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Capsule: #2 Contemporary American Liberalism = Paranoid Delusion deals with the theory presented in the 1964 essay by historian Richard Hofstadter called The Paranoid Style in American Politics, and how it applies hand in glove to contemporary American liberalism. Liberal motivations, how they view themselves, and how liberals see the motivations of others are keys to comprehending this Paranoid Style. An understanding of these three elements of liberal thinking leads to a foundational understanding of everything liberals think and do.

A Monster Beneath Every Rock


Focus: How would you describe a person who constantly sees evil monsters attempting to destroy every aspect of the country, the world, and their very life?

Details: #2 Contemporary American Liberalism = Paranoid Delusion drills down to the inner thinking of what makes a liberal tick. Liberals are convinced that their ideology is noble and that all that opposes it is evil. This justifies in the mind of a liberal all sorts of nefarious behavior, such as sophistry, demagoguery, hate and even violence, and excuses any and all failures and indiscretions displayed by other liberals (literally dozens and dozens of examples are presented to illustrate both sides of this attitude). This attitude also leads to imagining evil monsters lurking everywhere, devouring everything good – which is liberalism, of course (literally hundreds of examples are presented with regular updating from the news).

An examination of Richard Hofstadter’s 1964 The Paranoid Style in American Politics, reveals an uncanny description of today’s liberal ideological movement from before modern liberalism even developed. Hofstadter gives us a detailed list of things to look for that communicate the paranoid style, all directly applicable to liberals (again, with a multitude of examples).

Excerpts: ~It is on this base of compulsive paranoia that the liberal programmed mind embraces the principles of playing stupid and accepting irrational double standards, that are justified by generating the principles of a war between noble liberal motives and evil conservative motives, that then reinforce the paranoia. It is virtually circular – each step perpetuates the other, but the key to understanding liberalism is the compulsive paranoia. … It is the paranoia of evil monsters imagined as out there everywhere that leads liberals to give up directing their own lives just to keep from being eaten up. Everything is out of control. Monsters are ruining everything. Somebody must take control. So the liberal voluntarily and incrementally gives up the control of directing his own life to a life of indenture so that the monsters can be kept at bay. … So, what do you think is the primary difference between a contemporary liberal and a contemporary conservative, American neighbor? It is paranoia. Liberals are afraid of almost everything. The sooner a liberal realizes that paranoia drives their life, the sooner they will want to get rid of that paranoia. Quite simply, separate the foundational paranoia from a liberal and you end up with a conservative. That is what the process of deprogramming liberalism is all about, American neighbor.~

Preface: The Nuclear Counterarguments Essay Series is written for both contemporary American liberals and contemporary American conservatives – for the liberal (or progressive) as an exit counseling process with the purpose of removing the inherent paranoia that prevents them from seeing that in their core belief they are, in fact not a liberal, and for the conservative as a strategy for dealing with liberal acquaintances. (FYI, I am a Canadian – the implications of this are explained in the Introduction and #1 Deprogramming Liberalism with Nuclear Counterarguments.)

[All citations are active number/letter codes. Code links beginning with an * indicate that the linked page has additional information for the topic at hand. Links without an * are cited for evidence of existence and reference only, as in a quotation or number or case in point. Citations validate my points so that you can trust my claims, and will often provide you with invaluable supplemental information.]

Contents – Essay #2

Mini critical thinking exercise  Liberal motives & conservative motives  Principle – liberal motives are noble  Liberals excused for indiscretions  Barack Obama’s excused scoundrels list  Barack Obama’s excused corruption list  Imagine if conservatives/Republicans had done these things  Ted Kennedy – worst liberal scoundrel & biggest liberal icon  Conservatives are motivated by evil  Principle – justified destruction  Liberal leaders justify destroying conservatives  Liberal journalists justify destroying conservatives  Liberal sheeple justify destroying conservatives  Liberal leaders aim their comments at liberal sheeple  Partial list of liberal evils  ‘Everyone knows that liberalism is always correct’  Mock your enemy  Betray your friends  The “paranoid style” in contemporary liberal ideology  Deprogramming lessons 1  Liberal principles so far  Contemporary American liberalism = progressive-fascism  Deprogramming lessons 2  Deprogramming exercise  Humor, sort-of


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Essay #2aa

Written in first-person narrative to liberals,

but also for conservatives.


• Mini critical thinking exercise


To begin essays I will present a mini critical thinking issue to bridge the gap to the following topic. I will also introduce the predominant principles for the following essay and an 800 pound gorilla question or two. Another reminder – it is not your job to make ideological judgments. It is your job to pick out the reasoning within each issue. Here is our first MCTE in the form of an 800 pound gorilla question: Would you describe a person that constantly imagines evil monsters all around them as deeply, delusionally paranoid, American neighbor?

Essay one focused on the principle: Without irrational double standards contemporary liberalism cannot exist. This following essay will introduce two principles about motivation and one about paranoia.ab

• Liberal motives & conservative motives


I, as a conservative for the most part give run of the mill liberals the benefit of the doubt for their intentions (it is mostly liberal methods and results that I question). Yes, liberals think they want to end racism. Yes, they think they want to end poverty. Yes, liberals think they want to preserve the environment, and yes possibly Bill Clinton wanted to defend what he thought was a persecuted minority in Kosovo. Yes, I believe that in general liberals think their motives are upright and desirable (I thought mine were as a liberal), but liberals do not accord conservatives the same benefit of the doubt. Liberals view conservative and Republican motives as wrong, but more than just wrong – as evil. Liberals portray conservative and Republican intentions as selfish and hateful and divisive. This is an important distinction, American neighbor.

As portrayed by liberals, conservatives are racists, desiring racism to again flourish in society. Conservatives are greedy, wanting to steal from the poor and enrich themselves and their fat cat friends. Conservatives don’t care about the environment and are willing to sacrifice anything in nature for their greed, and former President Bush only invaded Iraq to get its oil for Haliburton and Exxon and his other rich oil baron buddies. Yes, American neighbor, you know it is true: Liberals see conservatives as having evil motives, and liberals as having only sincere and lofty motives, so lofty in fact, that liberals are willing to overlook any liberal failure, because in their mind, at least liberal intentions are good. Liberal intentions are about fighting the evil that motivates conservatism. So even if the results of some liberal policy or practice go terribly wrong, they can be forgiven because the motives behind the effort were honorable. Here is a exemplary example: Over three weeks after launch, Obamacare registration was virtually impossible (even one of the program contractors testified that he could not log in as a test of the system), the insurance companies were getting bad information from the few who could miraculously register, people were losing their healthcare insurance policies, they were losing their doctors, they were losing their jobs, there is little data security, there were 700 cyber-squatters milking identities from innocent victims, contrary to administration promises premiums were going way up while the estimates given to those few who could log in were way low, and people had already lost faith in the system. Plus the website cost five times as much as originally projected (before the launch problems). Here was Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi’s response:

~ “That was our mission. We accomplished it. And we’re proud of it. Is the implementation of it perfect it every way? Not yet. But the goal of it is still the same — we’re still very, very proud of that. And not for a half a second — not a nano-second — would I say that I’m disappointed.”~ [lfmnxor]

The “goal” she speaks of is the equivalent of the noble motivations. She sees the motivations for Obamacare as good and noble, so despite that the program itself is a total “train wreck”, she isn’t disappointed for “a nano-second”.

