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Capsule: #16 Palinoia and the Dumbest Politician of Oll is the comic relief section of the N.C. Essay Series, pitting Sarah Palin as our reality benchmark against a slew of cartoonish liberal clowns. Above all, the liberal principle, “Liberalism is absurd” is the theme of this essay. And liberals are funny. Join me for a laugh….

Your Liberal Icon Versus My Conservative Icon – Dare Ya…


Focus: A challenge for liberals to compare Barack Obama straight up against Sarah Palin. No gaffes, colloquialisms or unsubstantiated smears allowed. Just substance. You make your case – I’ll make mine. Dare ya.

Details: #16 Palinoia and the Dumbest Politician of Oll is about America finally getting everything they would generically want in an ideal politician – and then liberals attack her like she is some monster crawling out from under a rock. Sarah Palin has fought and resigned from positions to fight corruption, even in her own party. She rose not through the party machine, not with a sugar daddy, not through family lineage, and not on her skin color, but by climbing the ladder from small business operator, to the PTA, to city councilor, to mayor, to energy agency head, to governor, to vice-presidential candidate, to national movement leader. She refused a pay raise as governor, sold the state jet, refused the services of the state supplied chef, and balanced the state budget. Who do liberals champion? A guy who was pushed up the ladder his whole life, never earning anything. Some sugar daddy certainly paid for his expensive education. He used Chicago machine politics to climb politically. He played on his family history to make a name for himself. With an attitude of royalty he demands every gratuity he can get his hands on. He gets elected President because of the color of his skin. He is the exact opposite of everything good about Sarah Palin.

Even the most devoted Sarah Palin fans will find new things to admire about her in #16 Palinoia and the Dumbest Politician of Oll. And it is fun! It is certainly the most humorous and fun of all of the Nuclear Counterarguments essays. Enjoy…

Excerpts: ~Here’s the test. … I’ll put up this supposed hick from the sticks, Sarah Palin against your supposed intellectual giant, Barack Obama. … You write out your arguments in favor of your guy (and against my gal), and I’ll write out mine in favor of Sarah Palin and against your titan of intelligence – then we’ll compare notes. No gaffes are allowed, no colloquialisms, and no unsubstantiated smears supposedly from anonymous sources … You tell me what’s so great about your guy and what’s so terrible about my girl, and I’ll do the reverse. Take your time. Use Google. … When you finish writing your lists you can begin reading and comparing yours with mine. … So how are you doing comparing your lists about President Obama and Sarah Palin with my lists? … So far I’ve got the smart/dumb score in my lists at about 160 combined smarts for Sarah Palin and dumbs for Barack Obama, and one smart (his deadpan delivery) for Obama, and one dumb for Sarah Palin – not playing Washington gotcha-politics very well. How’s your score doin’?~

Preface: The Nuclear Counterarguments Essay Series is written for both contemporary American liberals and contemporary American conservatives – for the liberal (or progressive) as an exit counseling process with the purpose of removing the inherent paranoia that prevents them from seeing that in their core belief they are, in fact not a liberal, and for the conservative as a strategy for dealing with liberal acquaintances. (FYI, I am a Canadian – the implications of this are explained in the Introduction and #1 Deprogramming Liberalism with Nuclear Counterarguments.)

[All citations are active number/letter codes. Code links beginning with an * indicate that the linked page has additional information for the topic at hand. Links without an * are cited for evidence of existence and reference only, as in a quotation or number or case in point. Citations validate my points so that you can trust my claims, and will often provide you with invaluable supplemental information.]

Contents – Essay #16

Mini critical thinking exercise  The ultimate endurance test for liberals – and a challenge  A vitally important warning!  A subset of liberal paranoia – Palinoids  Two goals for this essay  Keeping a liberal reader from going insane  Liberal brilliance interlude #1  Plan A = conservatives are evil – Plan B = conservatives are dumb  Leader of the Official Opposition  Liberal brilliance interlude #2  Liberals are waaaayyyy smarter – yeah right  Liberal brilliance interlude #3  Proving that in a liberal’s mind Sarah Palin is the LOO  “Everybody knows…”  Liberal brilliance interlude #4  As the LOO Sarah Palin cannot be ignored  Liberal brilliance interlude #5  Yes, Sarah Palin is qualified to be President – no, Barack Obama is not  Barack Obama’s one faux qualification is not enough  Liberal brilliance interlude #6  ‘Barack Obama is the smartest President ever’ – uh huh… 1  Liberal brilliance interlude #7  ‘Barack Obama is the smartest President ever’ – uh huh… 2  Liberal brilliance interlude #8  ‘Barack Obama is the smartest President ever’ – uh huh… 3  Seeking an explanation 1  Liberal brilliance interlude #9  Seeking an explanation 2  List Barack Obama’s successes  Barack Obama the affirmative action President  Barack Obama posts in Daily Kos  Liberal brilliance interlude #10  2010 – the year of anybody-but-Sarah-Palin  Dream liberal job  Liberals would rather go bankrupt than quit  Liberal brilliance interlude #11  Liberals don’t believe in gaffs  Definition of an ‘intellectual’  Can Sarah Palin win the presidency?  Liberal brilliance interlude #12  What separates Sarah Palin from liberal women  The Washington playing stupid game  Barack Obama became President as a result of the playing stupid game  Liberal brilliance interlude #13  Sarah Palin doesn’t play the playing stupid game – liberals hate that  Why liberals hate and fear Sarah Palin 1  Liberal brilliance interlude #14  Making a verb out of Sarah Palin  Liberals made a movie about Sarah Palin – Game Blame Change  Two million dollars of stupidity  Deprogramming lessons  Why liberals hate and fear Sarah Palin 2  Will Barack Obama have a following after he leaves office?  Why liberals hate and fear Sarah Palin 3  Deprogramming exercise  Humor, sort-of


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Essay #16aa

Written in first-person narrative to liberals,

but also for conservatives.


• Mini critical thinking exercise


If you remember, back in #1 Deprogramming Liberalism with Nuclear Counterarguments, I warned that there would be a test. We’re going to have a little fun in this essay, American neighbor. Well, I am anyway. Hopefully, you will too.

I wrote the majority of the following essay (except for a few noted additions) prior to what was possibly the most feared political announcement (for liberals) in American history. If there is one person who illustrates the reality of liberal paranoid delusion, it is Governor Sarah Palin. She is liberalism’s Lucifer. She brings out the batty in liberal “moon bat”. Throughout 2009 and especially 2010 liberals were obsessed with Sarah Palin the way some fundamentalist Christians are obsessed with fighting the devil. She was almost every liberal’s personal demon that had to be warded off with chants of demagoguery on an almost daily basis. So the high priests of liberalism (the media) dusted off their exorcism textbooks and got to work expelling this Sataness from American politics.ab

• The ultimate endurance test for liberals – and a challenge


Here’s the test. I’m gonna challenge you, American neighbor. I’ll put up this supposed hick from the sticks, Sarah Palin against your supposed intellectual giant, Barack Obama. You write out your arguments in favor of your guy (and against my gal), and I’ll write out mine in favor of Sarah Palin and against your titan of intelligence – then we’ll compare notes. No gaffes are allowed, no colloquialisms, and no unsubstantiated smears supposedly from anonymous sources, American neighbor. You tell me what’s so great about your guy and what’s so terrible about my girl, and I’ll do the reverse. Take your time. Use Google. But remember, gaffes, colloquialisms and unsubstantiated smears don’t count. When you finish writing your lists you can begin reading and comparing yours with mine. We’re gonna have some FUN with capital letters, American neighbor!ac

• A vitally important warning!


WARNING: This is a SARAH PALIN HYSTERIA ZONE ALERT! Liberal Palinoids proceeding further may incur severe mental and emotional trauma due to inevitable self-induced Palinoia. If you have not read the previous essays of the Nuclear Counterarguments series, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO HANDLE THIS! For your own safety please make no sudden moves and carefully back away from this essay, then immediately proceed to N.C. essay #1 Deprogramming Liberalism with Nuclear Counterarguments. [/snark (temporarily)]

[Sorry, American neighbor. I couldn’t resist – I am a deeply flawed human being. Please show your self-proclaimed liberal compassion and forgive me…]

[But it was clever of me to toughen you up a bit with our first mention of Sarah Palin in #13 Government Healthcare – One Giant Death Panel, on the “death panel” quote, don’t you think, American neighbor? You’re welcome…]

[But actually, this is a test – do you think you can pass it, American neighbor? Here is a hint: A healthy mind includes being able to laugh at yourself and at your own. I will coach you through this essay, American neighbor. Don’t worry – I’ve got your back (and meds, if necessary).]ad

• A subset of liberal paranoia – Palinoids


If you recall from #2 Contemporary American Liberalism = Paranoid Delusion, we discovered that liberals have since the late sixties precisely fit the definition of historian Richard Hofstadter’s The Paranoid Style in American Politics. There is, however, a subset of paranoids within liberalism that can aptly be labeled Palinoids. These liberals are so possessed of Palinoia (paranoia about Sarah Palin) that they find her influence in everything that they see wrong with America. Here is an example from the orthodox media – he knows something is wrong in his life, but doesn’t realize he is in fact a Palinoid and that most of his supportive readers are also Palinoids: [*4vcov46]


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Since liberals are prone to having anxiety episodes when discussing Sarah Palin, I have incorporated a recurring segment into this essay to provide a calming effect for the liberal reader called the Liberal Brilliance Interlude. These are presented to maintain the liberal reader’s connection with the liberal hive-mind. This is an endurance test as well as the challenge from the MCTE above. Here is a hint: A healthy mind includes being able to laugh at oneself – and others, when they do exactly the same things for which they demagogue their opponents (remember this last part is from #15 A Liberal Love Letter to Conservatives, now known as being “Fluked”). Naturally I will present examples of liberal brilliance from my “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file. (Please notice that none of them are simply verbal gaffes, colloquialisms and unsubstantiated smears.) Let’s start with the first Liberal Brilliance Interlude so you can get an idea of where you can run for some liberal sanity when your embedded Palinoia asserts itself in you as an aggressive anxiety disorder, American neighbor.ae

• Two goals for this essay


However, first, there are two goals here, American neighbor. Number one, this is about forever releasing you from the liberal principle: Without irrational double standards contemporary liberalism cannot exist. Number two, it is about healing you of any residual Palinoia you might harbor (which is directly related to the double standards principle – and your inherent liberal paranoia).af

• Keeping a liberal reader from going insane


As you read this essay I want you to keep in mind one single thought. I want you to think of it as your guiding lighthouse in the midst of a confusing storm of double standards liberalism to keep your ship from piling up on Palinoia shoals. Write these words down on a piece of paper and keep it close and refer to it frequently throughout this essay: Sarah Palin, two million dollars, secret document. Read it over and over and over. If you get anxious, read it. If you become hysterical, read it. If you start sobbing, read it. Always be aware of it, lest you end up wrecked on the reefs of collective Palinoid thought. Here is the whole scenario: Imagine if Sarah Palin was so dumb, I mean SO DUMB, that she spent two million dollars in lawyer’s fees fighting court cases around the country to keep a personal document secret that she actually claimed would exonerate her if released to the public, and then after three years she ended up releasing the document anyway? Now just imagine if Sarah Palin was so blisteringly, blitheringly, laughably, nonsensically, ludicrously, inanely, imbecilically, doltishly, mind-numbingly STUPID that she would just throw away two million dollars for NOTHING!!! How many feature dancers or virtuosos could the local ballet or symphony companies bring in for two million dollars? How many divas could the local opera company bring in for guest appearances? How many insufferable liberal intellectuals could that two million dollars employ at Harvard… (Oh wait – as we saw in #9 Liberals Are the Compassionate Ones – Really?, Sarah Palin wouldn’t donate to favorite liberal elite causes. Being a conservative she’d donate to actual needy causes…) How many children in poverty could that two million dollars have fed? How many homeless people could that two million dollars have housed? How many disabled veterans could that two million dollars have helped? What the heck could she have been thinking?!?

[This essay was mostly written at the height of Sarah Palin’s popularity in 2009 and 2010. Naturally, her press magnetism has declined since she decided not to run in the Republican presidential primaries (this time), but this does not negate the valuable lessons that can be learned from her rise to fame. Of course, it is entirely possible and likely that she may rise again, even further – she is certainly not going away. Her political career and influence are far from over, as can be seen in this February 2012 article. [*73f3us6]]

[Oh geeze! I see you are already getting extremely agitated, American neighbor. Please calm down! Deep breaths, deep breaths – BREEEATH, American neighbor. We are not going to wreck on those Palinoia rocks. That’s it, sit back, relax – think flowers … puppies … kittens… There is no hurry here. When you are able to regain your Mr. Spock demeanor we will continue. … calm … calm … OK, let’s come back down from this anxiety high with our first Liberal Brilliance Interlude to bring you back in touch with liberal intellectualism.]ag

• Liberal brilliance interlude #1


Barack Obama provides our first knee-slapping brilliance right out of a reality show version of Saturday Night Live (and, of course, from the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file). Visualize President Obama saying this in a straight deadpan (which he did, apparently completely unaware of his classic comedic delivery):

~ “I don’t know – not having been there and not seeing all the facts … but I think it’s fair to say … that the Cambridge police acted stupidly…”~ [n24y9u]

I don’t know either, American neighbor. But I think it’s fair to say that if Sarah Palin had said this it would still be fodder for ridicule every week on orthodox news broadcasts and liberal comedy shows (sorry for the redundancy). But the absolutely fabulous irony that Barack Obama sees himself as soooo smart that he need not have “all the facts” to pronounce his judgment on the stupidity of others, is the evolutionary pinnacle of liberal thought. This is soooo Daily Kos! Truly, Barack Obama is the cutting edge of contemporary liberal projection!

[There – that wasn’t so bad, was it, American neighbor? (Was it?) Now read your little reminder paper and we’ll move on: Sarah Palin, two million dollars, secret document. And don’t forget the double standards principle.]ah

• Plan A = conservatives are evil – Plan B = conservatives are dumb


In the case of the “wither on the vine” issue from #13 Government Healthcare – One Giant Death Panel, the liberal strategy was to portray Newt Gingrich and Republicans in general as heartless and evil, supposedly desiring to deprive senior citizens of their healthcare. This characterization of evil intent is always the number one Blackshirt liberal strategy used to demagogue conservatives based on the presumption in the liberal principle: A contemporary conservative’s evil motives justify their destruction by any means necessary. But some conservatives just do not come across as evil, so when Plan A doesn’t work or isn’t enough, liberals resort to their Plan B Blackshirt demagogic strategy. This is to paint conservatives as dumb. After all, liberals reason, no smart person would ever be a conservative. If a conservative stumbles with a comment that can be used by liberals to illustrate their supposed stupidity, liberals will gladly jump on it and conclude that this conservative is dumb beyond redemption, repeating it over and over, hoping it will stick as the public perception of their target. This is how liberals treated former President Ronald Reagan. Reagan was a good communicator and came off as genuine (because he was) and couldn’t be successfully demagogued as evil, so liberals turned to Plan B and ridiculed him relentlessly as an affable idiot. Republican Vice President Dan Quayle was labeled a dunce by liberals for a misspelling on a spelling bee card that he read from (hardly his fault). He decided to go with it so as not to embarrass the teacher that made the error on the card, but paid a huge price for that graciousness. Liberals also relentlessly questioned President George W. Bush’s intelligence, and Sarah Palin has become their poster child of conservative dumbness, even though their perception is based entirely on her colloquial language and occasional speech gaffes, and especially on their imaginations. And, of course, liberals who make dumb statements can always be forgiven or their goofs ignored, based on the liberal principle: A contemporary liberal’s honorable motives and noble fight against contemporary conservatism excuses all liberal failures and indiscretions.ai

• Leader of the Official Opposition


In Canada we have a parliamentary political system where the leader of each respective party is virtually considered the party itself. Unlike your American system, in Canada we have a Leader of the Official Opposition (LOO). He is basically the first runner up for Prime Minister in each general election. It is a weird system where the number one loser is considered second only to the Prime Minister in importance in the country. Where the LOO goes the media follow. The media hang on the LOO’s every word. The Prime Minister certainly cannot ignore the LOO. When the LOO criticizes the government on an issue the media and the blogs dissect it like ninth graders with science class frogs, and the Prime Minster is almost always forced to respond. This is unlike your American system where the loser in each presidential election returns to the relevance they had before losing. So, in the case of John McCain for example, after he lost the presidential election he returned to being just another Senator among 100 Senators. He is not considered the LOO of the Republican Party. In fact, he has been mostly considered damaged goods since the loss, but not so with Sarah Palin.

