatisfactory status quo. (See patriotism.)

nauseophobegk – Bigot who demagogues people with an inborn sexual orientation that includes homonausea. (See homophobe and neohomophobe.)

neohomophobegc – A demagogue who uses the accusation of homophobia as a weapon to discredit an opponent. (See homophobe and nauseophobe.)

neobigotfx – A demagogue who uses the accusation of bigotry as a weapon to discredit an opponent. (See neobigotry.)

neobigotryfy – Demagoguery where an opponent is accused of bigotry toward women, gays, etc. without merit, for the purpose of damaging their reputation or message. (See neobigot.)

neoKKKgl – Consists of mostly black and some white liberals and communists whom have adopted the attitude of the KKK from the early twentieth century which presumes white guilt in spite of exonerating evidence, and demands harsh restitution. They display themselves with violent protests and demands for lynchings (retaliation without legal process). (See lynchers.)

neoracismdf – 1. Race-based demagoguery where an opponent is accused of racism without merit, with the purpose to damage their reputation. 2. When a minority is accused of betraying his race for not holding liberal views (often includes vicious name-calling and demagoguery). 3. Commonly known as “the soft bigotry of low expectations”. When a minority is excused for a failure or indiscretion because he is a minority. (See neoracist, herd neoracism, and pack neoracism.)

neoracistdg – 1. A demagogue who uses the accusation of racism as a weapon. 2. One who accuses a minority of being a traitor to their race for not being liberal enough. 3. One who excuses the failures or indiscretions of minorities for racial reasons. (See neoracismherd neoracism and pack neoracism.)

neosexistgd – A demagogue who uses the accusation of sexism as a weapon to discredit an opponent.

New Confederacydh – Pro-abortion feminism.

NGOdi – Non-governmental organization.

nobledj – Liberal motives (as defined by liberals).

noble liedk – Lies based on liberal motives.

nuclear counterargumentsdl – Counterarguments that nuke liberal arguments.

Obamaholicdm – A liberal who plays stupid about President Obama’s failings (or doesn’t play).

Obama Malaisedn – Timeline of late 2008 to yet-to-be-determined. Through the policies of progressive-fascism President Obama has taken what should have been a sharp, short global market correction and turned it into a ongoing malaise reminiscent of the lingering depression and malaise of the 1930s and 40s.

omega liberaldo – At the time of writing, a theoretical type of liberal that is so whacked out they can actually read whole chunks of this essay series without it affecting their world view at all.

pack neoracismdp – Alpha liberals who whip up the charge of racism for demagogic purposes. (See neoracismherd neoracism and neoracist.)

palin (verb)dq – To palin someone is the opposite of swiftboating a politician, where the politician’s own lies about their past are used to expose their disingenuousness. Instead, lies and ad hominem attacks are relentless over a period of years in an attempt to discredit the integrity of the target.

palinoid/palinoiadr – A liberal paranoid delusion that vilifies everything to do with Sara Palin.

paranoia-speakds – A liberal discourse that includes multiple examples of paranoid delusion.

Paranoid Styledt – A paranoid delusion that allows a liberal to casually lie to himself (play stupid). (See societal paranoid.)

parlordu – Essays.

passing the buckdv – An alleviation of guilt or shame by shifting blame elsewhere.

passive groupthinkerdw – See beta liberal.

patriotismdx – Pride of country the way it is. (See nationalism.)

play stupiddy – Pretending to be ignorant of reasoning, facts or questions that disrupt a liberal view. Lying to oneself and others. An alternative is, not playing.

playing stupid gamedz – Also known as Washington politics as usual. (See play stupid.)

political correctnessea – 1. Thoughtcrime. From the dystopia novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. 2. The moral code of contemporary liberal ideology – progressive-fascism.

pre-birth eugenicsgh – Abortion.

principles of liberalismeb – Observational rules that govern a liberal’s behavior, attitude, decisions, reactions and results.

progressive-fascismec – 1. Extreme examples of liberal ideology based on paranoia that uses intimidation as a method of implementation. 2. A constant expansion of government programs in size, scope and number combined with government command capitalism and modern corporatism.