However, even if a conservative policy or practice is coincidently laudatory and successful, liberals feel justified in attacking it and the conservatives behind it, because ultimately a conservative’s motives are always wrong or even worse – evil. The results don’t matter – only the perceived motivations do.

This is why liberals cannot reason out simple issues like what to do with the Guantanamo detainees. In the liberal mind their motivation is honorable – human rights. But former President Bush’s motives were wrong. From a liberal view he only wished to punish and torture those detainees, taking away their human rights simply because his intentions were evil. Liberals cannot simply accept that Bush was just trying to protect America in the best way he thought possible. That would be a noble motive, and so it could not possibly be true for a supposed conservative like Bush.ac


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• Principle – liberal motives are noble


So here is the third lesson about programmed liberal attitude (remember the first two were about playing stupid and double standards): A contemporary liberal’s honorable motives and noble fight against contemporary conservatism excuses all liberal failures and indiscretions. In the mind of a liberal almost no liberal failure or indiscretion is so egregious that it cannot be forgiven or ignored or even defended. Because their motives are deemed to have been good and honorable, the subsequent actions and results are much less important when judging an event or person. In short, there is no guilt or shame in liberalism (this will be fully explored later). So 800 pound gorillas can be safely ignored. It is this twisted sense of reasoning that allows liberals to excuse all manner of liberal failures and indiscretions such as in the following list. Use your third person analysis, and if you really want to get a feel for the absurdity of excusing everything in these examples, try imagining these indiscretions as if reading about conservatives and Republicans getting away with them.ad

• Liberals are excused for indiscretions


• For years the Obama administration Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had refused to pay $34,000 in taxes owed despite being instructed to pay, and signing an agreement to pay. Ironically the Treasury is responsible for the Internal Revenue Service. Liberals seem unfazed by this ironic and hypocritical indiscretion. [bcj3nx]

• The Democrat majority chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means from 2007 to 2010, Charles Rangel, who was responsible for overseeing taxation for the federal government, was another liberal with years of tax payment problems. Again liberals found no problem in looking the other way. No liberal hypocrisy is so egregious that it cannot be overlooked. [pwozft, 2beqssg, 88qv2h4]

• At the height of feminism a liberal President (Bill Clinton) kicked feminists in the teeth. Nothing so defined misogyny at the time as a manager or CEO type boss taking advantage of his female subordinates. As liberal feminists smiled through their bloody, broken chiclets, they defended Bill Clinton and attacked the women he took advantage of, even though he was the arch type of CEO misogynist. One liberal reporter even went so far as to offer the President a “Monica” just for not also throwing abortion rights under the bus! [c76284a, ylkmfw8]

• Barney Frank had an illegal prostitution ring operating out of his house, but Democrats gave him a pass. [dzkqot]

• Who can forget Ward Churchill and his “little Eichmanns” commentary on 9/11? Liberal outrage? I don’t remember any. I remember the dismissal of any criticism of Churchill. [yez3pdt]

• A liberal Senate minority leader (Harry Reid) can declare in the middle of the Iraq war surge, “this war is lost” while demanding the President surrender Iraq to al Qaeda and civil war, and liberals can completely ignore this demoralizing of the troops, encouragement to the enemy, and obvious poor judgment. [ycpr222]

• A liberal Senator (Dick Durbin) can compare American troops to Nazis, Stalin and Pol Pot and receive virtually no condemnation from liberals. [ao35a, 6ev85t]

• Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry went to jail for drug offenses, but that didn’t stop liberals from re-electing him Mayor again. [5uz4yw6]

• Bill Clinton with his sexual escapades may have led to the administration being blackmailed by China in regard to nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology. The House Report 105-851, otherwise known as the Cox Report, [*d5cb4s8 – read the general overview] exposed a stunning negligence by the Clinton administration, revealing that warnings of security lapses were deliberately ignored and sensitive missile related technology was allowed to be shared with the Chinese through private American companies. President Clinton should have been removed from office just for placing the office of the President in a position to be blackmailed. The fact that there was ample evidence that the Chinese may have actually been blackmailing Clinton is also ample evidence of the look-the-other-way attitude that liberals have for other liberals.

• New Black Panthers in the 2008 presidential election intimidated voters outside a polling station in Philadelphia and apparently liberals have no problem with the fact that the Obama Justice Department has deliberately covered up the seriousness of the incident. [27mzp3g]

• A liberal Congressman (John Murtha) can claim Marines “killed innocent civilians in cold blood” and refused to apologize when the evidence exculpated those Marines, and still there was no outrage from liberals. [yewxspj]

• A liberal Democrat operative (Sandy Berger) can be convicted of stealing and deliberately destroying secret government documents and still be excused by liberals as being “sloppy” and that he made an “honest mistake”. [858x5jf]

• A liberal Democrat House member (William Jefferson) is videotaped by the FBI receiving a $100,000 bribe most of which was later found hidden in his freezer. Were there immediate demands by fellow liberals for his resignation? No. In fact the Congressional Black Caucus strongly backed Jefferson, even supporting his continuing on the House Ways and Means Committee. [yaml39l]

• Former President Jimmy Carter is well known for his Palestinian sympathies to the point of public anti-Semitism, but liberals generally ignore and even cheer these on. [*kmwewn]

• With Presidential Directive 24 [yackh74] what has subsequently been known as the Wall had been set up to prevent the FBI and the intelligence community from directly communicating and sharing information that might have exposed illicit Chinese money laundering that was going into the Democratic Party. PDD24 placed all decisions to do with symbiotic intelligence investigations by the FBI and various intelligence agencies in the hands of the administration, effectively allowing them control of who knew what other agencies knew. The Wall was confirmed in a 1995 Justice Department lawyer Jamie Gorelick memo that said:

~Because the counterintelligence investigation will involve the use of surveillance techniques authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ACT (FISA) against targets that, in some instances, had been subject to surveillance under Title III, and because it will involve some of the same sources and targets as the criminal investigation, we believe that it is prudent to establish a set of instructions that will clearly separate the counterintelligence investigation from the more limited, but continued, criminal investigations.~

This is the same Wall that prevented identification of the 9/11 hijackers as active terrorists even though the data was available – the Wall made it impossible to connect the dots. And this was the same Jamie Gorelick who was appointed to the 9/11 Commission – a huge conflict of interest. Liberals however, never had a problem with any of these things.