[Oh-oh. Was that a nervous twitch I saw in your cheek, American neighbor? Maybe we should quickly go to another Liberal Brilliance Interlude to keep a lid on things before we continue.]aj

• Liberal brilliance interlude #2


Time for another pinnacle of liberal brilliance from the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file. Nancy Pelosi on the day before she gave up the gavel as House majority leader in January, 2011 made one of the most astounding perjuries by a politician I have ever heard. If she had been sentenced for it in a court of law she would have gotten life with hard labor:

~ “Deficit reduction has been a high priority for us. It is our mantra, pay-as-you-go.”~ [25t5cqg]

Whaaa…? Is this Nineteen Eighty-Four Newspeak where up is down, and black is white, and trillion dollar plus deficits are called “deficit reduction”? Or is this just crazy-talk from a crazy-woman, American neighbor? In only four years as Speaker, Pelosi contributed to increasing the national debt by an incredible 50%! Did I fall down the rabbit hole? Am I now in Never-Never Land? This is either the most brazen example of playing stupid in the history of the universe – or someone injected Botox directly into Nancy Pelosi’s brain!

(Has Sarah Palin ever made such a saucy, audacious, impudent misrepresentation of the truth to supposedly polish her own credentials? No, American neighbor. In fact, she had a real surplus in her last year of office. But think about this, American neighbor. If Sarah Palin had run up the Alaska debt by 50% how would liberals respond? I get a picture of piranhas, and water boiling with lots of blood! How about you, American neighbor?)

[Another reminder: Sarah Palin, two million dollars, secret document. A person would have to be so dumb…]ak

• Liberals are waaaayyyy smarter – yeah right


This evolutionary pinnacle that we have discovered in regard to Barack Obama has become the fashionable thing among the cutting edge of the liberal “informed” and “intelligencia”. Virtually every contemporary liberal in America considers themselves waaaayyyy smarter than that supposed dimwit with lipstick, Sarah Palin (originating from the typical rebellious fourteen-year-old attitude). After all, she implied to Katie Couric the great mortal sin of not reading the NY Times. (Funny – on balance, I find that when reading the NY Times I get the feeling that I am shedding IQ points. But then, I’m a sucker for the funny pages section of Paul Krugman (Mr. Haney), Thomas Friedman and MoDo. And I gather from the Times’ plummeting circulation numbers that even liberals don’t consider it much of a must-read bible anymore, anyway.) Did Sarah Palin really say that she didn’t read the NY Times, as seems to be a perception? Actually, she dodged the question of what do you read, because she saw it as a gotcha question. [*28fkjv4] Guess what? She was right. Even her evasive non-answer has been used as a gotcha by liberals, asserting that somehow this proves Sarah Palin is uncurious, uninformed and an idiot. When she spoke with Barbara Walters in 2011, stating that she finds the writings by C.S. Lewis inspiring, a number of other evolutionary pinnacles from the liberal media were quick to illustrate their own cutting edge intelligence by assuming that she was referring to Lewis’ fantasy Narnia books in their criticism of her. But to paraphrase our first example of a pinnacle, not knowing or researching and finding out that C.S. Lewis also wrote a number of classic theological tomes, including Mere Christianity and Surprised by Joy among others, I think it is fair to say that these liberal pinnacles, including Joy Behar and Richard Wolffe, “acted stupidly”. [*29va66b, *2adgfsr] And it turns out that President Obama had an even more ‘interesting’ answer to essentially the same question of what media he read – an “eclectic” assortment of “newspapers” including ABC News and Yahoo! … Huh? [*d54cqo2] (Imagine if Sarah Palin had said this.)

Liberals naturally came up with the theory in the 2008 election that Sarah Palin was just too stupid to qualify for the Vice President position – and then they shot their own theory in the foot, ran it over with a train, and then drop-kicked it off a cliff by electing Joe Biden as Vice clown – uh… President. [Really, really big Duh!!!] If Joe Biden is smart enough to be Vice President, then Teedledum and Tweedledee should challenge the Obama/Biden primary ticket in 2012 – it would be an IQ boost for the ticket! What qualifies Joe Biden to be Vice President? What has he done besides being a career politician? Nothing! Not one thing! Considering that he has no experience in the private sector, has never run anything, has never worked for anybody (talk about out of touch), and is infamous for being the resident court jester of the Senate, he is about the last person in the country one would want a heartbeat away from the Oval Office. (Read this link for some laugh-out-loud background on Joe Biden: [*cddmgwq]) And exactly how smart was the Democrat’s previous VP candidate – what’s-his-name – nobody in the orthodox media EVER talks about him anymore (of course it’s not like he was a Republican) … oh that’s it, I remember now, it was that bumbling ambulance-chaser, John Edwards, who mixed up having two women with “two Americas”! … Ooohhh – another Democratic Party genius…

I don’t see any of these waaaayyyy smarter liberals selling a million books lately, or turning away dozens of offers to speak at a hundred thousand dollars a pop. Do any of these waaaayyyy smarter liberals have three million Facebook friends interested in what they have to say about the country everyday? Does the media follow any of them around? Do any of them have thousands of internet news references in any given 24 hour period? How many of them are targeted as a serious threat by opposition internet blogs everyday? How many of these waaaayyyy smarter liberals have multiple websites dedicated exclusively to whatever they do and say everyday, many in support and some saturated in Palinoia?

[Oh my, American neighbor! That twitch has not gone away. Obviously, more intellectual medication in the form of liberal brilliance is needed. Here we go…]al

• Liberal brilliance interlude #3


This time we have a twofer, again out of the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file. Joe Biden illustrates his pinnacle of brilliance and Katie Couric acknowledges hers by including Biden’s quote in an edited interview with the Vice Presidential candidate as if there was nothing curious about what he said:

~ “Part of what a leader does is to instill confidence to demonstrate that he or she knows what they’re talking about and communicates to people, ‘If you listen to me and follow what I am suggesting we can fix this.’ When the stock market crashed Franklin Roosevelt got on television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, ‘look, here’s what happened…”~ [44eloc3]

This is just like Barack Obama lecturing about acting stupidly while providing us with a prime example of acting stupidly. Biden’s statement is stunningly stupid in almost every respect. First Biden lectures us on “what a leader does” and then proceeds to do exactly what a dim bulb does when trying to impress people – makes things up as he goes along. In 1929 when the stock market crashed then President Hoover certainly would have been shocked to see FDRHoover “on television” explaining what happened. Especially since FDRHoover was then a nobody and television did not become publicly available until the late forties. D’oh! Now, think about this, American neighbor. The man who came to be a heart beat away from the Oval Office who no doubt, along with virtually all liberals, thinks of FDRHoover as a presidential god, but doesn’t even know when he was in office. How blitheringly stupid can a Vice President be?!? But Katie Couric then shows her grasp on history by having it air as part of the story without comment – obviously it went right over her head. You would think that one of the biggest names in television would be a little more informed about the history of her medium – and her country. But I guess that might be expecting a bit much from the liberal media. Turns out Katie Couric is just a hypocrite and a whiner – as well as a twit. She moans and cries that she got “burned” for being a “trailblazer” on TV, while she was the one doing the burning of Sarah Palin for being a “trailblazer” in politics. [*7o9qlq5] Sarah Palin has more “gravitas”, or as Couric put it, “testicles” than anyone on the American political scene today – and she needs it. Imagine if Sarah Palin had said what Biden had said – we would never hear the end of it. And if there was footage from when Sarah Palin was in the media doing what Katie Couric did with Biden, it would also be endlessly looped as evidence of her supposed stupidity. But one dim bulb liberal interviewing another dim bulb liberal fits the facts right now, and liberals consider that there is nothing to see here – move along…

[MCTE reminder: What if … Sarah Palin … two million dollars … secrets… (Of course, Katie Couric might not even notice.) Also remember the double standards principle.]am

• Proving that in a liberal’s mind Sarah Palin is the LOO


What if Sarah Palin was not a LOO? What if Sarah Palin had just returned to her status quo prior to being picked as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate? She would now be nothing more than a Governor of a relatively unimportant state, and nobody would much care what she said or did, much as before her pick. But here is where I will give liberals some credit. For whatever reason, liberals realized that Sarah Palin was not just some loser that was going to fade away like John Kerry. So they made it their job-one to elevate her to national status even above that of the current Vice President (conservatives rightly see him as a buffoon, and liberals ignore him completely). Liberals didn’t elevate her intentionally of course, but remember the liberal principle of unintended consequences. In fact, it has been discovered that the Blackshirts liberal media colluded in an attempt to disenfranchise Sarah Palin. [*273kkhd] This is one reason why liberals think she is stupid. Alpha media liberals collaborated in secret to paint her as an idiot and unqualified, and so you have been sold a bill of goods on Sarah Palin, American neighbor (like just about everything else you have been directed to believe as a liberal). Here – I’ll let Barack Obama explain it. Answering a question as to “why do people hate you” Obama responded:

~ “The people who dislike you don’t know you. … What they hate is whatever funhouse mirror image of you that’s out there.”~ [5u8jdl8]

Personally, I don’t know of conservatives that “hate” President Obama (they disagree with his governing and policies), but I read the Huffington Post and Daily Kos often (including many reader comments) and have witnessed the most vile, passionate hatred of Sarah Palin that is usually reserved for child molesters and kitten torturers. And their reasons are simply bizarre: She’s a quitter. She’s an idiot. She just wants to make money. She’s a hater. She runs around the country, neglecting her children. Bristol didn’t deserve to be on Dancing with the Stars. She put gun sights on a political map to direct crazies to kill Democrats. I’ve actually read that she hates natives (her husband’s family is largely Yup’ik native – sheesh!). For some of these liberals the fun house mirror explanation doesn’t go far enough – they seem to have warped brains as well. [index finger draws little circles] Of course it is their inherent liberal Palinoia.an

• “Everybody knows…”


It is also interesting that these waaaayyyy smarter liberals believe some pretty delusional things about Sarah Palin. It goes much further than personal beliefs. Liberals are so convinced that these delusions they hold are correct that they believe “everybody knows” these things (a classic sign of Palinoia). For instance, “everybody knows” that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from the front door of her house. I heard a liberal on the radio just yesterday insisting that Sarah Palin had said it, and he could not be talked out of believing it by the host. Except she never said it. Comedian Tina Fey said it in a parody on Saturday Night Live. Liberals have so mixed up their imaginary, caricatured view of Sarah Palin with the real person that even news outlets like Politico think she said, “I can see Russia from my house”. [794c9gh, *dyumccw] You can bet that if a liberal believes that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house, that he also believes a whole boatload nonsense about her. These liberal generated myths form the caricatured view that liberals have built around Sarah Palin. Here’s another one: “Everybody knows” Sarah Palin is homophobic. However, she has never said anything disparaging about homosexuality and actually endorsed a gay Republican group attending the conservative CPAC gabfest even when some social conservative groups objected. She even has gays vocally supporting her in blogs. Here’s one that originated as a Hillary Clinton for President blog: [yfb2d86] Another one is that “everybody knows” that Sarah Palin is a flat-earther that wants creation to be taught in schools. In fact, she has said that evolution “should be taught as an accepted principle” and that creationism should not be taught in science class. Also, “everybody knows” that Sarah Palin is for teaching abstinence only in schools. That is not the case. She believes contraception should be taught in schools. Here’s a good list that separates the myths from the truths about Sarah Palin (read the comments for more): [*6b3mqq or cbk4r97] This is a list of 84 points is from September 2008. An updated list would dwarf this. The second reason liberals think that Sarah Palin is stupid is that she speaks in a special code language that liberals understand only as gibberish – it’s called c o m m o n   s e n s e. As Republican critic David Frum observed:

~ “Palin speaks in a completely different way. Palin’s said 100 things that would have ruined someone else, and she’s still popular and thriving.”~ [4blvb4u]

To the common person she speaks common sense. But, through their fun house mirror liberals see her as a money-grubbing, moronic, power-grabbing, hater! Of course, their funhouse mirror beliefs are nothing more than symptoms of their Palinoia.

[OMG, American neighbor! The veins in your neck and the side of your head are all swollen! Your eyes are all bugged out! Time for some gentle, soothing liberal brilliance to calm you down.]ao

• Liberal brilliance interlude #4


Sometimes liberal paranoia is so over the top that it is funny (actually that happens often). From the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file we have a quote from one of the real pinnacle geniuses of the Democrat Party. [/sarcasm on the genius part] At the 2012 California Democratic Convention, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) actually said this of the Republican Party:

~ “On Immigration policy and reform they are on the wrong side of the track. They would have you believe that if they get into office, they are going to make sure that they are going to get rid of everybody in our society who was not born in America.”~ [7hwjr3y]

I realize that this is more paranoia than “brilliance”, but it is so over the top that I could not resist. She didn’t just get excited and in some fevered pitch produce some hyperbole off the top of her head. You can see for yourself that she has this written in her notes on the lectern. How exactly does she think Republicans “are going to get rid of everybody in our society who was not born in America”? Does she see Republicans rounding them up and putting them on boats pointed toward Cuba? Maybe Republicans will use bulldozers to push them over the border into Mexico? Or maybe Republicans will use the Hitler method? Who can take this woman seriously? How the heck does someone like this keep getting re-elected? Oh – my bad. Of course, liberals eat this stuff up. It is paranoid gruel for the paranoid mind.

[Are you reading your reminder paper, American neighbor? Sarah Palin, 2 million dollars, secret document.]ap

• As the LOO Sarah Palin cannot be ignored


So, by continuing with their crusade to completely destroy Sarah Palin after the election with dozens of frivolous ethics law suits, liberals instead created a phoenix in Sarah Palin. Each issue that liberals have attempted to damage her with has instead made her stronger. She is now treated, in effect, as the Leader of the Official Opposition in America. Incredibly, she draws more search engine inquiries than does President Obama. [63jhakp, 67zpf2r] It is not unusual to see three or four Sarah Palin hit pieces at a time on the popular leftwing gossip site Huffington Post. They are so Palinoid about Sarah Palin that I don’t know that there is a day that goes by that there isn’t something on her. And the same goes on at the Daily Kos therapy-clique-site-for-insecure-liberals-requiring-groupthink-reinforcement. Everyone pays attention to Sarah Palin, allies, rivals and opposition. The Blackshirts orthodox media with their own Palinoia are absolutely obsessed with her. [*4nr9296] Even President Obama can’t help but respond to her criticisms.