progressive (old-style) versus contemporary liberaled – The old-style progressive feared that the general public would not accept their utopian visions. The contemporary liberal fears that monsters are hiding beneath every rock that want to prevent utopia. The old-style progressive desired a bottom-up Trotsky-like utopia, hoping to persuade the general population into acceptance. The contemporary liberal feels that a top-down Stalin-like utopia is necessary to deal with all of the evil monsters out there attempting to prevent it.

projectionee – A liberal defense of paranoid delusion against guilt, shame, self-blame and self-loathing that views others as the cause of these attributes.

pseudo-intellectualef – A liberal who uses a title or degree as a license to play stupid outside of their particular speciality. (See intellectual.)

psychogumpeg – Liberal economist who relies on ideology rather than sound economic research.

psychogump-talkeh – Liberal language often originating with psychogump economists, but not always, designed to deceive the hearer about economic matters.

ratchet effectei – Enormous government growth as a result of calamitous economic events. (The 1920 Depression was the last exception where government became smaller as a result, producing the Roaring Twenties.)

reactive collectivismfv – Where collectivist solutions are applied to problems or crises (often coercively) without forethought or planning which usually end up with negative unintended consequences.

rebellious fourteen-year-oldej – A liberal.

recondite scienceek – Esoteric and/or abstruse scientific studies that cannot be tangibly tested. (See corporeal science.)

repetitive suggestion reinforcementel – Repetitive societal conditioning.

sadonihilistem – The modern terrorist (usually Muslim) who kills simply for the purpose of killing. No political or religious or other goals are necessary.

scoff reflexen – A base, defensive instinct triggered by ingrained paranoia to protect liberal beliefs through an immediate ignoring of contradicting facts or reason. (See ideologue.)

self-interesteo – Decisions to preserve, maintain and better oneself. (See groupthink and group-interest.)

shameep – Cognitive dissonance experienced as an awareness of the views of others to oneself.

sheeple / sheepleismeq – People who have a paranoid attitude and desire others to direct their life and everyone’s lives. Sheepleism is a fear-based ideology. (See freeple and creeple)

slavebortioner – A more accurately descriptive term for abortion.

social justicees – (See just society.)

societal paranoidet – A person societally conditioned to fear evil monsters everywhere. (See Paranoid Style.)

solidarityeu – Euphemism for groupthink.

sophistic conundrumev – Where sophistry leads too its own demise.

spiderew – Me, the author.

subhumanex – Slave or fetus.

subhumanistey – Liberal – believes that all humans should be collectively categorized into subgroups and treated according to liberal standards.

subliminal beliefez – Beliefs derived through conditioning or the Uncle Tom syndrome.

surplus rangefa – The percentage range that government spending and expansion can increase in a budget year between the population growth plus inflation and revenue growth.

sycophantic slavefb – A black liberal who demagogues a black conservative for being a black conservative.

third person analysisfc – A detached analysis of issues that separates the reader from his ideological responses.

“those niggers” strategyfu – Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program to buy the black vote: “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

thoughtcrimefr – (See political correctness.)

tolerance (liberal)fd – Learning to sew.

truismfe – Self-evident truth – a type of axiom. A determinative action leading to a conclusion. (See liberalism, truth and truth vs. truism.)

truthff – An unverified assertion that may or may not be true. (See liberalism, truism and truth vs. truism.)

truth vs. truismfg – In law this is known as a simplex dictum; an unproved or dogmatic statement versus a self-evident or verifiable fact. (See liberalism, truism and truth.)

tweenygg – Between a liberal or progressive and a conservative – independents, moderates, etc.

Uncle Tom Syndromefh – Submitting to a threat to thwart the threat.

unintended consequencefi – The almost inevitable negative result following the implementation of liberal policy or action.

utopiafj – An imagined safe-haven where liberals can be rid of their paranoia.

warmistfk – Adherent to anthropogenic global warming theory. (See envirotheist.)

washbrainingge – Washing the brain of the societal programming effects that produce contemporary American liberals.

zliberalfl – (See zlombie.)

zlombiefm – Liberal or progressive zombie.

zlombifiedfn – Becoming a zliberal.

zlutopiafo – The zombie utopia of liberalism.

zombie argumentfp – An argument proven invalid that is repeatedly raised from the dead as though it contains credibility.