• A liberal broadcaster (CBS) can knowingly use and defend fake documents to slander a sitting President with the aim of bringing about his electoral defeat, and many liberals still today accept the absurd adage created to describe the incident, “fake but accurate”. [yafy64z]

• Members of the 1970s domestic terrorism group, the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Mark Rudd and Kathy Boudin all ended up teaching in American colleges as respected intellectuals. Ayers and Dohrn especially have been heralded as heroes by liberals. [lnwwcmm]

• Having committed plagiarism didn’t disqualify Joe Biden from being elected to the Senate many subsequent times and eventually to the Vice Presidency. [6rn5la]

• Almost unknown in the U.S., but well known to most Canadians, was the Tainted Blood Scandal where in the 1980s Governor Bill Clinton oversaw the sale of HIV and viral hepatitis infected blood from Arkansas prison inmates to the Canadian blood system (and others around the world). This resulted in tens of thousands of Canadians infected. Right up until today the liberal American media has never shown any interest. Try a Google search: >tainted blood scandal clinton< You’ll get tens of thousands of results.

• A Democratic presidential candidate was exposed as cheating on his wife and having a love child well before the primaries were over, and the disinfecting liberal media dismissed it as a non-story, and liberals in general who loved John Edwards, collectively yawned. [6xpzfa] It seems he was even considered as vice presidential material by Barack Obama, and then it turned out that his wife was in on the scam, covering up for him in order to get a chance to live in the White House. Even with a trial on misuse of campaign funds in regard to the scandal, liberals have responded with a collective yawn.

G-20 Riot

G-20 Riot

• Despite that liberals consistently and violently riot at organizational meetings like the Republican National Convention, the G-8, G-20 summits, etc., liberals pay lip service to these events and instead attempt to cast peaceful, law abiding Tea Party events as evidence of the so-called violent right in America. A stark contrast is that no Tea Partier has ever been arrested at a Tea Party event, whereas at the Occupy Wall Street protest in NYC hundreds were arrested.

• The very liberal group, Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN) has been involved in a multitude criminal voter incidents and funding frauds over the years with whistleblowers coming forward, and having been recently exposed as thoroughly corrupt by a series of sting videos, but liberals have been largely silent and often defensive in regard to ACORN. [*yhqkgdl, yzcl5dh] Democrats were embarrassed into supporting a defunding of ACORN in some spending legislation, but the Obama administration reinstituted funding for ACORN through federal agencies instead. [yz9fee4] Liberals cheer a reinstatement of ACORN.

• Democratic Representative Maxine Waters has been accused of numerous graft business deals where she has profited personally over the years, but the Democrats in the House have blocked every attempt to investigate them. [3q5jnsm]

• 2008 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was caught out in a ‘stolen valor’ lie apparently to boost her foreign policy experience when she claimed to have come under sniper fire at a Bosnia airport the week before. Liberals and her sycophantic media yawned it away, casually accepting her excuse that she “misspoke”. [kjpdzf8]


Liberal Paranoia In the News

Salon’s Joan Walsh: In the Obama Era, the ‘Toxic Smog’ of Tea Party Racism Has ‘Tainted’ the GOP Neoracism (yawn).

DAVID PLOUFFE: 2010 TEA PARTY CANDIDATES WERE ‘WITCHES AND DEFENDERS OF RAPE’ Watch out for the ghools and goblins too, David.

Alarmist Paul Ehrlich Predicts Need to ‘Eat the Bodies of Your Dead’ From the master of apocalypse paranoia – more apocalypse paranoia.

Tempers flare after Democratic Senator claims Republicans don’t like Obamacare because the president is black Neoracism (yawn).

Liberal Blogger: If Ben Carson Runs for President, He’ll Play the Role of ‘Black Avenger for White Self-Pity’ Scared to death of a black conservative.

Vanden Heuvel on Face the Nation: ‘Congress Has Cut Funding, Has Slashed Funding, for Veterans’ Benefits Over These Last Years’ Damn that Bush – still running the government after all of these years.

Jonathan Alter: It’s Simple ‘Reality’ That Obama’s ‘Willing to Compromise’ But Republicans Aren’t Simple like your mind, Jonathan.

Feminist Lawyer Gloria Allred: Talk Radio is Full of Gender and Race Discrimination How much you want to bet that she NEVER listens to talk radio – how would she know?

Reid: Kochs ‘main causes’ of climate change So all we have to do is shut down the Koch brothers and global warming is solved?!? This is really paranoid delusion on a grand scale. [finger draws little circles beside head]

On Politics: Brett Hulsey plans to hand out KKK hoods at Republican convention Somebody should give this liberal a history lesson (and maybe some pills). It is his Democratic Party where the KKK has always resided. Paranoid delusion runs deep in this one.

On MSNBC, WashPost’s Capehart Claims Some GOP Officeholders Have Praised ‘Virtues and Beauty of Slavery’ This is coming from a liberal who supports the Democrat Party, the party of racism, segregation and slavery throughout the history of America. He claims that we “have been listening to it for years now” – Republicans extolling the wonders, virtues and beauty of slavery. This is delusional paranoia. He sees evil monsters beneath every overturned rock.

• Hank Aaron Compares Republicans That Oppose Obama To KKK No doubt they are burning crosses in his front yard.


• DCCC chair Steve Israel: ‘Significant extent’ of Republicans are racist Another one who sees evil monsters hidden beneath every overturned rock.

• O-Kay … Radio Lib Mike Malloy Warns That Capitalism is ‘Murdering Everything and Everybody’ Evil is everywhere!

• Professor blames ‘southern white radicals’ for Obamacare debacle Nutzoid paranoia.

• MSNBC’s Dyson: ‘Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty Part of Majority White Supremacist Culture’ Nutzoid paranoia again.

• EPA Chief: ‘No More Urgent Threat to Public Health Than Climate Change’ Tin foil hat paranoia.

• Mika Complains Republicans ‘Don’t Want Americans to Have Access to Health Care’ Evil monsters out to get the American people.

• Chris Matthews: ‘Vulture’ Conservatives Commit ‘Verbal Terror’ on ‘Great’ Obama Evil monsters are out to get Obama.

• MSNBC’s Wolffe: Ted Cruz ‘Inflaming’ ‘Fringe’ Who Are ‘Racist’ Neoracist.

• Chris Matthews Slimes Dick Cheney as a Racist for Calling Obama a ‘Liar’ Neoracist.

• Despicable: MSNBC’s Bashir Wishes Sarah Palin Would Be Defecated, Urinated On Terrified.

• MSNBC’s Sharpton Sees Racial Tinge in Palin’s ‘Slavery,’ But Not Biden’s ‘Chains’ Neoracist (yawn).