If there was one thing that Sarah Palin was inexperienced and not very smart at, it was at the game of playing Washington media gotcha-politics – hardly something a reasonable person would hold against her (obviously, I am not including liberals as reasonable here). But she is a fast learner and has caught on very quickly. She now plays the liberal media like a kitten with a ball of string, able to illicit howls of outrage from them with a simple phrase or two, while also effectively damaging the President’s agenda. They can’t help but respond to her. Who can argue that her “death panel” comment and the attention it received has not significantly contributed to galvanizing the majority of Americans who want Barack Obama’s healthcare reform repealed? I just checked >”death panel”< on the Bing search engine and it had 208 million results! Whether one agrees with her or not, her comments on political issues are considered important discussion points by both the beltway talking heads and the voters of the country. Even her colloquialisms like “you betcha”, “momma grizzlies” and “refudiate” become mainstream. Like a LOO she quite simply cannot be ignored.

This morning, on the CBC national radio news they had a story on Obama and the dismal fate of the Democratic Party in the then upcoming Midterm Election. They ended it with a quote from Sarah Palin in which she said something to the effect, “Yes, we are fearful – fearful of what this administration’s policies are doing to America.” The CBC didn’t even bother identifying that it was Sarah Palin speaking. They just assumed that their listeners would recognize her. The CBC would not even do that for our own Canadian LOO, (at the time) Michael Ignatieff.

This is a monumental achievement. Sarah Palin has rocketed in stature after the 2008 presidential election like no other political figure that I can think of in American history. Name one person who has ever come close to such an accomplishment. Even ex-presidents don’t command the attention that Sarah Palin receives. What Sarah Palin thinks and says matters – a lot. And not because she has had some official title given her for being the first runner up. She has earned it through smarts, talent and hard work. If you think she is just some bimbo from the sticks, peruse some the links at this site, American neighbor: [*3v9p39r] And if you still think she is not qualified to run for President, here is an article that agrees with you and plainly lays out her every deficiency: [*2vjdq3b]

[You’re looking a little blue, American neighbor. Remember – deep breaths, flowers, puppies, kittens… We’ll take another break so you can recompose yourself.]aq

• Liberal brilliance interlude #5


OK – another breather, American neighbor (pun completely intentional – clever huh?). Right out of the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file we have our next pinnacle of a Democrat standup comic, Harry Reid, on Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor:

~ “I understand that during her career, she’s written hundreds and hundreds of opinions. I haven’t read a single one of them, and if I’m fortunate before we end this, I won’t have to read one of them.”~ [7p4lndd]

Badda-boom! Oh my… This is sort of like Nancy Pelosi’s “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” And that’s sort of like saying, “One must first read a Steven King book to realize that he writes horror novels.” Is there some sort of disease that infects Democratic Party leaders where playing stupid becomes a game of one-upmanship? Or perhaps Reid just buys into that latinas-know-better argument.

Now imagine liberal response if Sarah Palin had said, “I don’t read the NY Times, and if I am lucky I won’t ever have to read the NY Times.” Oh yeah – we already dealt with that. She never did actually say she didn’t read the NY Times, but liberals went crazy as if she had anyway… [shakes head in perplexity] When are they going to go crazy over Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s statements? Never? Oh yeah – that double standard thingy…ar

• Yes, Sarah Palin is qualified to be President – no, Barack Obama is not


But to really put this nonsense to bed about whether Sarah Palin was ever qualified to be President let’s do a direct comparison with Barack Obama. That way we can also examine whether he was actually qualified to be President.

• Comes from a stable family life. (Obama grew up with a basket case for a mother who eventually abandoned him, and a father who abandoned him when he was still a baby. His grandparents then mentored him in his teens with a communist pedophile who would regularly take the young, underage Obama to hang out in a local bar.)

• Co-captain of Alaska state championship basketball team. (Despite Obama also being a member of a state championship basketball team, it is questionable how much he contributed since he has freely admitted that his last two years of high school and first year of college were spent in a drug-induced daze. He recently showed his championship form going 2 for 22 in public after three years of weekly practice on the White House basketball court which he had built for himself.)

• Bachelor’s degree in journalism. Came out of college with a communications degree and knowing the value of the U.S. Constitution. (Obama in college hung out with all the right people – “I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.” He came out of college thinking the U.S. Constitution is “defective” and promoting to his constitutional law class students the Critical Race Theory of radical Derrick Bell that claims that the Constitution is racist.)

• Small business operator of a commercial fishing vessel with husband Todd. (Obama had no experience operating a small business.)

• Many years as a member of the local PTA, actively working for a better educational environment for her and her neighbors’ kids. (In March of 2004, long before Reverend Wright became a controversy, Obama candidly replied to an interview question of whether he still attended Trinity Church, “Yep. Every week.” So Obama dragged his kids to a church full of racist, America haters that cheered a racist, America hater in the pulpit. Who would do that to their children?)

• City councilor of Wasilla, Alaska from 1992 to 1996, Mayor from 1996 to 2002. (Obama had no city level political experience.)

• Elected President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. (Obama is known for his work with ACORN, a community organization that has since been disbanded for illegal voting irregularities and other corruption, with many members having been convicted.)

• Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission 2003/2004. (Obama had no state level managerial experience.)

• Resigned in protest against corruption in the Commission after which resulted in a $12,000 fine against the accused, and also joined a Democratic legislator in a complaint of conflict of interest against the sitting attorney general who subsequently resigned. (Despite serving all of his state political career in Chicago, Illinois, a state infamous for its political corruption centered within “Chicago machine politics”, Obama never publicly objected to any corruption, and indeed has been implicated in corrupt practices himself which have never been fully investigated – which is in itself corrupt.)

• First woman and youngest ever Governor of Alaska. (Obama had no state level executive experience.)

• Elected to state office fighting the old boy network and political corruption in her own party, and defeated them. (Obama used the old boy network to have the competition in his party removed from his U.S. Senate election bid.)

• Refused a pay raise of $25,000 for herself as Governor from a state commission recommendation. (Obama’s wife accepted a $200,000 raise to fill a newly created position just for her right after Barack Obama was first elected to the U.S. Senate, where apparently she did nothing of value – when she resigned, the position was not refilled. Barack Obama reciprocated by requesting a million dollar earmark for Michelle’s employer.)

• Sold the state jet and refused the services of a state supplied chef. (Obama is infamous for his extravagant travels on Air Force One (on average, every second day), with his wife often traveling to the same destination on a separate jet also at taxpayers expense, and for bringing expensive chefs to the White House at taxpayer’s expense, and using the White House chef as a fund raising tool.)

• Successfully negotiated the completion of Alaska Gasline Inducement Act license to commence work on a thirty-year-delayed natural gas pipeline project from Alaska to the southern states. [657ryf7] (Obama’s only notable legislative accomplishment was voting against the Illinois’ Born Alive Infants Protection Act that would have enabled the enforcement of “legal protection to an infant born alive after a failed attempt at induced abortion”.)

• Took on the crony capitalism between the government of Alaska and Exxon Mobil, Conoco Phillips and BP. (Obama embraces crony capitalism by bailing out unions, car manufacturers and the banking industry, subsidizing favored and subsequently failed green industries, and penalizing politically selected enemy industries.)

• Instead of redistributing the personal wealth of individual citizens she redistributed the wealth of the state by raising oil royalty revenues and increasing citizen’s rebate checks. (Obama is infamous for desiring to confiscate individual wealth from some citizens to redistribute to other citizens in order to buy votes for himself and the Democratic Party.)

• Had a legislation veto pen and was not afraid to use it. As Governor she vetoed more bills than any in state history. (Obama was known for squeamishly voting “present” most of the time as a state legislator.)

• Had a too-much-spending veto pen and was not afraid to use it. As Governor her final budget was less then her predecessor’s final budget. [d65a9nk] (President Obama is infamous for his reckless government spending which has created a debt crisis – the worst in the history of the country.)

• First female candidate as vice-presidential nominee for the Republican Party. (Obama had no prior presidential election experience.)

• Had become the face of the Tea Party movement in America. (If Obama was the face of anything before he won the Presidency it was affirmative action.)

• Over 70% of the candidates she endorsed in the primaries went on to win in the 2010 election. (Obama had no endorsement record prior to becoming President, and since then it has been a dismal failure, especially with the losses in special elections for Massachusetts (he lost Ted Kennedy’s seat, for gawds sake!), Virginia and New Jersey which presaged the “shellacking” in November, 2010. And in the NY special election to replace Anthony Weiner the Democrat would not even mention an Obama endorsement – he lost anyway.)

• Sarah Palin has been thoroughly vetted by the orthodox media, right down to the parenthood of her children and grandchild. (Obama, even after having been President for some years, has yet to be even minimally vetted by the orthodox, gloss-over media – indeed, they cover up for his secrets.)

• Has worked on all sides of the media camera including producing a record breaking documentary. (Obama avoids the media as much as he can, seldom having press events, with his handlers demanding that he use a teleprompter to answer simple questions to safeguard against his habit of rabbit trail gaffes and reality show style admissions like our opening humor “brilliance” segment above.)

• Has been treated by the media and the Democrats as the LOO almost since the 2008 presidential election. (No one knew who Barack Obama was before he began campaigning for the Presidency.)

• Successfully fights off both Democrat and Republican critics and a vicious orthodox media. (The orthodox media were and still are Obama bootlickers. He could never have won the primary, no matter the Presidency without them, but even they cannot cover up for his disastrous governance.)

• A powerful speaking force for the defense of threatened unborn children. (As referred to above, Obama is known for his support of allowing babies that survived a “botched” abortion to be left on a soiled linen room table to die of dehydration and exposure – more later.)

• Mother of a combat veteran. (Obama favored abandoning that same combat mission to certain civil and regional war in the Middle East at the height of the Surge in Iraq.)

• Supports energy independence for America. (Obama’s policies are the largest hindrance to energy independence for America, for example having single-handedly destroyed the American Gulf of Mexico deep water drilling industry, resisting the Keystone XL pipeline, and drilling on federal lands.)

• Was invited to give a keynote speech celebrating the 100th birthday of one of the greatest Presidents. (I don’t recall Obama ever giving a speech about anyone but himself, or that he didn’t turn into being about himself. Truly, he is the “I… I… I…” President. Update: [*bmsxcbf])

• A true patriot who wears her love of country on her sleeve. (Obama occasionally mouths unconvincing platitudes, but comes across as deeply disappointed and bitter about a country that is much too American for him.)

• Has met with international leaders and given speeches to international audiences. (Obama had met with Raila Odinga, an extremist Muslim Kenyan presidential candidate whose supporters murdered 1,500 and displaced 600,000 while desiring to institute sharia law in Kenya.)

• When 150 frivolous ethics complaints (and the likelihood of many more) were filed against Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska, bogging down her gubernatorial office and costing Alaska taxpayers enormous amounts of money and government resources, she resigned on principle to alleviate the problem. (Barack Obama also cost the taxpayers of Hawaii money and resources fielding unnecessary requests for information about his original birth certificate. [2u4rbuf] He also cost taxpayers of other states by unnecessarily fighting dozens of court battles to keep his original birth certificate from public view – why the heck would he spend two million dollars doing this?!? He could have easily cut all of these expenses short (and freed up already strained court systems) the way Sarah Palin did, by acting immediately on principle and simply releasing his original birth certificate without delay, but instead refused for years.)

• Last point: Sarah Palin had many times more accomplishments in just two and a half years as Governor of Alaska than Barack Obama did in eleven years as a state and federal Senator. (What dimwit with lipstick could have accomplished even a quarter of the things in the above list, American neighbor?) In fact, off the top of your head, American neighbor, can you name for me just one significant thing Obama accomplished in those eleven years (voting present more than any other state Senator doesn’t count). No, I didn’t expect you could…as

• Barack Obama’s one faux qualification is not enough


So what made Barack Obama more qualified to be President in 2008 than Sarah Palin is now? Well, he’s black. That was certainly an important, if not the most important reason he got elected (maybe that should be the only reason). He reads a teleprompter well – whoopee! (Although personally I find his speaking style boringly predictable. For instance, every time he says, “Let me be clear,” you know that another whopper is coming.) We keep being told how smart he is, but he won’t release his college marks, and the results of his governance certainly say otherwise.

And (surprise!) even the NY Times has clued in a bit, lately. Here is an article that finally recognizes what almost any Tea Partier could have told you two years ago: Sarah Palin sees Washington as broken because it is a system of politicians looking out for themselves by pandering to NGO and industry lobbyists through crony capitalism. She sees the solution as a return to the free market principles of minimal government and strict adherence to law – just what she did as Alaska’s Governor. (Where the Times writer got the idea that liberals would go for this is beyond me, however.) [*3uufy4o]

One last thing, American neighbor. Vice President, Joe Biden doesn’t think much of Barack Obama’s qualifications to be President either:

~ “I never had an interest in being a mayor ’cause that’s a real job. You have to produce. That’s why I was able to be a senator for 36 years.”~ [6wtf996]

Well guess who was a mayor, and guess who wasn’t. Sarah Palin was a mayor for six years and elected President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors. Guess who has never had a job where “You have to produce.” Both the President and the Vice President of the United States of America. Scary…

[Oh – now you are turning green, American neighbor! Stop holding your breath! It’ll be OK. Relax. Remember, kittens, puppies…]at

• Liberal brilliance interlude #6


Once again we’ll pull another pinnacle interlude out of the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file. Did you know, American neighbor, that America is this cold-hearted country that does nothing for her poor?

~ “What programs for the poor? They [Republicans] keep acting as if poor people have all of these things that are helping them.”~ [7un7o2f] Talk radio host, Al (sharp-as-a-bowel-of-Jell-O) Sharpton

Yikes! This is a guy who likes to portray himself as a champion of the poor! What happened to the “War On Poverty”? What happened to food stamps? What happened to Barack Obama’s “good idea” subprime mortgages? LBJ’s “War On Poverty” has been priced at over 20 trillion dollars! [qyc2pxz]

What if Sarah Palin had said something this blitheringly ignorant, American neighbor? Even Republicans would laugh. But liberals actually think Al Sharpton is a serious advocate for liberalism. They even give him his own attack TV show on MSNBC.

[Remember to keep in mind our MCTE: If Sarah Palin was in the process of spending two million dollars to prevent anyone from seeing a document about her, would MSNBC commentators be popping veins and blowing out brain fuses on live television?]au

• ‘Barack Obama is the smartest President ever’ – uh huh… 1


Juan Williams on Fox News claimed Sarah Palin “can’t stand on the intellectual stage with Obama”. [29cqsvb] (Please pardon me while I address Juan for a moment, American neighbor. You may not recognize everything in the following list, but Juan will.) Based on what evidence, Juan? Provide some evidence for this supposed superior intellect. We’ve already examined a number of Forrest Obama’s policies in this essay series and they are all unmitigated disasters. His economic policies are just as useless as were FDRHoover’s, perpetuating an economic malaise year after year after year. Obama himself thinks he is smartest man in any room of people – or country. But he didn’t become President because was so smart. He has always had fixers to make things happen in his life. He has earned almost nothing on his own. Without the preferential treatment he has received throughout his life he would have gone nowhere, except maybe to prison on drug convictions. Now as President he has been pushed up the ladder to a level where his words and decisions stand naked for all to see. No one can fix his mistakes – they can only attempt to hide them. We keep being told how smart the man is, and yet I have not seen even one tiny little bit of evidence to support this blarney. (Get ready for an avalanche of idiocy.)

• He has had to say uncle on Iraq, on Afghanistan, on the Guantanamo detention center, on civil trials for terrorists, on wire tapping, on prosecuting Bush administration officials, on cap and trade, on the Patriot Act, on card check, on immigration reform, on Copenhagen, on universal healthcare, on a second stimulus package, on the Bush tax cuts, and on the $1.2T omnibus bill ladened with pork. • He went to a church where his admitted spiritual mentor preached communism, racism and hatred for America to thousands of cheering sycophants, and after twenty years he was “shocked – shocked I tell you, to have found these things going on in my church!” [/metaphoric language] • He said that Reverend Jeremiah Wright was his “moral compass” and helped him “define my priorities”. • He thought Bill Ayers was just another guy in the neighborhood even after Ayers hosted his political coming-out party (or whatever it was). • He uses Styrofoam Greek columns. • He claimed to have had little to do with ACORN, and then those two inconvenient videos of him surfaced where he proudly boasted about extensively working with ACORN and promising to do so again. • He supports card check as a payoff and investment in union cronyism. • He uses regulatory measures to implement his environmental agenda that neither congress nor the American people support. • He appointed a tax cheat to oversee the IRS. • He gave the British PM a set of DVDs he couldn’t even watch. • He thought that by picking all of his top advisors from the most bankrupt state in the union that he could turn around the national economy with their advice. • He said he wanted to bankrupt coal fired power plants (where does he think the electricity for his Chevy Volt is going to come from?). • He supported a radical Muslim leader in Kenya whose supporters murdered hundreds of people. • He wanted to surrender Iraq to certain civil and regional war at the height of the Surge. • He wants to build high speed rail systems with borrowed money when Amtrak is virtually bankrupt. • He thinks Iran is a “tiny country” that doesn’t “pose a threat”. • Despite his effort to save the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, he only succeeded in making himself look like a fool. • He has to bend over to shake foreign dictator’s hands. • He has ignored the two huge 800 pound gorillas of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that are still hemorrhaging taxpayer money and corrupting the mortgage system (of which all of his policies toward this problem have also been abject failures). • He thinks public workers have “rights” to be overpaid and over-benefited. • He has implemented a Wall Street regulatory bill that is supposed to correct that which caused the financial meltdown of 2008, but ignores virtually all of the real causes of the meltdown which were almost all government induced. • He guaranteed billions of dollars in loans to Brazilian oil company, Petrobras which is a large investment of his sugar daddy, George Soros, while demagoguing domestic oil companies. • He dissed the Brits by returning a bust of Winston Churchill. • He doesn’t realize or care that the President’s job is to defend the laws of the land like DOMA – it’s not an option. • He killed the NASA manned space program. • He adds reverb to his speeches. • He doesn’t think guys who listen to extremist Imams and then shoot up army bases, and others who try to bring down planes are terrorists, but has no problem with his own official website labeling patriotic Americans (Tea Partiers) as domestic terrorists.• He skirts the rules by sacking Inspector Generals and appointing dozens of unaccountable czars. • He looked like a fool with the Chicago Olympic bid.

[No – not again, American neighbor. Your bottom lip is trembling. Perhaps this list of President Obama’s accomplishments is too long to sit through in one go, so we’ll stop for another interlude break.]av

• Liberal brilliance interlude #7


Of course, our pinnacle humor simply must be from our “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file. This one is just for you, Juan:

~Over the last 15 months we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs. (Laughter.)~ transcript of Remarks by the President at a DNC Event, June 20, 2011 [3h9oyoj, 4539qpp]

It was later changed from “(Laughter)” to read “(Applause)”. But we saw in #11 Austerity Versus Stimulus – What Is the History?, that, in fact, the country had lost a net two million jobs since the stimulus package was introduced, when according to the administration five million jobs should have been created. So a response of “laughter” was completely appropriate, and should have then morphed to jeers with a few rotten tomatoes being tossed as well. Applauding this lie of “we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs” is a perfect example of liberals playing monumentally stupid. Of course, alpha Barack pulls the strings.

Now, imagine if Sarah Palin went around boasting that she had created all of these jobs in Alaska that were nothing more than computer generated numbers having NOTHING to do with actual amount of net jobs. I think liberals would suddenly discover what net jobs meant.

[Keep reading that little paper, American neighbor: Sarah Palin, 2 million dollars, hidden document.]aw

• ‘Barack Obama is the smartest President ever’ – uh huh… 2


Now, back to our list of Obama accomplishments for Juan:

• He had a bobble of Mao on the White House Christmas tree. • He gave the British Queen an iPod full of his speeches. • He inexplicably thinks he has never raised taxes and that extending the Bush tax cuts makes him a tax cutter. • He vocally flipped and flopped on whether to support the Egyptian protesters or President Mubarak, but he withheld support completely from the Iranian reform protesters in 2009. • He thinks he can “double” American exports, but won’t sign free trade deals already negotiated by the Bush administration. • He rewards his friends in the union movement with waivers for his simply awful Obamacare. • He exempts GE from regulations as political payoffs. • He screwed up the BP oil spill in the Gulf, in the process ruining the deep offshore drilling industry in the Gulf region to the point that Louisianans preferred Bush’s response to Katrina. • He concluded “the system worked” even though the Christmas bomber was on several watch lists and was only stopped from murdering hundreds of Americans by the heroics of a Dutch tourist. • He spent more time on television explaining his college basketball playoff picks than he did either responding the Japan quake and tsunami or the undeclared war with Libya. • He doesn’t think he needs to listen to the court when they order the administration to lift the offshore drilling moratorium. • He thinks that government spending “assures the promise of the American Dream”. • He accepted an award for supposed transparency in government in secret with no reporters allowed. • He had Air Force One do an unannounced low pass over NY City for a photo shoot. • His “beer summit” was as a result of an embarrassing presumption where he called cops idiots when he was the actual idiot (our first humor “brilliance” segment again). • He was willing to grant foreign terrorists the same rights as American citizens when even legitimate prisoners of war are never granted such rights. • He and his family go skiing at Vail Mountain only days after lecturing Americans to sacrifice their own vacation trips. • He thinks he is the arbiter of civility in politics. • He had the Dalai Lama leave the White House through the trash can door. • He thinks, when toasting the Queen and unknowingly cues the national anthem to begin, he’s supposed to talk louder. • He campaigned saying that he would not use signing statements to end-run around congress, and yet he has done just that with illegitimate czars. • His green subsidies have produced no benefits except to the recipients wallets, and are simply driving up the prices of many products. • He is purposely ignoring the Mexican border. • He can’t make a speech without a teleprompter. • He has tossed Great Britain under the bus as an ally. • He threw both his mother and his grandmother under the bus for political gain. • He dissed the Prime Minister of Israel on an official visit to the White House and instead embraced socialist nutcase, Hugo Chavez as some sort of equal. • He claimed U.S. involvement in the no-fly zone over Libya would be “days, not weeks”. • He thought stating that Israel should go back to their 1967 borders would jumpstart the peace process. • His 2011 budget proposal was voted down in the Senate 97 to 0. • His own Treasury Secretary has testified before the Senate that his budget proposals leave Medicare and Medicaid “unsustainable” – twice! • He thinks bombing Libya is not “hostilities”. • He can’t remember his daughter’s birthday or even his own. • He thinks automation is keeping unemployment high, but robotics will create jobs. • He is in the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan to hold his netroots base together who are demanding surrender to the Taliban, making him – gasp! – a “quitter”. • He thinks his order to cut some minimal regulations is “unprecedented”.

[Now your teeth are chattering, American neighbor! And we’re only two thirds of the way through President Obama’s vast list of accomplishments. I guess we had better take another break. Back to the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file.]ax

• Liberal brilliance interlude #8


Ha! Ha! Remember when that monkey-brained Bush said, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” LOL! What a moron! What a dimwit! Or to quote Bugs Bunny, “What an ultramaroon!” Only a brain-dead idiot would say such a thing, huh, American neighbor? Wonder where he got that stupid idea from?

~ “Every nation has to either be with us, or against us.”~ Hillary Clinton, one week before President Bush’s statement [7utr6x7]

Oh… Oh… Whoops… Maybe we should just move on…

[A little reminder – Sarah Palin, secrets, $2M.]ay

• ‘Barack Obama is the smartest President ever’ – uh huh… 3


Let’s continue with our list of Obama accomplishments for Juan:

• He was for a tax break for private jet owners before he was against it. • He was for tax breaks for oil companies before he was against them (and then his own Majority Democrat Senate voted down his bill to remove them). • He was against the healthcare individual mandate before he was for it. • He was for removing Bush’s tax cuts before he was against it. • He was for continuing Bush’s tax cuts before he was against it (convoluted much?). • He thinks a question to him of “where are the jobs” is a “skewed question”. • He admitted that he was not serious about the deficit negotiations when he blurted, “Don’t call my bluff!” • He thinks FDRHoover was “fiscally conservative” and sees himself as “squarely centrist” – LOL! • He’s the first President to ever preside over an American credit downgrade – to AA+ from AAA. • He arrogantly states that creating jobs “is not rocket science” even while presiding over a net loss of jobs after 2 1/2 years as President. • He got played by Republican Speaker John Boehner on his address to a joint session of Congress like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. • He thinks that his measly tax credits in his failed stimulus package was the “biggest middle-class tax cut in history” – LOL! • His State of the Union speeches have been graded at an eighth grade level. • His 2009 stimulus was an abject failure, so being a good liberal he proposes stimulus-light in 2011. • He makes a speech proposing another stimulus package, repeatedly saying, “Pass this Bill!” when there was no bill to pass. • He apologizes to foreign Muslims and disses American Catholics. • He said of Solyndra, “The true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra” just a little over a year before it went bankrupt, costing taxpayers over half a billion dollars. • He thinks algae is an energy solution, but “drill-baby-drill” isn’t (why does he think the price of natural gas is so low, for heaven’s sake?!?). • Speaker John Boehner brokered a deal on the 2011 budget, and Obama walked petulantly away from it. • He thinks America only has 2% of the world’s oil – LOL! It has over 50%! • He has improved foreign relations so much, that instead of returning the stalled stealth helicopter in the bin Laden assassination, America’s supposed ally, Pakistan, gave the high tech chopper to the Chinese. • Instead of destroying the downed drone in Iran with a missile to protect the technology, he asks the Iranians to return it, and they instead give it to the Russians. • He waves at the camera during a group photo blocking the face a fellow leader in the photo – twice! • He told us that the first stimulus was for fixing infrastructure, but then told us that he needed another stimulus to fix 153 bridges that were supposedly in disrepair – huh? • He thinks that he may be the greatest ever policy President – LOL! • He thinks that being ordered to remove all American troops from Iraq by their government should be seen as a credit to him ‘ending the war’. • The housing market collapsed, the backbone of American manufacturing (the auto industry) was on the verge of collapse, the banking system was melting down, American workers were being laid off by the thousands almost everyday, and now he claims (December, 2011) that “we didn’t know how bad it was”. [picks up jaw off floor] • He thinks the Roaring Twenties “didn’t work”. • He thinks that George W. Bush’s tax cuts that led to eight million new jobs “didn’t work”. • He says that he wanted to “reward companies that choose to bring jobs home and invest in America”, but of course that does not include the largest proposal on the table – the Keystone XL pipeline. • He thinks that every ally punches above their weight – huh? • He claims the Republicans are waging a war on women while paying women staffers at the White House less than men. • He’s so proud of Obamacare that he said nothing of it on its second anniversary. • He recycles his budget speeches from one year to the next. • He thinks the Buffett tax “will help us close our deficit” – LOL! • He’s so insecure that he feels the need to insert himself into the online biographies of previous presidents. • He thinks the Supreme Court upholding the Constitution is “judicial activism” – huh? • He flies his barber in from Chicago on the taxpayer’s dime every couple of weeks to do what he could himself with a $25 clipper from Walmart. • He thinks importing oil from Canada is “sacrificing American sovereignty”, but relying on oil from Venezuela does not. • He was a birther for 16 years before he wasn’t a birther. • He thinks A-list celebrities determine the direction of the country. • After three years of trillion-plus deficits, he thinks that a fourth trillion-plus deficit is “setting ourselves on a path where we can get our debt under control”. • He is so classless that at the unveiling of President George W. Bush’s portrait at the White House Obama still had to take a jab at Bush’s record. • He actually thinks he has been the most frugal President since Dwight Eisenhower. LOL! • He called a Nazi death camp a Polish death camp as though the Poles had run it. • He thinks it is only “fashionable” that Americans are cynical about his presidency. • His 2012 budget proposal was voted down 414 to 0 in the House – “marvelous!” (cue laughing AP journalists) • He thinks a press conference is where he first feeds the reporters the questions he wants to answer. • He thinks that he has a better chance of winning the election in 2012 than he did in 2008. (Update: Now we know why – he was rigging the election by suppressing the Tea Party vote, their activism, and their financial clout using fascist-style IRS intimidation tactics.) • He thinks a grade of “incomplete” for his first term is worthy of being re-elected. • He believes that communist despot Ho Chi Minh “was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson” (yeah – inspired about as much as Obama is [shakes head]). • He claimed al Qaeda was “decimated” and “on the run” because a by-then irrelevant Osama bin Laden had been killed. • He didn’t think it was necessary to provide immediate military protection for the Libyan ambassador, despite that there had been numerous terrorist attacks of related facilities around Benghazi over the previous few months, and it was the anniversary of 9/11. • He actually thinks he can just order up “smarter” government – LOL! • He thinks leaving Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya in lawless chaos are successes. • He thinks that when he set a “red line” on WMD in Syria that he didn’t do it – the “world” did. • His foreign policy is based on a John Kerry gaffe with Vladimir Putin as peace broker representing Syria. • His preferred pick for head of the Fed was turfed by his own party. • He is the first POTUS ever to have a world leader cancel an already planned state dinner. • He thinks global warming has been accelerating during the last ten years (from 2013). • He thought it was appropriate to go ahead with a hyper-partisan, demagogic speech while a mass murder was in progress only miles away, gripping the nation. • He’s more than willing to compromise with enemies like Vladimir Putin, Bashar al- Assad and Hassan Rouhani, but can’t bring himself to negotiate with Republicans. • He thinks raising the debt ceiling on deficit borrowing doesn’t lead to more debt. • And here is one you’ll really like, Juan – he’s continuing government funding for NPR and PBS.az

• Seeking an explanation 1


How smart must one be to have accomplished so much in so little time? [/dripping sarcasm] And explain this one to me, Juan. On April 19 2011, Obama said at a town hall: “If we keep on spending more than we take in it’s going to cause serious damage to our economy.” This is just four months after his $1.2T omnibus pork bill was defeated by the new Tea Party House members. He said it like he was taking a last desperate stand against some evil spending monster that had forcefully taken over the budget process. But this is the guy who for the previous two years had spent the country into oblivion! He is the spending monster! So tell me Juan, is this bipolar, schizophrenic or multiple personality? Is he on drugs? Has he been hypnotized? Is he caught in a time warp? Have aliens replaced him with some lizard creature that just looks like him? (As an admitted earther, I give this one a lot of merit – see the humor section of #14 Liberal Demagoguery, Hate and Violence – A Compendium.) Does he not know that he is the spending monster?!? Is he playing stupid or is he just not playing? How dumb must Obama be not to realize that HE IS THE PROBLEM!?! He is either the biggest moron ever to be President, or the most diabolical. Which is it, Juan?