• Roger Simon Wishes Death on Ted Cruz, Accuses Him of Waging a ‘War Against Babies’ Ted Cruise is now a top-three evil monster along side Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

• [link | link | link] The 2013 government shutdown has sent Democrats into a paranoid demagogic tizzy against Republicans and the Tea Party: “reckless and irresponsible” “anarchists” “legislative arsonists” “terrorist” “murderers” “jihad against Americans’ healthcare” “crazy idea after another” “cockamamie, can’t-pass idea after another” “wacky ideas” “extort concessions through dangerous hostage taking”

• THE LIST: UNNECESSARILY SHUT DOWN BY OBAMA TO INFLICT PUBLIC PAIN Paranoia leads to self-righteousness, which leads to reactions of spiteful, punishing pettiness.

• School official tells students Trayvon Martin case proved it is ‘legal to hunt’ children At 6’2″ tall Trayvon was hardly a “child”. Apparently, defending yourself from a race-fuelled (“creepy-ass cracker”), drug-addled (lean), mixed martial arts style beating (“pound and ground”) is hunting children in liberals’ paranoid minds.

• California Democrat to Sen. Ted Cruz aide: I hope your kids ‘die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases’ after vote against Obamacare So paranoid that even children are fair game.

• TIM WISE ‘CRACKS THE CODE’: EVERYTHING CONSERVATIVES SAY IS RACIST Looks like we’ve found the Grande Cyclops of MSNBC neoracists. Ultimate conspiracy theory paranoia!

• Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Is ‘Same Group’ Of ‘White Crackers’ Who Fought Civil Rights Charlie’s paranoia is driving him senile. It was Democrats who bombed little kids and unleashed the dogs.

Wasserman Schultz: My District Will ‘Be Underwater in a Few Short Years’ Why? Is she moving to Atlantis? (Whacko paranoia.)

• A quarter of Obama supporters think the Tea Party is America’s top terror threat: US liberals have lost touch with reality One word explains this – paranoia.

Rep. Moore: GOP Demands ‘That You Work Else Your Children Can’t Eat’ Because that is what evil monsters do.

• SCHUMER: ‘ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST’ Liberal utopia is right around the corner.

MSNBC’s Bashir: IRS Investigation a Racist Republican Attack on ‘Black Man in White House’ This is Chris Matthews’ competition for who is the biggest neoracist on MSNBC.

• Politico Highlights Ted Cruz’s ‘Sharp-Elbowed’ Style In 36 Paragraph Attack Piece Liberals will always tell you whom they really fear.

Chris Matthews Snarls That Ted Cruz Is the New ‘Joe McCarthy’ Similar to Godwin’s Rule.

Sheila Jackson Lee, in Congress: ‘I Stand Here as a Freed Slave’ Paranoia can drive liberals into irrational delusion.

MSNBC Continues Smear of ‘Racist’ NRA; Alex Wagner Hits Wayne LaPierre as Afraid of ‘Dark People’ Got no counterargument? Smear em with neoracism.

Scarborough Rants Against Wayne LaPierre’s Use of ‘Racial Overtones’ Finding racist monsters hidden beneath every rock.

NBC’s Lauer to Boehner: Is Obama ‘The Most Inspirational African American Living Right Now?’ Try the most disappointing. Liberals judge on ascribed motives. Conservatives judge on results.

Mark Landler Bids Adieu to Imaginary ‘Era of Single-Minded Deficit-Cutting’ in New York Times Paranoia addles the brain.

President Obama made a case Tuesday night for closing out the politics of austerity See?

Maher: Rubio’s a ‘Shameless Liar’ for Saying Obama Created More Debt Than Bush Truism alert!

Clueless Chris Matthews on State of the Union: ‘There’s Nothing Lefty in Here; What’s the Left-Wing Part?’ Playing stupid.

Charles Blow Cheered By Obama’s Vision Of ‘Expansive Government‘ When you are fearful of everything mommy government can never be too big.

Corkins, Dorner: Embarrassing Liberal Links to Killers Still Missing From New York Times When you fear the news, simply don’t print it.

ABC Ignores New Benghazi Revelations Showing Disengaged Obama Or don’t broadcast it.

AP Uses Excerpts From Dorner’s ‘Manifesto’ on Various Pols, Omits Effusive Praise of Obama, Denunciation of His Critics And don’t print it again.

Univision Employee Calls Marco Rubio ‘Token Slave Boy’ Apparently Hispanics can be neoracists too.

Facebook Temporarily Suspends Tea Party Mom An example of an elephant being paranoid of a mouse.

Dan Rather on Reddit: No one proved that Bush documents were forged An example of “They’re all out to get me!” paranoia.

LAPD manhunt: Some cheer on fugitive Christopher Dorner with anti cop, gun control, race agendas Sicko-paranoia.

Jersey News Outlet Cries ‘Global Warming’ as Blizzard Approaches Sounds more like “Momma!” to me.

Capehart Warns On Drone Strikes: Remember, A Republican Could Become President! This is upside-down reasoning. If Guantanamo Bay is a precedent, it is Republicans who are held accountable for everything, and Democrats who can get away with anything.

Tony Bennett: Without Gun Control, U.S. May Turn Into Nazi Germany (Godwin’s Rule alert!) Uh, Tony – the Nazis had strict gun control.

Dem Congressman Warns Of “Mob Scenes” Without “Equity In Society” Sort-of like Occupy Wall Street paranoids?

Hyannis 5-Year-Old Threatened With Suspension For Making Gun Out Of Legos Paranoia of boys being boys.

President Obama Laments Rush Limbaugh And Fox News’ Influence On Public Debate Damn those evil conservatives questioning Dear Leader’s agenda!

Your Biggest Carbon Sin May Be Air Travel Everybody’s a sinner.

ABC Gives Sen. Menendez Six Minute Interview With No Questions About FBI’s Hooker Investigation Protecting their own.

For Second Week in a Row, Press Says ‘Jobless Claims Fall to 5-Year Low’ as Actual Year-Over-Year Claims Rose Paranoia prevents the liberal media from reporting bad news.

GOP ‘Thugs’ in Congress Guilty of ‘Assaulting’ Hillary, Bill Press Whimpers Hillary, the perpetual victim of evil Republicans.

‘March for … ?’ Nets Don’t Use ‘Life’ in Abortion Debate Now liberals are paranoid of the word life.

Piers Morgan Accuses GOP of ‘Misogyny,’ ‘Political Grandstanding’ at Clinton Hearing Can’t challenge the girl – the liberal girl, that is.

NBC Applauds Clinton’s ‘Vigorous Defense’ Against ‘Hostile Interrogation’ By GOP Evil Republicans again.

Rev. Al Sharpton Hosts ‘Politics Nation Science Lab’ To Slam GOP Over Global Warming Apocalypse paranoia.

New York Times’ Andrew Rosenthal Again Accuses GOP of Anti-Obama Racism Can’t challenge the guy either, apparently.

CNN Weatherman: Don’t Laugh! Cold Temps Come from Global Warming Apocalypse paranoia scrambles the brain. Up is down, black is white, and cold is hot.