(Notice in the above list not one Obama gaffe, even though I could have included dozens (try a search for >Obama gaffes<). Liberals love to point at Republican gaffes and scream, “STUPID!”, “IDIOT!”, “MORON!” But, of course, Democrat gaffes go right over their heads. Try making an equivalent list of the above Obama idiocies without gaffes for Sarah Palin and it would make for a very short list. The fact that Obama’s gaffe-free list is so damn long illustrates that he is nothing more than an enabled and accomplished dunce. And imagine if Obama received even a fraction of the same gotcha treatment from the press that they have directed at President Bush and Governor Palin. The guy has repeatedly displayed that he cannot think on his feet – it would be a smorgasbord of hilarious YouTube moments. For instance, imagine an interview where Charlie Gibson gently prods President Obama into stating his belief that tax cuts for the rich steal money from the poor – and then Gibson leans forward, looks over his glasses and down his nose asking Obama, “So Mr. President, have you paid back your stolen tax cuts?” I would pay a hefty price of admission to witness that!)

[Oh drat – you’re wheeezing American neighbor! Breeeath, American neighbor, breeeath deeep – its going to be fine. Just think of pretty pink flowers with bumble bees buzzing around… That’s it. I think we can go on now… Maybe an interlude to give you a chance to catch your breath.]ba

• Liberal brilliance interlude #9


OK. It’s time for another pinnacle knee-slapper right out of the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file, from the king of deadpan – President Obama.

~ “Subprime lending started off as a good idea, helping Americans buy homes who previously couldn’t afford to.”~ [7b3xol8] Barack Obama in a speech after the subprime crisis had already begun.

This just about says it all when it comes to the financial crisis, American neighbor. Liberals think it is a “good idea” that poor people be offered a government contrived and mandated loan that guarantees that they will default on it, because they, as the deadpan king says, “couldn’t afford to” pay it back. You know – sorta like a Solyndra loan, or a subsidy for the Chevy Volt or Fisker electric car. This statement equals liberal economics in a nutshell.

What if Sarah Palin had made such a statement, American neighbor? (OK, OK – you can stop laughing now – it was Obama.)

[MCTE reminder: Palin – millions of dollars – hidden secrets.]bb

• Seeking an explanation 2


This is the man who was predicted to have banished the Republicans into the wilderness in exchange for forty years of Democratic Party rule, and in only one House term (two years) has instead served up a “shellacking” of his own party. Even his own base has been completely disgusted with him, with members of his own congressional party using the f-word about him. He started out his Presidency promising FDRHoover redux, and in only two short years was slavering on Ronald Reagan’s cowboy boots hoping some gravitas might rub off of Reagan’s legacy onto him. This all represents superior intellect? From which planet, Juan? (Remember, I am an earther.)

How can a President with a huge majority in the House and a super majority in the Senate, with all of his supposed charm that was going bring a new tone to Washington, combined with this supposedly incredible, superior intellect, be such a COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE FAILURE in such a short period of time? Every year he says he is going to concentrate on the economy and creating jobs, and then he wanders off into la la land, vacationing every few weeks, throwing lavish parties at the White House every week, spending as much time on the golf course as retired CEOs, and filling in any other extra time on the basketball court and the bowling alley (oh and another development – he also has time to brew his own beer). Apparently he even has mega amounts of time to watch a dozen different television shows. [nl7b4qo] When the hell does he take time to do any actual governing?!? Meanwhile the economy drifts along in a malaise, one in seven people are on food stamps, one out eight houses sit empty, Americans remain unemployed with no end in sight, the government is broke, and he spends like a Saudi prince – talk about partying-down while Rome burns! After adding in the immense amount of time he devotes to fund raising, does he actually allocate any time to governing? Where in the hell are the signs of this supposedly oh-so-superior intellect, Juan? What kind of moron spends years campaigning against tax cuts for the rich as a disaster for the economy, and then at the last minute (November, 2010) says these very same tax cuts must be kept in order to save the economy? So was he a genius when he was against the tax cuts or is he more of a genius since he changed his opinion in favor of them at the last moment? But now that the tax cuts have been preserved, Obama says they must be removed in the 2011 budget because of the damage they will do. In 2009, spending was stimulus, but in 2011 spending is toxic, and then again stimulus. Help me out here, Juan. My head is starting to spin in the presence of so much superior intellect! [*2u9dff7] (Oh wait! I just found Obama’s problem – he’s admitted to reading the NY Times. Remember what I said about the Times and shedding IQ points? What’s next? Building up the military in case of a Martian invasion? On second thought, maybe he should just spend more time on the links. [/sort-of sarcasm] [4myqcqp])bc

• List Barack Obama’s successes


I’ve listed well over fifty examples of his failures and ineptness, Juan. If Obama is so damned smart he surely must have doubled these in successes. Name them. Tell me one hundred successful, smart things Barack Obama has done. Can you name even just ten? And no, he doesn’t get any credit for Iraq. [groan!] Or assassinating Osama bin Laden – a no-brainer (would any other President not have pulled the trigger – except Bill Clinton?). [double groan!] Even his handful of “accomplishments” are trivial and highly debatable, and should have been left for other times so he could concentrate on the most pressing concerns of security, the economic malaise, his own completely out of control government spending, and correcting the unemployment problem (black teen unemployment is at 49%, for heaven’s sake, Juan!). This President makes Herbert Hoover look like an Einsteinian genius! (And at least Hoover’s excuse was that he was trying something new – Obama is simply remaking Hoover and FDRHoover’s mistakes from the Dirty Thirties that we have all seen were COMPLETE FAILURES!) But haven’t we seen all of this before? Remember in the 2000 election we were told how much smarter Al Gore was than George W. Bush? And remember, it turned out that Bush was a C student and Gore was a C student (Clinton was no shining light either). And then John Kerry came along in the 2004 election and he was supposed to be so much smarter than Bush, but it turned out that he was a C- student. So Juan, I’ll give you one guess as to why Barack Obama won’t release his college marks. I bet John Kerry would be the most thrilled person on the planet to get a look at Barack Obama’s marks and get that monkey off his back. But thanks, Juan. Thanks for so succinctly and profoundly illustrating how a liberal plays stupid even on the most dreaded of all television channels, Fox News. You are a consummate actor. Or at least I hope that’s the case – the only alternative is that you aren’t playing stupid. And I wonder if Barack Obama is only playing too, but I suspect not. Unfortunately, either way the country ends up with results resembling the IQ of someone who reads the NY Times way too much.bd

• Barack Obama the affirmative action President


What else is there, or should I ask, is there anything, because I don’t think we’ve found anything yet that made Barack Obama so much more qualified to be President than Sarah Palin is … … … I can’t think of anything. All that comes to mind is that Barack Obama is the single most convincing argument ever made against affirmative action. (A liberal argues “affirmative action”. I reply “Barack Obama”. Argument over – I win.) He actually thinks “my entire career has been a testimony to American exceptionalism”. Has there ever before been a President so insecure (I mean that in a narcissistic sort of way) as to feel that he needed plead with the electorate for such recognition? Sheesh! Yeah, Obama’s career has been exceptional – exceptional in its total lack of accomplishment, combined with a slimy cadre of enablers and fixers from Tony Resko to William Ayers to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, willing to push him up the ladder anyway. He has no ability to prioritize and focus on what is important – instead seeming to think his job is to have fun first with parties, recreation, sports, speeches, vacations, and fundraising, and then get around to some of the icky governing stuff later. [*ce5h87o] He has no sense of the urgency necessary for the leader of a country in dire straights on many fronts – employment, the economy, security of the borders, international security. He consistently surrounds himself with slippery, unaccomplished people who seldom fit the roles appointed to them, as with a tax cheating Treasury Secretary and a race baiting Attorney General (see also the Barack Obama list of more slippery characters in the Liberal Motives are Noble section of #2 Contemporary American Liberalism = Paranoid Delusion). He has none of the skills of a President, but more the cunning of an adroit opportunist who has the ability to convince gullible people like you, Juan, that he is the “one we have been waiting for” while not actually earning any of his media-inflated reputation through experience, hard work and results. One word sums up Barack Obama – he is a punk. He is an adult who has never intellectually grown out of his rebellious fourteen-year-old stage and still thinks he is much smarter than everyone else. Then he surrounds himself with more punks, because only punks will ignore his many deficiencies and defend his many failures. When he was elected, the orthodox media cheerleaders (like you Juan) gushed that he was destined to be the greatest President EVAH! Yeah, right – so much for that theory. Try inverting it.be

• Barack Obama posts in Daily Kos


To get Barack Obama’s personal view on all of this, check out his post on the Daily Kos forum under his pseudonym, Trubadour. [wink] This post is an example of playing stupid that is so syrupy thick with mind-numbing, paranoid drivel, and swarming with so many straw men arguments that you will constantly question whether it is satire (it isn’t). In its attempt to deify the rebellious fourteen-year-old punk-president the post casually drifts in and out of reality like an unmissed mental patient wandering the asylum grounds. Some of the historical points are interesting (though always to be taken with a grain of salt), but even so, they didn’t stop many of the Kosmanauts in the comment section from erupting in rebellion. I had a hard time getting through the whole thing – and I have been long since inoculated as a faithful reader of Daily Kos! If you can do it, kudos to you, American neighbor, but if you can’t, I’ll respect you even more – LOL! [*6nlkh3u]

At this point I would like to apologize to Tweedledum and Tweedledee from earlier in the essay when I compared them to the Obama/Biden ticket. Sorry guys – it was cruel of me to insult your intelligence like that…

So how are you doing comparing your lists about President Obama and Sarah Palin with my lists, American neighbor. Are you still convinced that Barack Obama descended from the heavens as this gift of genius to mankind, and that Sarah Palin is nothing more than a dimwit-demon rejected from hell because the devil couldn’t put up with her stupidity? I know these are just caricatures, but I got the ideas from a reliable and entirely objective source – Daily Kos. [/deadpan (I know – Obama completely outclasses me. Maybe it’s his material.)] So far I’ve got the smart/dumb score in my lists at about 160 combined smarts for Sarah Palin and dumbs for Barack Obama, and one smart (his deadpan delivery) for Obama, and one dumb for Sarah Palin – not playing Washington gotcha-politics very well. How’s your score doin’, American neighbor?

[Oh my gawd, American neighbor – are you convulsing?!? Bend over and take deep breaths, American neighbor! One and two and three… That’s it – calm… calm… Think of a quiet morning lake with an orange sunrise… That’s it – breeeath deeply, American neighbor. Maybe we need some more grounding in liberal reality.]bf

• Liberal brilliance interlude #10


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is our next contestant, naturally from the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file. Speaking in regard to a proposed tax increase to bail out public employee unions in October of 2011, the Senate Leader said:

~ “It’s very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it’s the public-sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.”~ [br7u4ms]

Now, American neighbor, one need not even look at the numbers to know how absolutely ludicrous this statement is. But we will anyway. In fact, for every one public sector job lost, sixteen private sector jobs have been lost. So, in Harry Reid’s brain “It’s very clear…” Uh-huh. He must have been using liberal math, I guess…

[MCTE reminder: If Sarah Palin was spending two million dollars on legal fees to protect a secret, would Katey Couric be stalking her in an attempt to win another “GOTCHA!” award?]bg

• 2010 – the year of anybody-but-Sarah-Palin


Quick quiz, American neighbor: Who is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg? (Not to worry – I wasn’t sure either.) When Time magazine came out today with him as their Person of the Year 2010 I had to go to their article to be sure I was correct in thinking he was the creator of Facebook. Now let’s see, the Drudge Report had 815 million hits in the last month. Twitter has 190 million users and 65 million tweets per day according to Wikipedia. And Facebook has a whole 135 million unique visitors per month according to Wikipedia. Big whoop! This makes you Person of the Year?!? How many Americans have even heard of Mark what’s-his-name? Let’s try a little experiment, American neighbor. To get a relatively objective gauge of who has been predominantly in the news I did a Google search of the NY Times website for >Mark Zuckerberg site:nytimes.com< to get the number of pages the Times names him. Today is December 15, 2010, the date the Person of the Year 2010 announcement came out, and his hits were 6,310. Next I tried >Sarah Palin site:nytimes.com< which resulted 94,100 hits. Woe! That’s a 15 to 1 advantage for Sarah Palin. On the NY Times’ website Sarah Palin has been much more newsworthy than Mark whatchamacallit. So what was all the news about? Well maybe it was the news that she was the face of the Tea Party movement that led to the election “shellacking” of the Democrats only a little over a month ago. And maybe it was the news that over 70% of the candidates she endorsed in the primaries went on to win in the election. And maybe it was the news that she made a documentary about her family and Alaska that set viewer records on cable television. Or maybe it was the huge breaking news from Haiti that her daughter occasionally readjusts a bobby pin in her hair. [/sarcasm – sort-of] Who knows why the NY Times found her so newsworthy and Time did not? (Then again, maybe Time Magazine is just anticipating something much bigger for which to name her person of the year in the future.)

Update: Now in 2012 Mark Zuckerberg has released Facebook as the largest internet IPO ever. That is news. Enough to be named Person of the Year? Not likely. But Zuckerberg is certainly much bigger news this year than he was in 2010, and I am sure he would much rather be recognized for this than being Time magazine’s poster-child for anybody-but-Sarah-Palin. Then again, maybe not – the IPO tanked. Perhaps he should have ditched the pajamas and hoody for a three-piece suit when meeting with potential investors. And maybe he shouldn’t have created millions of fake accounts – some person of the year… [eye-roll]bh

• Dream liberal job


Before we continue, I have something to add to that little bit of advise from the beginning of the essay: A healthy mind includes being able to laugh at oneself. Here’s the addition: A healthy mind is also uneasy with participating in or even witnessing bullying.

Second, I have a question for you, American neighbor: What do Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sebelius, and Jon Huntsman have in common? [6bbmatb] Answer: All were governors. None of the three were driven from their position – they just decided to move on. Each one of the three quit their governorships without a hint of criticism from liberals and no demands that they should not be qualified for their subsequent job because they were a “quitter”. (Jon Huntsman even ran for President, and being a moderate, was a liberal favorite.) Oh – and all three are not Sarah Palin.

I have a dreamy job offer for you, American neighbor. It will be worth $500,000 to you. But don’t get me wrong. You don’t get the $500,000 to do the job. No, no, no. You must pay $500,000 to keep the job. You can start next week. Oh, you don’t want the job? I don’t understand!?! I thought liberals endorsed paying $500,000 to do one’s job. At least when it came to Sarah Palin that is what liberals expected. They filed dozens and dozens of bogus ethics complaints against Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska that were all eventually dismissed, resulting in $500,000 in lawyers fees which as Governor she could not raise the money to pay. [lkuobn] When a defense fund was set up by people independent of her, liberals objected to this as well. Liberals were deliberately attempting to bankrupt Sarah Palin, if they couldn’t get her on some trumped up ethics charge as well (eventually it was recommended by an independent investigator that the government should pick up the charges). In any event, liberals were certainly attempting to drive her from office one way or the other. [*26qtvfq] So when she did resign on principle liberals then called her a “quitter” for not staying and letting her debt climb to $1,000,000 as they would have undoubtedly filed even more frivolous charges!bi

• Liberals would rather go bankrupt than quit


Here is an example of how liberals play stupid and demagogue this issue: [*3d96nhm] Notice that the woman in this video refused to answer what she would have done in Sarah Palin’s position. Would she have allowed herself and her family to go bankrupt so as not to be a “sellout” by her own definition. Caught without an answer (typical liberal), she predictably resorts to snarky comments, instead revealing her intense resentment of the Palins eventually capitalizing on Sarah’s fame. This is more than playing stupid, American neighbor. This is flat out hate. She isn’t upset that Sarah Palin resigned – she wanted it. She wanted that resignation to be in disgrace. She is angry that Sarah Palin survived all of those ethics complaints. And more than that, she is furious that Sarah Palin resigned and has become even more influential and successful than if she had stayed. So let’s bargain about this, American neighbor. How about if you just give me $400,000 for the job. Now that is a sweet deal – a 20% deduction just because I am a nice guy! But don’t you go quit’n on me, American neighbor. Don’t make me call you a “quitter”!

Really, American neighbor. Is this not the ultimate example of the politics of Blackshirt personal destruction (and playing stupid)? To deliberately attempt to bankrupt someone in an attempt to drive them out of office over ideological differences, and then taunt them for defending themselves? That sort of reminds me of a schoolyard bully. (Now the Blackshirts are even bullying small businesses just for expressing support for Sarah Palin: [*3l6mrxs] Is this what liberal politics has come to? What’s next? Burning down his restaurant? Sheesh!) The bully and his gang do everything they can to intimidate their target, and then when the target turns their back on them and goes home, they follow, calling out names, tripping them up and poking them all the way home. That’s you, the bully, American neighbor. Or at least you are part of the gang. Or is it? I truly hope you don’t support this kind of liberal demagoguery calling Sarah Palin a “quitter”, American neighbor. In a word or two, it is childish and has an odor of meanness, sort of like a vindictive fourteen-year-old that likes to torture cats just to hear them howl and hiss for kicks. That isn’t you – is it? Calling her a “quitter” is no different than being part of the Blackshirts gang who drove her out of office. They were bullies, and the quitter-callers are no less than bullies after the fact. In fact it reminds me of that rape story in the news a while back where these guys raped a girl at a party and the bystanders stood around egging them on and taking pictures with their cell phones to upload to their Facebook pages. Liberal tolerance I guess…

[No, no, no! Stop pulling your cat’s ears! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I know you are frustrated, American neighbor, but you can’t take it out on your cat. Here, we’ll calm back down with some real-life liberal brilliance.]bj

• Liberal brilliance interlude #11


And once more from our “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file, we present what many liberals would love to see happen to Sarah Palin in one small sound bite, as let out of the bag by Maxine Waters. We can just imagine what Waters was thinking while making this threat to oil company executives during congressional hearings:

~[said indignantly] “And guess what this liberal would be all about? This liberal would be all about socializing – uh, uh … [long pause – this is truly a deer-in-the-headlights moment where it dawns on her that she is transfixed by the lights and about to be run over] … would be about … [another even longer pause as the significance of what she has just done sinks in, and that the headlights are not just a couple of fireflies, but a fully loaded eighteen wheeler bearing down on her] … basically … taking over … [she now realizes she is going to be flattened into nothing more than giant blood splat on the pavement – so what the heck, she decides to own up completely] … and the government running all of your companies!”~ [2b83wsb]

The thing of it is, as stupid as this statement is, I can’t recall any Democrats rushing out to denounce it. Even the people sitting beside her on the panel could not hide there nudge-nudge, wink-wink response. This is your Democratic Party, American neighbor. Scary intellect…

(Now imagine how liberals would have responded if Sarah Palin had said she would – “uh, uh” – take over all of Alaska’s – “uh, uh” – unions and disband them. Oh my – ear plugs would definitely be a must – and maybe the riot squad – many riot squads…)

[MCTE reminder jog: Sarah Palin – spending two million dollars – secrets – would the Huffington Post become ALL-SARAH-ALL-THE-TIME? (Oh wait – they already are…)]bk

• Liberals don’t believe in gaffs


Let’s put something to bed for good here, American neighbor. According to liberals there is no such thing as a verbal gaff. So when Sarah Palin accidentally said in an interview that the United States had to stand with “our North Korean allies”, liberals immediately leapt on this as proof positive that she lacks “foreign policy expertise”. [*27uzhk5] She immediately addressed this on her Facebook page, but I doubt it convinced many liberals – because again, to them there are no such things as gaffes. [*232lwsb] (Incidentally I think she was actually being quite gracious in suggesting that she didn’t have enough time to compile a list of Joe Biden’s gaffs. It is obvious to anyone that is even slightly politically aware and tech savvy that YouTube could not possibly have enough bandwidth to accommodate a full list of Joe Biden’s gaffs. [/snark]) But really, what have we learned here, American neighbor? Well, obviously, liberals believe Barack Obama is a Muslim. [*38hdm5v] Now the President attempted to quell this rumor, but liberals apparently are having nothing of it – because remember, there is no such thing as a gaffe. [*292zbeb] He once said he was a Muslim and liberals don’t believe in verbal slips, as was illustrated with Sarah Palin. For liberals it is case closed – Barack Obama simply MUST be a Muslim.

And what politician doesn’t occasionally over-reach in order to pad their resume, as when Sarah Palin implied some foreign policy value from having Russia just across the Bering Strait from Alaska. You know – sorta like when Bill Clinton in an attempt to empathize with southern blacks, claimed to have been deeply moved as “a child” with “vivid and painful memories of black churches being burned in my own state”. Except that it outraged Arkansans, because no churches were ever burned in Arkansas. [2fsrpwq] Similarly, Barack Obama claimed executive experience simply because he was running a presidential campaign. [6qx35m] I guess that means anyone running for the presidency automatically qualifies as a chief executive. Does that make sense to you, American neighbor? Especially considering that Obama has managed things sooo well that he even has members of his own party in Congress telling him to f-off?!? [25fynqj] Great executive, huh? So much for that theory…bl

• Definition of an ‘intellectual’


But, liberals object, Sarah Palin isn’t an “intellectual”! And this proves what, exactly? What is an intellectual after all? Remember, we discovered an appropriate definition in #11 Austerity Versus Stimulus – What Is the History?:

‘intellectual’ – A liberal who uses a title or degree as a license to play stupid in their particular specialty.

An intellectual is someone who has spent significantly more time being programmed by John Dewey’s education indoctrination system (and probably enjoying it). Where is the advantage in that?!? One of America’s best presidents was an actor, Ronald Reagan. One of America’s worst presidents was FDRHoover, who took four years of economics at Harvard (#11 Austerity Versus Stimulus – What Is the History?, explains how well that worked out). And in what is turning out to be an even worse presidency than that, Barack Obama is probably the epitome of an intellectual elite, supposedly an “accomplished” student of law who actually taught constitutional law, but now as President oversteps the constitution as if he were a king. So being an “intellectual” hardly seems to guarantee presidential success (or intellect). In fact, this brings to mind that famous quote from William F. Buckley, Jr. “I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.” Amen to that, bro…bm

• Can Sarah Palin win the presidency?


I found this Time Magazine article that expresses the conventional wisdom of the day (writing this in 2011):

~For several decades, it has been an article of faith among politicians and political analysts that no candidate can win a U.S. presidential election unless he/she can dominate the broad center of the spectrum, that all candidates on the edges of the left or right are doomed.~

~Palin cannot hope to win, however, unless she moves beyond the hard-line conservative base that has sustained her.~

~National opinion polls continue to show Obama leading Palin by an apparently comfortable margin. They also show that more moderate Republicans like Mitt Romney would run better against the President. This suggests that Palin is not the strongest G.O.P. choice for the November, 2012 election and that she clearly faces an uphill battle.~

~Palin cannot hope to win, however, unless she moves beyond the hard-line conservative base that has sustained her.~

~She has no experience in Washington politics or foreign affairs.~

~The Republicans have been bedeviled since 2008 by the bitter party split between moderates and conservatives.~

~Party leaders are not yet reconciled to a potential Palin candidacy.”~

~Obama, for all his problems, has the power of incumbency. As President, he can react to challenges by changing the direction of the whole Government, which he has done recently by agreeing to extend all of the Bush tax cuts.~

~Obama also is a relatively known quantity in the White House, whereas the inexperienced Palin would require a definite leap of faith by voters supporting her.~

~Palin has a history of committing rhetorical blunders that drive away voters.~

~Worse perhaps than the verbal gaffe is Palin’s relentlessly simple-minded discussion of complex problems.~

~Palin’s loose statements and flabby positions will make splendid targets for Barack Obama.~

Doesn’t sound very good for Sarah Palin. Except I tricked you, American neighbor – I changed the names. This article was actually from March, 1980, about Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. [yebm5o8] Funny how the conventional wisdom from thirty years ago sounds just like the conventional wisdom of today. Sorta like the same ole’ lapdog media playbook, recycled. Incidentally, Ronald Reagan went on to win against incumbent Jimmy Carter by a landslide 10% margin. At the time that I am writing this in April of 2012, Sarah Palin has declined to enter the Republican primary for the 2012 presidential election, but that does not preclude her from running in future elections and confounding the conventional wisdom just as Reagan did.

[Yikes! What are you doing with that razor blade, American neighbor? You can’t just start cutting yourself because you can’t handle reality! Hopefully some liberal brilliance will help.]bn

• Liberal brilliance interlude #12


Here is something to help calm your nerves, American neighbor. Again, an excerpt from my, “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file:

~ “He’s been out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day-care facilities, building health-care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful. He’s made their lives better.”~ – Democratic Senator Patty Murray (at the time the fourth highest-ranking Democrat in the Senate) on Bill Gates? No. Warren Buffet? No. George Soros? No. Wait for it … Osama bin Laden?!?!?!? [24qsjbr]

Read that quote again, American neighbor. How can the fourth ranking Democratic member of the Senate be so, so … I am at a loss for words!?! According to Democratic Senator Patty Murray, Osama bin Laden “for decades” in multiple countries has been “building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building DAY-CARE FACILITIES, building HEALTHCARE FACILITIES?!? The only thing Osama bin Laden has ever built was his contribution to a chemical weapons plant in Sudan and terrorism training camps in Afghanistan (but I do hear he was somewhat of a demolitions expert). Just how daft can this woman be?!? Even my neighbor’s dog would never be so stupid as to make such a statement! (And my neighbor’s dog is REALLY stupid!)

But imagine if Sarah Palin had said this, American neighbor. Every news story in the orthodox media about the imaginary shovel-ready construction jobs that Barack Obama promised, would have had little jibes about Osama bin Laden funding them, with mocking expressions of gratitude from the American people. We would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER hear the end of it – but Patty Murray has again been re-elected by liberals to the Senate. And now she has been appointed to the deficit super-committee to save America. Yikes! No wonder the debt is in an upward parabolic spiral… [425lkaf]

[MCTE remindy thingy: Palin – millions of dollars – hidden secrets – how many investigative reporters would the NY Times assign to this story? (Of course, all for the sake of national security. [/very serious tone])]bo

• What separates Sarah Palin from liberal women


So why do liberals hate Sarah Palin? I have read dozens of columns attempting to answer this question, and no doubt many make valid points. But I think Canadian conservative Ezra Levant of the Sun News Network hit the nail on the head. Sarah Palin stands for feminine morality. Liberalism stands for feminist libertinism. These are polar opposites, but it is much more than an ideological contrast. Liberals hate strong, independent women. They demand their women be pliable and accept their inferiority to men. That is why liberals (especially liberal feminists) do not object to liberal leaders treating their women like chattel. JFK was a womanizer in the White House – Jackie O kept his secrets. Liberals still think of him as a god. Edward Kennnedy was a womanizer throughout two marriages who made jokes about the death of a woman which was a direct result of his negligent actions. Liberals rewarded him with a reputation of “hero” and “lion” and seven terms in the federal Senate. Bill Clinton was another womanizer as President who actually placed the American Presidency in a position to be blackmailed with his womanizing (which should have resulted in resignation or impeached removal), but liberals and Hillary still defend him to this day, claiming he was the victim of a vindictive prosecutor and mean Republicans. Of course there was also John Edwards. Expect an open-armed return to the Democratic Party once his legal troubles are over. More recently, after resigning from the House for sexting over the internet with various women, Democrat Anthony Weiner was leading in the polls for the Mayor of NYC until it was revealed that he hadn’t stopped sexting. And of course his wife, Huma Abedin, being a loyal puppy just like her mentor Hillary Clinton, was standing by her man. And liberals are no different in Canada. It was revealed during the last federal election that the eventual Leader of the Official Opposition, Jack John Layton was found naked in a known downtown Toronto bawdy house during a police raid earlier in his political career. Canadian feminists said nothing and liberals rallied to his defense that he was supposedly only there for a massage. (Yeah – right!)

How did these men’s respective spouses respond to these public outings. All of them stood by their men. This is what liberal women are expected to do (Edwards’ wife even agreed to keep the problem secret so that she could maybe reach the White House). The last thing liberal men want is a strong woman unwilling to ignore and excuse their shenanigans. Sarah Palin, more than any other woman or man represents a very real threat to that house of cards, because she illustrates that strong women can make it without compromising their values, and that strong, honest men value women like her. Liberal men are terrified that liberal women may grow a spine, and liberal women are furious that Sarah Palin illustrates how weak they really are. (And don’t give me this what-about-Hillary stuff. She would still be a junior lawyer at some unknown law firm if it weren’t for the accomplishments of Bill and her hangin’ on to her man. Oh, and Nancy Pelosi? Her father and brother were career politicians who greased the way for her.)bp

• The Washington playing stupid game


The problem for Sarah Palin is that she is too honest and her life is too much of an open book, but this is not necessarily her fault or a criticism of her. It is a criticism of American society. You see, American neighbor, American politics is a balancing game. It is a balance between honesty and openness, and playing stupid. Because so much of the public is influenced by liberalism much of society operates on the basis of playing stupid. Look at budget cuts. Almost all of America agrees the budget should be drastically cut, but any politician that actually does it risks losing his next election fight. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid account for over half of budget spending, but polls show that American voters overwhelmingly oppose cutting the programs to reduce deficits. [4pnysu9] Voters play stupid and subsequently force politicians to play stupid to gain/maintain voter support. The balance for politicians is between sounding tough enough on budget cuts, and not actually cutting the budget too much. So whoever plays the balance best, wins. So when Sarah Palin is open and honest with the American people she risks being unable to gain support of many because so many are playing stupid, and she refuses to play their game. Of course, Blackshirt liberals use this playing stupid to their advantage, demagoging any Republican who challenges any of these issues.bq

• Barack Obama became President as a result of the playing stupid game


This is how a Barack Obama, who has kept so much of his life a secret, can be elected President. He, so obviously, was pushed up the ladder of success by affirmative action. The public played stupid and pretended it need not bother with vetting Barack Obama and rushed into a love-at-first-sight relationship with an allegedly “articulate and bright and clean” candidate while knowing virtually nothing about him. In November of 2008 America elected the most liberal President since the beginning of contemporary liberalism in the 1960s. Of course they did not know this at the time (at least, the ones who voted for him), because Barack Obama went to great lengths to cover up his past and paint a policy picture of himself as a centrist. Of course, the orthodox media being liberal as well played right along, keeping the public in the dark about Obama’s true liberal roots. The Blackshirts orthodox media sanitizers knew that if Barack Obama’s true ideology was publicly exposed he would never have been elected. In fact, investigative journalist John Zeigler proved that the Blackshirts orthodox media were very successful in hiding Obama’s ideology. Typical Obama voters were completely unaware of his background and actual policy stands. All they knew about were ‘hope’ and ‘change’ and about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and children. Oh – and many ‘knew’ that Sarah Palin had said that she could see Russia from her house even though the quote was actually from a parody by Saturday Night Live’s Tina Fey. See for yourself as you view this tragically humorous video link: [*ye5g23j]

Along with the video, John Zeigler commissioned a poll from pollster Zogby International, and another was done by Wilson Research: [*yd47s9f, *6872ssd] Here was Zeigler’s conclusion about Obama voters and the orthodox media coverage of the election of Barack Obama:

~ “After I interviewed Obama voters on Election Day for my documentary, I had a pretty low opinion of what most of them had picked up from the media coverage of the campaign, but this poll really proves beyond any doubt the stunning level of malpractice on the part of the media in not educating the Obama portion of the voting populace.”~

Of course, you are probably thinking that Republican voters are mostly just as ignorant. So Mr. Zeigler proposed a wager. If any liberal were to commission a poll of McCain-Palin voters and it did not find them significantly more informed than Obama-Biden voters, he would pay for their poll. Conversely, they would reimburse the cost of his poll. Despite a lot of orthodox media hand-ringing and liberal blog teeth-nashing over Zeigler’s poll findings, none took him up on his offer.