NYTimes Celebrates Mag of ‘Mainstream’ Marxism vs. ‘Tea Party Invective,’ ‘Capitalist Vampire Squid’ More up is down, cold is hot – you know the drill.

Media Cheered Obama’s ‘Party Time,’ Bashed Bush’s ‘Lavish’ Second Inaugural Well, of course, Bush was evil.

Glendale Council Bans Gun Shows From City Property Somebody tell these councilors that nobody gets shot at gun shows.

Paul Ehrlich: ‘Nobody Has The Right to Have 12 Children – Or Even 3’ A true apocalypse nut over the decades pops his head out of his hole.

Biden’s claim of brush with gun massacre questioned Paranoids need to embelish their creds through lying.

CBS Evening News Ignores Own Poll Showing 74 Percent Support Armed Guards in School Paranoids also casually ignore information that contradicts the agenda.

CBS News Political Director: ‘Obama Can Only Cement His Legacy If He Destroys the GOP’ Utopia trumps all.

Dem Rep: ‘Gangster’ GOP Threatening U.S. With Another Depression Evil Republicans… (yawn)

Food Police Group Bashes Restaurants, CBS Eats it Up CSPI are classic paranoids, popping up out of their hole every six months or so to warn that someone is thwarting progress toward utopia.

How Liberals Argue: Democrats Voting Against Debt Ceiling Wasn’t “Real” Double standards anyone?

NRA President: Death Threats Against Org Reflect Obama’s Tactics Irony much?

NYTimes Buries Own Poll Findings Showing Support for Armed Guards in School, Blaming Hollywood More ignoring of inconvenient data that contradicts the accepted mantra.

Rep. Hank Johnson on NRA: ‘They Still Cannot Get Over’ That Obama Is ‘Black’ Neoracist paranoia.

Bob Schieffer Likens Obama ‘Taking on the Gun Lobby’ to Hunt for Bin Laden, ‘Defeating the Nazis’ Evil monsters on the loose.

Is the White House freezing Fox out of pressers? Evil monsters with press badges.

Obama: GOP Pointing ‘Guns at the Head’ of Americans Over Debt Ceiling Playing on liberal paranoia.

NJ State Senate Votes to Exclude Non-Union Workers from Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Projects Legislated paranoia.

ABC Touts Liberal Worries: ‘Most Controversial’ Zero Dark Thirty ‘Glorifies Torture’ To a liberal, telling the truth is outrageous – better to lie and keep down liberal anxiety.

WaPo Book Reviewer Shoe-horns Slam of George Bush Into Book Review on Irish Potato Famine They can’t help themselves.

No Shame: MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Disgustingly Compares the NRA to Hitler Poor choice – everyone knows that Hitler was a gun control nut.

Left-wing Radio Host Who Fantasized About Beheaded Tea Party Members Offended by ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ Paranoia has a radio talk show.

NRA Akin to Terrorists, Prostitutes Sneer Unhinged Ed Schultz Guests And another one.

Obama: Conservative media ‘demonizes me’ Liberal paranoia leads to projection. (Was Bush a crybaby like this?)

Obama demonizes anyone who disagrees with him. See?

Oscar-Nominated ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Picketed By People Who Say Movie Advocates Torture Politically incorrect movies should not receive Oscars: Martin Sheen, Ed Asner.

Superintendent seeking termination of teacher accused of stomping on American flag in class Stomping on the flag is ultimately a sign of self-hate – and paranoia.

Piers Morgan and Guests Discuss Shooting Alex Jones Of course they were just joking around, but if conservatives had said this on national television these same liberals would be horrified.

Alan Grayson is back: Extreme ‘bath salts’ Republicans ‘would rather eat your face’ The thing is, you can never be quite sure when liberals are joking. Grayson is an extreme paranoid who often feels compelled to express his deep paranoia in over the top vitriol like this.

Gawker Posts Full List of All ‘A**hole’ New York City Licensed Gun Owners Media paranoia.

Piers Morgan: AR-15s will lead America to ‘utter Wild West hell’ The “Wild West” did not have rule of law. “Legally” owning an AR-15 does not fit that criteria. There will be no shoot-em-ups at the OK Coral between owners of “legally” owned AR-15s. Sheesh!

Food allergy discrimination fight — Justice Department says set my gluten free Administration paranoia.

NJ Dem: GOP’s Christie may have ‘prayed’ for storm So Governor Christie prayed for a disaster so it would create jobs? That is kookie-paranoid!

Crowd Laughs, Applauds Chicago Teachers Union President After She Jokes About Beheading The Rich She’s a union president. They get paid very well. How much you wanna bet that she is one of the 1%?

Climate News: Only ‘Hobbit-Sized Humans’ Capable of Surviving Global Warming Apocalypse alert! Perhaps webbed toes might help as well.

Nat Geo Producer: John Wilkes Booth ‘Could Be the Poster Child for the Tea Party’ Liberal mantra – Tea Partiers are all crazy people capable of anything. Reality – no Tea Partier has ever been arrested at a Tea party event.

Jason Whitlock strikes again: Likens Thomas Sowell to ‘house negro’ film character Projection.

NAACP Shamefully Plays Race Card With Tim Scott More projection.

On First Day of New Congress… Blowhard Alan Grayson Accuses Republicans of Terrorism And Daily Kos cheers.

An Appeal for Dictatorship Comes Out of the Closet at the New York Times Utopia!

What some liberals really think of gun owners More utopia!

New Hampshire Legislator: We Need to ‘Restrict Freedoms’ of Conservatives Ultimate utopia!

Occupiers Arrested With Weapons, Bomb Making Materials Surely they meant Tea Partiers.

Obama Contradicts Own Admin: ‘I Cut Spending By Over A Trillion Dollars In 2011′ Emphasizing the delusion in paranoid delusion.

Thom Hartmann Year in Review: ‘Right-wingers Are All About Fear and Control’ Classic projection. Richard Hofstadter warned us to look out for this.

Death Threats in Des Moines: Retired Columnist Wants to Kill NRA Members, Drag GOP Leaders Behind Trucks This is what a career as a liberal journalist leads to.

Georgetown Law professor: Scrap ‘archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil’ Constitution Even the Constitution is “evil” to some liberals.

Time’s Klein: Last Time Conservatives Were Rational, ‘Norquist Was in Diapers and Limbaugh Was a Disc Jockey’ And the last time liberals were rational, they were conservatives.

Rep. Schakowsky: GOP Voted To ‘Take Food Out Of The Mouths’ Of Babies Damn, those evil Republicans – always takin’ food out the mouths of babes.

Aspiring Bolshevik Thom Hartmann Wants US to ‘Outlaw Billionaires’ Perhaps Thom could name for me just one successful country that drives away its rich. Just one Thom…

Facebook bans Gandhi quote as part of revisionist history purge Oh-oh – Gandhi was supposed to be a liberal.

Quentin Tarantino Has No Business Using the N-Word Classic contemporary liberalism – political correctness enforced with a threat of violence.

Phila. police tie construction-site arson to union sabotage Unions and violence – tell me it isn’t so…

Barney Frank: GOP Convinced Hispanics, Blacks Not To Talk To ‘Gay People’ This is rich…

CNN Throws Liberal Smears and Talking Points at NRA What else have they got?

Piers Morgan Strikes Again: Claims Bible ‘Inherently Flawed,’ Needs to Be ‘Amended’ Liberals always want to amend history.

NPR Host Tweets That al-Qaeda Can’t Compete with How (GOP) Congress ‘Terrorizes Americans’ Medication needed…

Boston Globe Critic Compares Tarantino’s New ‘House Negro’ Character to Justice Thomas, Keyes, Cain, and Steele Neoracism.

Prof says Pope should be executed for ‘premeditated mass murder’ And fascists cheered…

U.S. Press Won’t Report That Egypt’s Constitution Is Sharia-Based — And Socialist Best to keep the masses ignorant.

Ed Schultz Producer Insists: I’m ‘Behind Brent Bozell to Try to Destroy This Country’ Brent Bozell = conservative motivated by evil.

Raising a child as Christian worse than sex abuse? Oh, do put a sock in it, you atheist Scrooge I dare ya to say that raising a child as a Muslim is worse than sex abuse.

Death threats anyone? Austrian Prof: global warming deniers should be sentenced to death OK – he’s not an American liberal, but he is certainly paranoid enough to be one.

UC Berkeley professor: Ignoring Global Warming a “Sin” Akin to Manslaughter See?

MSNBC: People Against Gun Control Are Scared Of “Black And Brown People” Rising Up To Get Them… This is rich – a liberal speaking about ascribing evil to other people.

Former Clinton aide: Obama ‘complicit’ in perpetuating white supremacy Sometimes liberal paranoia leads to liberal-on-liberal demagoguery.

Philly teen who says she was mocked by teacher for wearing Romney T-shirt sues school district Role reversal: The student is the adult and the teacher is the child.

CNN Anchors Slam ‘Murderous’ NRA During Press Conference Conservatives are motivated by evil, don’t-you-know.

MSNBC Host Suggests NRA Would ‘Want’ Mass Killing of Children Liberal paranoia often leads to the most illogical conclusions.

Have You Bought Your ‘Abornament’ Yet? Some liberals combine their paranoia with having a lot of time on their hands.

Lawrence O’Donnell: NRA Chair ‘Lobbyist For Mass Murderers’ Paranoia = self-righteous enough to pronounce judgment.

Local gun store owner receives death threat Will he be shot to death with an “assault” rifle?

Professor Becomes Unhinged on Twitter, School President Apologizes Paranoia drives liberals to do strange things with their spare time.

Another NBC Reporter Refuses to Cover Chicago Teachers Union Ties to Socialist Orgs Defending the groupthink with silence.

New York Magazine Reports Fox News Gun-Control Blackout….Without Watching Fox News! Reporting the template.

Chris Matthews: ‘Outlaw’ Semi-Automatic Guns Panic time!

MSNBC’s Roberts: ‘We Need to Just Be Complacent in the Fact That We Can Send Our Children to School to Be Assassinated?” More panic time!

Guns Don’t Kill People, Inequality Does, Opines Thom Hartmann Code for conservatism.

Actress Marg Helgenberger: ‘One can only hope’ NRA members get shot It is amazing how blind liberals are to their own irony.

NYT: Tim Scott, Black Republicans ‘Tokens’ Neoracism.

“Progressive” talk radio station shuts down, feels betrayed Why would liberals waste time listening to liberal talk radio when almost all of the other media is predominantly liberal as well. Think about it. Why does conservative talk radio draw so many listeners? Because virtually all of the rest of the media is liberal.

Parents Say Christmas Carols are Form of Bullying Irony.

Professor: I Want NRA Vice President’s “Head on a Stick” More irony.

ABC and CBS Skip News of Tim Scott’s Historic Senate Appointment [UPDATED, ABC Spiked in Morning] Fear of getting ahead of the official talking points.

Founding Fathers Just ‘Some Dead People’ Spews Ed Schultz in Anti-Second Amendment Rant Liberals hate that they have no respectable founding fathers of their movement, so all founding fathers must be evil.

Civility: NRA Leaders and Members Getting Death Threats Even more irony.

Why Occupy Values Lead to Occupy Violence Because they’re liberal values.

Radio Host on Tim Scott: ‘Black Only in Skin Color’ Unsurprising liberal neoracism.

WaPo Blogger Compares Gun Lobby to Pagan God Demanding Child Sacrifice Paranoia illustrated as hysteria.

Newsweek Mocks Bill O’Reilly for Still Fighting for Christmas — While Its Cover Story Fights Against Christmas Christmas is always the scariest time of the year for liberals.

Even in Medical School, Affirmative Action Rules Liberals are afraid that minorities are not smart enough to make it on their own.

Not News: Detroit-Area Pastor Threatens Campaign of Harassment Against Mich. Gov. and Family (‘You Won’t Get No Rest’) Paranoia of imagined monsters justifies the use of demagoguery and harassment in the liberal mind.

Bloomberg News hid conflicting fiscal-cliff poll numbers, pushed results favorable to Obama The whole truth is scary to liberals. Better to leave some of it out so your side looks better.

MSNBC Contributor: Rice Criticism Racially Motivated A staple of liberal paranoia – neoracism.

White House knocks McCain for Palin pick Liberals are still terrified of Sarah Palin.

WashPost Gossips Mock TMZ Divorce Notes on Palin’s Eldest — Unlike Their 2010 Tribute to Eldest Gore Child’s Talented Divorce See?

Those cigarette taxes are sure working out, eh? Liberals always want to save us from ourselves – especially when it means more taxes. This almost always leads to negative unintended consequences in lost liberty with no actual solution to the problem attempting to be solved.

Dem Lawmaker: Obama Must ‘Exploit’ School Shooting To Get Gun Control Paranoia leads liberals to “exploit” tragedies.

NY Congressman Calls NRA ‘Enablers of Mass Murder’ Congressman Nadler piles on.

My long car ride mourning the victims “regardless of the politics” Need more evidence of exploitation?

Belafonte’s Advice to Obama: Imprison Opposition “Like a Third World Dictator” In the name of utopia, of course.

Michigan Unions Targeted Obama Enemy: Koch Brothers Paranoids always look for witches to burn.

Pro-Union Activist Threatens the Michigan Governor: ‘We’ll Be at Your Daughter’s Soccer Game’ Even daughters are not off limits when liberal paranoia is at its height.

Matt Damon: ‘I Need To Pay More Taxes’ My gawd! Someone has taken Matt Damon hostage and is forcing him not to pay more taxes!