Let’s be frank, American neighbor. Barack Obama was elected president by an ignorant liberal citizenry who knew virtually nothing about him – they were caught up in the playing stupid game. The Blackshirts orthodox media absolvers whitewashed his record as a street agitator (so-called “community organizer”), they refused to dig into his history, they covered up his past associations, and embellished his shockingly thin resume – both Hillary Clinton and John McCain were far more experienced choices. Barack Obama was quite simply an affirmative action choice by the lapdog media, and liberal and moderate voters. Barack Obama played the playing stupid balancing game perfectly and America loved him for it – for a while. After the election and the financial malaise wore on, America collectively began to shift the balance toward more honest relationship, demanding better times. Americans began refusing to play stupid about the economy and Democrats paid the price for that shift in the 2010 midterm elections (unfortunately they regressed  like a drug addict in 2012).

[Snap out of it, American neighbor. You seemed to have fallen into a trance for a while there. Here’s some liberal reality to wake you up.]br

• Liberal brilliance interlude #13


This should snap you out it, American neighbor. We’re so used to liberals lying about their agenda that it is actually humorous when a liberal is so splendidly candid:

~ “Here is the real irony of this, Ed. The rightwing took control of government and ruined it, and gave it a bad reputation. Now that we are trying in every front to increase the role of government in the regulatory area we run into this public opinion that says, ‘Hey, those are the guys who screwed up Katrina.’ So the frustration is their benefiting from their own incompetence.”~ Democratic congressman Barney Frank [yzbq3ho]

What was that bad reputation that the rightwing gave the government? Apparently, it was not increasing the role of government “in every front”. This is bad?!? [shakes head]

[MCTE reminder again: After filing 150 bogus ethics complaints in Alaska how many lawsuits would liberals file to find out what Sarah Palin was hiding if she spent two million dollars to keep a document secret? 300? 600? 1500?]bs

• Sarah Palin doesn’t play the playing stupid game – liberals hate that


So why does Sarah Palin stand out? She refuses to play the playing stupid game. Even AP senses this: [*5r5a2kj] This puts her in stark contrast to almost every other politician in the country – this is what is meant when it is claimed that she does not play by the rules. Conservatives who value honesty and openness love her for it. Moderate Republicans see her as unelectable because of it – they think one simply must play the playing stupid game to get elected. Liberals hate her for it, because she exposes the deceitfulness of the playing stupid game, and without it no Democrat would ever get elected again. She is both loved and hated for the same reason – because she displays the playing stupid game for what it is – politics as usual. Those who play don’t like being exposed as naked, whether they be moderate Republicans, extreme liberals or anything in between. She has placed her bet that Americans as a whole will value her complete honesty and openness. To be fair to her, it is probably much less a strategy than it is that she cannot help but to play the game this way – honesty and openness are who she is. Those are the cards she was dealt and has accepted. So we get Sarah Palin saying things no playing stupid politician would ever say, like this witty observation about Obama’s new “winning the future” campaign slogan in the 2011 State of the Union speech. [*4nqt7tq] “Winning the future” will now go on record as the shortest lifespan of a presidential campaign slogan ever, but even some conservatives think she went over the line, indicating that they too are not immune to the playing stupid game. Think of it this way. Is it better that Sarah Palin is open and honest and shares her witticism publicly, or would it have been better that she sit on it and play the playing stupid game so as not to offend anybody. I’ll take the honesty and openness even with a little coarseness, and moderate Republicans can have their playing stupid game. (Perhaps you’ve noticed that I too refuse to play the playing stupid game, American neighbor. How about you?)

Unfortunately for Sarah Palin, America demands a balance that also includes a certain amount of playing stupid. Every President is elected based on this balancing act. But because I do not think it is her DNA to begin playing the playing stupid game (a big check mark in my opinion), for her to win enough support to gain the Presidency she would have to convince the majority of voters to shift the balance in her direction away from playing stupid and toward that of honesty and openness. (Perhaps in a future election.)bt

• Why liberals hate and fear Sarah Palin 1


Why do liberals hate Sarah Palin so much? Naturally they hate her because she is a conservative, but there is much more to it than that. Liberals hate Sarah Palin so much because she represents everything antithetical to what they hate about themselves. Remember, to understand a liberal look for their projection. Sarah Palin is from a humble origin, a self-made woman, so liberals hate that they don’t have half of what Sarah Palin has – they hate that she could rise from nowhere through sheer willpower and determination to climb the ladder of success, all the while managing a large, happy family. They hate that she makes it look so easy. Hell, even on a bad hair day she looks better than most liberals do on their wedding day. That too drives liberals nuts. And drat! Why did she have to go and marry that Todd Palin? How the hell is a decent alpha liberal supposed to accuse her of being a racist when she married a minority?!? And he was a union member. She makes liberals feel so inadequate. It’s all just so unfair…

She’s a people person, a take charge person – a person other people feel comfortable with her being in charge. Liberals are used to the dirtiest players reaching the top of the Democratic Party. Democrat leaders lie for a living. The best liar wins. They must be able to convincingly play stupid and convince others to play stupid with them. They must sell their performance. Look at the last four Democratic Party presidential nominees, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama – every one of them are extremely accomplished liars. Liberals have thrown everything they’ve got at Sarah Palin and nothing has stuck, because she is as clean as fresh Alaska snow. But there is one last thing that especially makes her stand out in a world of carefully polled and managed politics. Unlike the metrosexual politicians on both sides of the isle, Sarah Palin emulates the pioneer woman spirit that helped build America into the greatest country in history – she is unafraid to get dirt under her fingernails, both literally and politically.

[NOW PUT THAT LAMP DOWN THIS VERY MINUTE, American neighbor! Just because Sarah Palin makes you feel inadequate is no reason to start trashing the furniture! Think about flowers. That’s it, yes, the lamp goes there… Think about puppies, kittens. Calm down. OK – I think we’re safe to continue. Maybe a bit of reality humor first…]bu

• Liberal brilliance interlude #14


The New DNC Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D.-Fla.), keeps up the trend of the Democratic Party promoting comedians into leadership roles with this foot-in-mouth blooper:

~ “We have 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country that are part of the backbone of our economy and this is not only a reality but a necessity. And that it would be harmful–the Republican solution that I’ve seen in the last three years is that we should just pack them all up and ship them back to their own countries and that in fact it should be a crime and we should arrested them all.”~ [3stnwha]

“Undocumented immigrants” used to be known as “illegal immigrants” before political correctness airbrushed the term. The reason these immigrants are “undocumented” is because they are “illegal”. So what exactly does Ms. Wasserman Schultz not understand about the word “illegal”? Does she know that it is a “crime” to do “illegal” things like sneaking across the border? How can someone be a lawmaker and not know this? But she wasn’t done. Next she scolded Republicans:

~ “If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side, we would be driving foreign cars.”~

Except she drives a Japanese car herself – whoops. Welcome to the Republican Party, Debbie. But she still wasn’t done:

~ “One of the most tremendous sources of pride for me is that I am the first Jewish woman to represent the state of Florida in Congress. And another tremendous source of pride is that I am a pro-Israel Jewish member of Congress and I probably support a president that is pro-Israel.”~

Probably? She’s not sure that President Obama actually is “pro-Israel”. Well neither am I, but I’m not the Head of the DNC. Three feet in one mouth at the same time – how does one do that?!? You can’t play this stupid.

[One last MCTE reminder: Could the country survive if Sarah Palin had paid millions of dollars to keep a document secret?]bv

• Making a verb out of Sarah Palin


What does it mean to palin someone, American neighbor? It is the opposite of swiftboating a politician, where the politician’s own lies about their past are used to expose their disingenuousness. Swiftboating originated with the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth revealing to the public the many fabrications and distortions in John Kerry’s claims about his Vietnam military service during the 2004 presidential election (my favorite was the one about Christmas in Cambodia – a classic! [*43esn]). On the other hand, to palin someone is similar to the expression of to bork someone, but in a much broader context. Whereas Ronald Reagan nominee, Appeals Court judge Robert H. Bork was demagogued ruthlessly by Blackshirt liberals during his Senate confirmation process over his ideology, his family was ignored and the demagoguery quickly subsided after the failure of his confirmation. Similarly, Justice Clarence Thomas was borked during his nomination process, but although the demagoguery continued afterwards due to his successful confirmation, the intensity was greatly subdued by comparison, and like Judge Bork, Thomas’ family and private life were virtually exempt from demagogic attack. However, with Sarah Palin Blackshirt liberals have ramped up their demagoguery to a whole new level. Nothing is exempt in her life. To be palined is to be borked times ten.bw

• Liberals made a movie about Sarah Palin – Game Blame Change


At least in the modern era of politics, no one had ever been palined as has Sarah Palin and her family. Blackshirt liberals are so consumed with her, that they haven’t even bothered to make a movie about Bill Clinton yet, but they’ve already made one out of Sarah Palin, called Game Blame Change. Two of Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign strategists, Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace were fingered for the futility of his presidential run, so they decided to attempt to pin the blame on Sarah Palin. Of course, Blackshirt liberals played right along. The reason Schmidt and Wallace gave was that, to their horror, they supposedly saw Sarah Palin as incompetent and stupid, unfit to be Vice President. Here’s what Nicolle Wallace told Time Magazine (read the whole article in the link, American neighbor):

~ “There certainly were discussions — not for long because of the arc the campaign took — but certainly there were discussions about whether, if McCain were to win, it would be appropriate for her to be sworn in,” Wallace tells the magazine.~ [*6kjzrtx]

I have a question, American neighbor. If Schmidt and Wallace supposedly feared Sarah Palin might become Vice President and that they believed this would be tremendously dangerous for the country, why didn’t they resign and state this when they supposedly realized it during the campaign? Instead, they went on with the campaign attempting to get McCain and Palin elected. This is a huge indictment on their claim that they turned on Sarah Palin supposedly for the sake of the country only after the fact. Someone with principles and who were that concerned for the country would have resigned immediately upon realizing the supposed threat. Obviously, the immediate resignations would have severely damaged John McCain’s campaign, saving the country from this supposedly dangerous Vice President. So, it must be for some other reason that only after the failed campaign, did Schmidt and Wallace backstab Sarah Palin directly and John McCain indirectly. They have since claimed that they are now supposedly exposing Sarah Palin after the fact for the reason of protecting the country in the future. What took them so long? This then leads to another question. Once they supposedly realized the danger to the country, did they then stay with the campaign to deliberately sabotage it so that Sarah Palin would not become the Vice President and supposedly put the country in grave danger? There are so many questions that just don’t have answers that make any sense unless they were the predominant reason for the poor campaign.

Of course both of my above questions are rhetorical, American neighbor. No, they didn’t sabotage Senator McCain’s campaign, and no, they didn’t resign, because of course, they never did see Sarah Palin as a threat to the country during the campaign. They both stayed on to get John McCain and Sarah Palin elected, and would have enthusiastically accepted every accolade accorded to them if they had been successful. But the ticket failed, and much of the blame was laid at the feet of Schmidt and Wallace. Sarah Palin’s convention speech polled even better than Barack Obama’s, pushing the ticket up with a whopping eight percent swing:

~Obama’s speech received very positive ratings, but slightly lower than Palin did in this weekend’s poll.~ [yhf4vmz]

They needed a scapegoat, and Blackshirt liberals were eagerly willing to help. So, based on the words of two bitter, failed and blamed campaign strategists, liberal Hollywood invented 25 anonymous sources out of very thin air to make it seem authentic (for gullible liberals, of course) and made the movie Game Blame Change to demagogue Sarah Palin. Read all of these links, American neighbor. You’ll learn what it’s like when Hollywood decides to palin someone (and you’ll learn a lot about Sarah Palin): [*6njfu4y, *d96er7u, *7od22r7, *cd4aqfq, *bvhpl3u, *c3gq6ay, *7xdcrrs, *7fx78a3, *ct9pbrp, *cl9rm87, *d5avnxo, *7br884y, *ccxj2q3, *d98clhq, *7lvs7nt, *cls9pbw]

Update: So now in 2014 we find out that Nicolle Wallace is a “huge fan of the idea of a Hillary Clinton candidacy”. No wonder she hates Sarah Palin. [rolls eyes] [petmkjp]bx

• Two million dollars of stupidity


Let’s go back to the beginning of the essay:

~Imagine if Sarah Palin was so dumb, I mean SO DUMB, that she spent two million dollars in lawyer’s fees fighting court cases around the country to keep a personal document secret that she actually claimed would exonerate her if released to the public, and then after three years she ended up releasing the document anyway? Now just imagine if Sarah Palin was so blisteringly, blitheringly, laughably, nonsensically, ludicrously, inanely, imbecilically, doltishly, mindnumbingly STUPID that she would just throw away two million dollars for NOTHING!!! How many feature dancers or virtuosos could the local ballet or symphony companies bring in for two million dollars? How many divas could the local opera company bring in for guest appearances? How many insufferable liberal intellectuals could that two million dollars employ at Harvard… (Oh wait – as we saw in #9 Liberals Are the Compassionate Ones – Really?, Sarah Palin wouldn’t donate to favorite liberal elite causes. Being a conservative she’d donate to actual needy causes…) How many children in poverty could that two million dollars have fed? How many homeless people could that two million dollars have housed? How many disabled veterans could that have helped? What the heck could she have been thinking?!?~

Of course, you do know, American neighbor, that Sarah Palin did not spend two million dollars to keep a personal document secret before finally supposedly releasing the document anyway. You do know that, right? And you also probably know that George W. Bush was never so buffoonishly, blockheadedly, oafishly stupid as to spend two million dollars to suppress a personal document and then supposedly release it anyway. Again, you do know that, right, American neighbor? I know of only one person that has been so farcically, dullardly, bumpkinly, flatheadedly, ignoramously lamebrained to have pulled such stunt – the deadpan-king-in-chief, Barack Obama. So, either Barack Obama is the absolutely dumbest President in history, and possibly the dumbest person to have ever lived, or… You finish that sentence, American neighbor.

Here’s a hint: The state official in charge of the department that originally created the document and the state official in charge of the department that now holds the document examined the original document together. The first official in a television interview then verbally added to an official statement, claiming it was half handwritten and half typewritten. Did you get that, American neighbor? She said it was half handwritten and half typewritten. The other official did not step forward to contradict this claim. One more time: The ONLY eyewitness that has ever actually seen the original document in the archive and spoken about it publicly (in an official capacity and in defense of Barack Obama’s claim) stated flat-out that it was half typewritten and half handwritten. The first official then claims to have examined the document again, and did not change her claim from the first verbal clarification of the official statement that the document was half handwritten and half typewritten.

Then, two years later, the White House supposedly released a copy of this official document, claiming it to be the same document the state official had previously examined twice, the first time with another state official. But this White House released copy was 100% typewritten. Huh?!?

How does the same five-decade-old document supposedly go from being half handwritten and half typewritten to 100% typewritten in two years? And here is something else to ponder. Why is it that the newly minted Democratic governor in 2011, who was a friend of Obama’s parents and Obama, after bombastically proclaiming that he would get to the bottom of the document matter, in the end couldn’t find either the half handwritten and half typewritten document or the 100% typewritten document? Curious – don’t you think, American neighbor?

So, was it two million dollars of stupidity, or two million dollars of something else? [No, no, no – absolutely no scoff reflex is allowed here! No snark allowed! No sophistry!] With a little context and critical analysis it is really very simple. Here I’ll spell it out for you: One plus one equals two. Why would supposedly the smartest man to ever become President of the United States of America do what appears to be the dumbest thing any President has ever done? Unless, of course, he didn’t do it because he was dumb (that doesn’t mean he isn’t still dumb, by the way – just not that dumb). If you turn off your scoff reflex I think you are smart enough to figure it out, American neighbor. Aren’t you? (Then again, maybe you do think he is just the dumbest person ever, who just tosses away two million dollars, for nothing…)

[Why are you standing on a chair, American neighbor? Oh my gawd! What is that rope doing around your neck?!? Don’t do it, American neighbor! We’ll get you some help! Some nice little pills… Some nice people in white coats… A nice room that is soft all over… Please just come down, American neighbor. I promise – the essay is over. The test is concluded. Just a little conclusion and we’re all done. Hang in there… Oh – d’oh! Not literally, American neighbor!]by

• Deprogramming lessons


If liberals judged the intelligence of liberals the same way they judge the intelligence of conservatives – without double standards – well, then they would be conservatives. Liberal paranoia turns liberals into blithering idiots on a regular basis. But, of course, their motives are supposedly honorable, so these frequent episodes of idiocy can be completely excused and ignored.

Liberals play stupid to the intellectual vacancy of their ideology: Contemporary liberalism requires a strict adherence to playing stupid. Without irrational double standards contemporary liberalism cannot exist. And then they project it on conservatives: Contemporary liberals project what they subconsciously loathe about themselves as demagoguery toward their opponents and society as a whole. Of course this is just more demagoguery: A contemporary conservative’s evil motives justify their destruction by any means necessary. Thus illustrating the absurdity of their liberalism: Contemporary liberalism is absurd. All as a result of the superb protection of the scoff reflex: Contemporary liberalism relies on a programmed, instinct-like scoff reflex to preserve itself from the consequences of critical thinking. All made necessary because: For the contemporary liberal groupthinker, sophistry and demagoguery are the weapons of choice against critical thinking. And: For contemporary liberals superficial rationalization is always the first and final element in their ideological line of thought.bz

• Why liberals hate and fear Sarah Palin 2


If Sarah Palin is really as dumb as liberals insist that she is, she would not be a threat and they would ignore her, but Blackshirt liberals are acting like she is a tremendous, legitimate threat. That is why they attack her almost daily. Liberals are terrified of Sarah Palin, and it is not that they are terrified of what she would do to the country or anything as noble as that. They are terrified of her because her contrast with them exposes everything that is wrong with liberalism. She is the antithesis of liberalism and liberals are terrified that she could be the catalyst that conceivably destroys it. In fact, Sarah Palin is the most important person on the planet. The Blackshirt “lamestream media” as she accurately calls them, went hysterical over her governor emails, sending dozens of national and international journalists to Alaska and employing hundreds, if not thousands to scour through them online. No one else could generate such an interest in their emails as has Sarah Palin. Not even Barack Obama (they would try to bury them, no doubt). The University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit email leaks that conclusively revealed global warming science as a fraud didn’t even generate a fraction of the Blackshirt media interest as did Sarah Palin. Even the Wikileaks release of thousands of sensitive and secret documents from multiple countries were a triviality compared to Sarah Palin’s emails. Again, only Sarah Palin can provoke such a response. And what were the most interesting finds in those emails? For me, it was the multiple death threats made to her from Blackshirt liberals. When analyzed by experts contacted by the Huffington Post her writing quality was judged to be the equivalent of a CEO. If Sarah Palin was unqualified to be President, her incompetency would surely have been revealed in the 24,000 pages of emails. Instead the emails showed her to be eminently qualified and accomplished as a chief executive. Do you think 24,000 pages of Barack Obama’s emails would show the same competency, American neighbor? No, neither do I. [*3tbvsbz]

Liberals illustrate their own demagoguery and projection by publicly proclaiming that Sarah Palin is an idiot, but no honest person can look at her record of accomplishments and conduct and not conclude that this woman is extremely smart and competent. Only an insular, sheeple demagogue with no shame would be willing to put their own wilful groupthink ignorance out there for everyone to see by publicly ridiculing Sarah Palin for supposedly being unintelligent. Then they really lay on it thick by claiming that Barack Obama is some sort of genius. However, what liberals have actually done is take Barack Obama’s obvious intellectual deficiency and project it onto Sarah Palin, and vice versa. Who, except other liberals, can take these waaaayyyy smarter liberals seriously?!?ca

• Will Barack Obama have a following after he leaves office?


Ask yourself this, American neighbor. If Barack Obama had lost the 2008 presidential election do you think any one would care what he would be saying today (March, 2013)? No, I don’t think anybody would care either. So, who do think is the most influential television pundit in America today? Yup, Sarah Palin: [*ccf7ca3] If Obama had lost the 2008 election would he have become the de-facto leader of a grass-roots political movement as Sarah Palin is of the Tea Party? He isn’t even one now as President. Liberals just want things from him. They don’t see him as a great leader. Would he have made a documentary about Illinois that broke viewer records on cable TV? Unlikely – what would he talk about – Chicago’s murder rate? Would he have millions of Facebook followers. Hardly. He only has them now because he is President, and many of them are fakes. Do you think Barack Obama will have a positive political influence over elections after leaving office the way Sarah Palin does? Not a chance. He doesn’t even have shirt tails now. Virtually every election endorsement he has made has failed to be elected. He’ll be another Jimmy Carter, embraced by no one, and ridiculed, or at least shunned as a failure by all except extreme Obamaholics. The more his narcissism drives him to give post-presidential speeches insisting what a great President he was to whoever will listen (which he will no doubt do), the more history will judge him as an even bigger joke.cb

• Why liberals hate and fear Sarah Palin 3


Liberals are fixated on Sarah Palin because deep down within the core of their beings they are really conservatives who desperately want to direct their own lives. Buried beneath layers of insecurity they see her as their lifeline out of their paranoia back to reality. But they hate what they fear most, and need most – Sarah Palin. They hate Sarah Palin all the more because they simultaneously they see her as a mirror reflecting back their insecurities, and their salvation from their paranoia. Sarah Palin represents everything that a low-information liberal desires, but she is like Jesus to a practicing alcoholic. If you say to an alcoholic that they have to give up alcohol, that is no different than throwing Sarah Palin in the face of a low-information liberal. At that point she represents condemnation and guilt. The practicing alcoholic always places the blame for his messed up life elsewhere than his booze. To the practicing alcoholic, Jesus is their Satan. To the practicing low-information liberal, Sarah Palin is their Sataness.

Liberals are like a hard core alcoholic who in their rare, sober moments realize that their life is totally messed up. They dread living as liberals where paranoia influences all of their thinking. It is a dreary everyday burden that drags down their life into unhappiness, bitterness and rage. They know that they need a come to Jesus moment, but aren’t ready for it yet. They fear this event even more than they fear their continuation of their alcoholism (or, in the case of liberals, their paranoia). So they lash out at their one hope for salvation. Sarah Palin, more than anyone represents that hope. Their paranoia then multiplies this hate. It is a vicious circle that feeds on itself.

Is what I describe reasonable? Yes and no, depending on whether one operates within fear or not. The mind in fear will fear to confront the reasonableness of this explanation and thus conclude that the answer must be no, it is unreasonable. By contrast, the mind without fear can see the fear at work in those operating based on fear, so yes, this explanation is eminently reasonable. The alcoholic denies his alcoholism until he is ready to confront his alcoholism. Only then can he have his come to Jesus moment. Until then he fears and loathes Jesus for confronting who he is with reality. Likewise the liberal fears and loathes Sarah Palin for confronting in the most contrasting manner the paranoia of liberalism. Everything Sarah Palin stands for is terrifying to liberals because what she stands for attacks their very fears.

So here is a pretty good rule of thumb: The more adamantly a liberal insists that conservatives are just plain stupid, the more that projection is taking place. And here is another one: When a liberal claims that Sarah Palin is just plain dumb, feel sorry for them, American neighbor – they are freely and proudly admitting (even boasting) that they are insular and easily manipulated in the playing stupid game. Tragic for them, and the country…cc

• Deprogramming exercise


So did you ever form a coherent answer to our MCTE question, American neighbor? Imagine if Sarah Palin was so dumb, I mean SO DUMB, that she spent two million dollars in lawyer’s fees fighting court cases around the country to keep a personal document secret that she actually claimed would exonerate her if released to the public, and then after three years she ended up releasing the document anyway? To clearly see liberal double standards, whenever a liberal does anything that might be deemed as a failure or an indiscretion or just plain dumb, and other liberals come to their defense, just ask yourself how liberals would respond if Sarah Palin had done the exact same thing? This will open your eyes to liberal double standards practically on a daily basis.

One last thing – go reread about Senator Ted Kennedy in the Liberal Motives are Noble section of #2 Contemporary American Liberalism = Paranoid Delusion, then come back here and tell me how evil and dumb and unqualified a person Sarah Palin is, and we’ll compare notes. Icon to icon, so to speak…

One more thing. I want you to imagine a group of insanely jealous thirteen-year-old girls texting each other like mad about their newest envy-target at school. Now go read this little “news” story from the Huffington Post and then go to the reader comments below the story. You’ll think you’re back in middle school: [*6fkbbfa] Then check this one out. You can just read the Headline and the comments – the column is irrelevant. I dare you to read all of the comments for this story and then tell me you wish to be associated with this group of waaaayyyy smarter liberals, American neighbor. [*3fhwq36]

Ah drat! Please suffer with me for just one absolutely last thing, American neighbor – I promise. (It’ll be worth it.) You want dumber than a sack of dumbbells? Read this: [*4b7j4sb] She actually thought Neil Armstrong planted the American flag on Mars!?! When a NASA official informed her it was the moon, she wouldn’t believe it, instead assuming they were making fun of her. Sheesh!

Sorry. There are just so many juicy examples – just one more. Remember when Barack Obama opposed the Iraq surge, claiming it would have the opposite effect to its intended purpose? And remember that the surge was, in fact, a huge success? A little over a year later Obama was asked if he was wrong about the surge. His answer is the pure, polished moron-speak of a person well-versed in answering these kind of questions. You can read it for yourself, [lcljh82] but here is an analogous version: Your local weatherman predicts thunderstorms and tornadoes for tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and it is a clear and calm day. Asked about this, he responds: “Well, I would have been right, if not for all of that blue sky.”

Update: Now on January 7, 2014 it has been revealed by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama admitted with him present that their opposition to the Iraq surge was purely political. It is one thing to be dumb – it quite another thing to deliberately undermine your country during war. Utterly shameful. [lb7ju2q]

OK – now I am really sorry. But I can’t resist! You know that Obamacare launch debacle? The administration claimed that it was – wait for it – the Republicans’ fault. Damn those blue-sky Republicans! [mer7q22] [67b]

[If you are still reading this, American neighbor, you have passed the test – you have survived the Sarah Palin essay. I salute you. Likely, you are no longer a Palinoid. (Read this link thoroughly to dispel any lingering doubts – it is extremely well sourced. [*7mr9pgs])]cd

• Humor, sort-of


Of course it is obligatory that we end this particular essay with another excerpt from the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file:

Seriously, American neighbor – liberals claim that Sarah Palin is just too dumb to hold higher office, but have voted Patty Murray into the Senate since 1992! I am afraid that with the barest of minimum standards Democrats have set with Senator Murray, anybody’s dog could qualify for higher office, but what this really means is that liberals would embrace any level of stupidity over conservatism no matter how dumb a liberal is – very scary…

But of course liberals will object, claiming that there is a difference between how much stupidity can be allowed for a blue state Senate seat and how much for a red party Presidency. After all, Sarah Palin didn’t go to an Ivy League school and she doesn’t read the NY Times – nyeah! But those are just things she didn’t do. So liberals will further object that she says stupid things. And other politicians don’t?!? Like “this war is lost”, “57 states” and “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”? I have a question for you, American neighbor. Which is dumber? Dumb things a person gaffs, or dumb things a person thinks, does and then blurts out to the world?

[Warning: The following story is soooo stuuupiiid that despite the fact that I specifically remember hearing an audio recording (and writing the quotes down), the fact that I cannot now find a link to it makes me doubt as to whether it is my memory that is actually going stupid. (I guess it’s not one of Oprah’s top one hundred archived interviews.) Nevertheless here it is…]

Al Gore was on Oprah along with some environmentalist a few years ago discussing what to do about those most dreaded of all global warming threats – Christmas trees! Of course they talked about sending them to landfills and mulching them for recycling, but then Oprah piped in with, “You can’t replant it can you?” To which Al Gore responded, “Yeah, we tried that one year, but it didn’t work.”

I’ll give you a moment for that to settle in, American neighbor… … …

Get this – Al Gore actually admitted on national television that he replanted a Christmas tree thinking it might develop new roots and continue growing. Now I consider myself to be an at least moderately intelligent person (despite reading the NY Times – I had a lot of IQ margin to begin with), but it is beyond my ability to comprehend how someone who almost became President of the United States of America could possibly be this thick!?! (My gawd – even Patty Murray was smart enough not to admit on national TV that she tried to replant her Christmas tree!) Al Gore didn’t just gaff something he said. He actually thought it out, acted on it, and then announced the failure to the world, apparently completely oblivious to the fact that he was publicly displaying a level of intelligence that may not have exceeded that of the dead tree he attempted to revive. And liberals think Sarah Palin is too stupid to be President?!? At this rate even my neighbor’s dog would qualify as President, and compared to the track record of the Democrat leaders quoted in this essay, the dog might be the smartest of the bunch!

[/suck-up essay for eventual Lincoln bedroom sleepover invitation (wink @ Governor Palin)]


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