Michael Moore: The NRA hates freedom This from the man who thinks the free market is “evil”.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Republicans Forced Out ‘Woman of Color,’ Susan Rice Inherent paranoia drives liberals to think of almost everything regarding minorities as about racism.

Breaking: ESPN Suspends Analyst Rob Parker for Insulting Redskins QB Robert Griffin III See?

MSNBC: Matt Drudge Is Racist for Criticizing N-Word in Movie See again?

MSNBC’s Toure Slams Barbara Walters From the Left for Sexist Interview with Hillary Clinton OK – so sometimes its about gender.

Giuliani Smacks Down Piers Morgan’s Liberal Talking Points And here we go again.

Kochs Open Up to Forbes: ‘We Get Death Threats …’ Witches…

Barbra Streisand Insists She Could ‘Never’ Fall in Love With Republican Good news for Republicans!

Media Claims Conservatives Staged Union Violence in Michigan Liberal projection at its finest.

Jimmy Hoffa Warns Of “Civil War” As Michigan Governor Signs “Right-To-Work” Into Law Well, maybe not a “civil war”, but probably a lot of violence since unions are saturated with liberal paranoia.

Steven Crowder Challenges Protester Who Punched Him To Come Forward: ‘Jail, Or Face Me Like A Man’ Woe – this story of liberal paranoia just got a whole lot more interesting!

Do We Really Have to Condemn the Union Protestor Who Punched Fox News Comedian Steven Crowder? Paranoid liberals are convinced that sucker punching Steven Crowder was legitimate. (Read the comments.) Apparently, questioning union protestors is the equivalent of asking for it. There is no length too far to go for liberals to justify their own violence as a result of their paranoia.

ABC, CBS, NBC Are Censoring Footgage of Union Thug Violence in Lansing A symptom of liberal paranoia is the willingness to play stupid.

NYTimes Provides More Pro-Union Coverage from Michigan; Union Protest Violence Ignored More playing stupid.

Religion Writer Forwards New Feminist Complaint: We Never See Depictions of Virgin Mary Breastfeeding Jesus! It’s Christmas – the season of liberal paranoia of Christinity.

Sean Penn Expresses ‘Love’ for Ailing Chavez: ‘One of the Most Important Forces We’ve Had on This Planet’ Liberals certainly do love their socialists – they envy their ability to create utopia without that niggling rule of law thang.

Proposed CA Law Would Grant Homeless ‘Right’ to Urinate on Sidewalks More utopia!

Union Goons Destroyed Man’s Hot Dog Cart While Calling Him ‘N*gger’ and ‘Uncle Tom’ Socialism beats up capitalism.

Union Mob Destroys Tent With People Inside Unions and violence go hand in hand.

Michigan Dem on right-to-work law: There will be blood Call for violence from on high.

Chris Hayes: Price Of Energy Is “Too Low” Right Now Only a liberal in full paranoia mode would think that a lower natural gas price isn’t “efficiency”.

Navy Cancels Nativity over Atheist Complaint Even the military is not immune to the effects of liberal paranoia.

Climate Talks Yield Commitment to Ambitious, but Unclear, Actions The global mean temperature is the same this year as it was in 1990, but envirotheists continue to chant out their mantra of it getting worse each year. I refute this in these two posts:

Refuting Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory is Simple

Refuting Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory is Simple – Take Two

Union Official Compares GOP Push for Right to Work Law in Mich. to Attack on Pearl Harbor The casualty numbers for both incidents are at the end of the column.

Arrest This Man: Obama’s Union Goons Assault Steven Crowder Ho-hum. Union thugs demonstrate their paranoia.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Fox News Has Divided America In a Way Not Seen Since the Civil War And Barack Obama is the great uniter – right…

Dems look to Obama to punish Michigan over labor vote Paranoids are nothing if not vindictive.

Mike Malloy: Boehner Should ‘Drown Himself In a Vat of Wine’ Paranoia leads some liberals to become just plain juvenile.

‘Get Your F*cking Teeth Knocked Out’ Union Goons Scream Down Demonstrator Honoring Breitbart Unions are by far the largest and most violent of paranoid liberal groups.

Michael Moore Calls Michigan GOP ‘Political Serial Killers,’ Calls for Revolt

Black boxes in cars raise privacy concerns Only a society saturated with paranoia would do this.

O-kay … Mike Papantonio Compares Tea Party to Invasive Fish That Feasts on Blood Of course Tea Partiers are motivated by evil.

Maher: Obama Should Implement Carbon Tax As A ‘Personal F–k You to the Koch Brothers’ Bill Maher is one of the most paranoid liberals in the media.

MSNBC Anchor Sneers: ‘Is the South Ready for a Black Senator?’ Prejudice is a symptom of liberal paranoia.

NBC’s Williams Fantasizes Over Change in Constitution Allowing Obama to Control Business by Fiat Liberal paranoia leads to fantasizing about individual liberty being sacrificed to achieve utopia.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee: It’s a Holiday Tree, Not a Christmas Tree How fearful must one be to be so afraid of political correctness that one cannot call a Christmas tree a Christmass tree?

Fmr. Thatcher advisor Lord Monckton evicted from UN climate summit after challenging global warming Lord Moncton should feel lucky. Galileo was jailed for stepping on the toes of the consensus establishment of his time.

White House Swats Away McConnell’s Suggestion So, proposing legislation that can’t even get support from their own party isn’t “political games that aren’t serious”, but proposing to vote on it is. Can someone please tell Mr. Carney that he is standing on his head – that is why he sees the world upside down.

Seniors decry ban on Christmas tree in their complex in Newhall The horror! A Christmas tree in a senior’s home. Imagine what a house of horrors the White House is with 54 Christmas trees this year.

Berkeley students seek Christmas ban on Salvation Army bell ringers Maybe they could bring some Hamas or Hezbollah bell ringers instead. They don’t abide homosexuality either, but at least they hate the Jews…

Roland Martin Compares Non-Religious Cadet’s Plight at West Point With Racism

Former NAACP Chapter President: No Reason For Blacks To Vote For Obama Except Race Oh – oh… A black man just spoke out of his place – he spoke the truth about race. Let the name-calling begin…

NBC’s Lauer Cites CIA ‘Torture’ Scenes in Bin Laden Movie, Asks Whether ‘Ends Justified the Means’ This is truly hilarious – a liberal asking whether the “ends justify the means”.

ABC’s Avila Launches Another Fishy Food Attack Here we go again with progress being attacked by liberals using the Rachel Carson strategy of dubious cancer alarm with no evidence whatsoever.

Van Jones: Republicans Want To Let American ‘Dead Bodies Pile Up On The Beach’ Typical conservatives are motivated by evil speech.

Reid blocks Senate vote on Obama’s deficit-reduction plan Democrat Senators are so paranoid they won’t even allow a vote on President Obama’s supposed fix of the fiscal cliff.

NYT’s Krugman on PBS NewsHour: Democrats’ ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Proposal Serious, GOP Plan Is ‘Blackmail’ So, if Obama’s plan is so great, why won’t Harry Reid allow a vote on it? And of course, in a liberal’s mind, Republicans are motivated by evil, so they are only interested in “blackmail”.

Republicans Can’t Govern Because They Hate Government, Bill Press and Guest Airily Agree Anyone who has read #4 Liberals Are the Compassionate Ones – Really? or #10 A Liberal Love Letter to Conservatives knows that I love liberal conundrums. There is a great conundrum question at the end of this article.

GOP Wants to ‘Turn Poor People Into Mulch,’ Claims Ever-Inane Stephanie Miller Just another example of how liberal paranoia views conservatives (and Republicans) as motivated by evil.

NYT Sports Columnist William Rhoden Wishes NFL Would Ban Gun Ownership by Players Sorta like outlawing inner city gangs from owning guns?

Ed Asner Narrates ‘Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale’ This cartoon is like a caricature of liberal paranoia from some witty conservative blog. But it’s actually a liberal production. Yikes!

AmericaFAIL: Majority of Young Voters Favor Bigger Government This is where liberal paranoia ends up – with a perennial trillion dollar plus deficit viewed as not enough.

Pelosi: Republicans Are “Hostage Taking” Over Fiscal Cliff So let me get this straight. First she says that taxes will stay the same for the middle class. Then she claims that Republicans want to hold the status quo “hostage to giving an additional tax cut to people making over $250,000 a year”. Where exactly is this “additional tax cut”? All that the Republicans want to do is hold the status quo. And how exactly is holding the tax rate at a status quo “hostage taking”? Paranoia seems to have addled Ms. Pelosi’s mind.

With Carbon Dioxide Emissions at Record High, Worries on How to Slow Warming What warming? In #14 Global Warming – Just Another Liberal Apocalypse Scenario (yawn) I illustrate, using the consensus establishment’s own measurements, that the mean temperature of the globe is no higher today than it was in 1990. In fact, with their own numbers it can be seen that the global mean temperature was the same in 1974 as it was in 1937, meaning that the global temperature has been consolidating for 59 of the last 75 years. What global warming?

Howard Fineman Smears ‘Ayatollah-Style’ Grover Norquist Howard – your liberal paranoia is showing…

Showtime Orders Up ‘Titanic’ New Documentary Series Pushing Global Warming Panic in 2013 Nothing says “paranoia” more than Hollywood money, Hollywood names, and an apocalypse to hype.

Breaking News: People Like the Government Giving Them Other People’s Money And nothing says utopia more than satisfied customers of government handouts.

Fox News’ Watters Nails School For Canceling Coulter The video at this link speaks liberal paranoia for itself.

Ken Burns Blasts Tea Party for Rampant Use of ‘N-word’ Has Mr. Burns never heard of the iPhone? Where are the videos? Evidence, Mr. Burns – evidence. Otherwise, one just sounds like a raving paranoid – oh, wait…

Columbia prof calls anti-tax Republicans ‘seditious’ and ‘treasonous’ Here’s one of those Republicans just want “to destroy the government” mantras. This guy is so convoluted. He wants to increase taxes supposedly for “deficit reduction”, but ignores that Republicans are the only ones who are actually proposing the only way to cut the deficit – spending cuts. (In #3 The Not So Surprising History of Tax Cuts I definitively illustrate with a look at history that cutting taxes always raises more revenue than hiking taxes.)

Obama Aide: With These Republicans, ‘There’d Still be Slavery’ Today Apparently Chuck Todd thinks liberal paranoid delusion is “an interesting and depressing observation from this very smart White House aide.” So we have one paranoid impressed with another paranoid’s paranoia. (The genesis of a groupthink.)

Left-wing Radio Host Fantasizes About Beheading of ‘Tea Baggers’ Liberals see conservatives as motivated by evil (see chapter 2 of #1 Deprogramming Liberalism with Nuclear Counterarguments). In some liberals’ minds this naturally leads to fantasies of divine judgement.

WashPost’s E.J. Dionne Compares Obama’s Tax-Hiking Resolve to Lincoln’s Push to Ban Slavery So standing for a tax increase on the rich is equivalent to banning slavery?!? Only in a paranoid liberal mind, I guess.

Creator of Controversial Obama Painting Admits He Thought the President Was Being ‘Crucified by the Right’ So, was this guy living in a cave throughout the Bush presidency?!?

We’d better stop drilling to save this bird Why is it that progressives are always the one’s who halt progress?

Columnist Who Inspired Bob Costas Drops New Bomb: ‘The NRA Is the New KKK’ The KKK were domestic terrorists who shot up blacks’ houses in the dead of night. The NRA would have been for legally arming those blacks to shoot back.

• Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner was exposed for lying about relationships with women online, sending them lewd photos of himself, and falsely accusing conservatives of hacking his social internet accounts, but this was not enough for top Democrats to call for his resignation. Hoping he could survive a House Ethics investigation Democratic House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi pointedly would not demand his resignation until a week later when he was perceived to have become a liability to the Party. [42mwoag] Weiner must be wondering why he so quickly got thrown under the bus when Bill Clinton was raised as a hero for committing real crimes and placing the presidency in a position to be blackmailed.

• Former Democratic Senator and Governor, Jon Corzine, as CEO of derivatives broker, MF Global says he doesn’t know what happened to the 1.2 billion dollars in missing client funds. Despite that liberals, through the Occupy Wall Street protests are currently apoplectic with the Wall Street one percenters supposedly stealing money from the 99%, apparently have no problem with this one percenter seemingly caught in the act. According to this article, the poor dear, is just a “victim of the alpha-male curse”. [7rl4tlr]

• Despite the disastrous opening of Obamacare, after two weeks virtually no liberals called for the head of Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, she had not offered to resign, and the President said he still had “full confidence” in her. Wow! What would it take to lose confidence in her? [n38yopg]

• PolitiFact presented President Obama with the 2013 Lie of the Year award for repeatedly claiming “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it”. Asked about receiving the award the President responded that he should be excused for his lie because “my intentions have been clear throughout”. In other words, he should be excused because his motivations were good. Of course, that is more than good enough for liberals – it’s everything! [mrhzfqn]ae

• Barack Obama’s excused scoundrels list


• Obama administration Attorney General, Eric Holder is the first sitting cabinet member to be held in contempt of Congress, for lying to Congress over the Fast and Furious gun scandal where hundreds of guns were deliberately sold to a Mexican drug cartel so that American guns could be blamed later when inevitably used to murder people. This would then be used as leverage to demand gun control legislation. Except that the plan has been exposed. But of course, liberals have completely excused President Obama, his administration and Eric Holder. Despite that two U.S. federal agents were murdered with these guns, Holder’s motives were pure, so there is no need to hold him to account, according to liberals. [mqlbl3g]

• Barack Obama has had and still has many associations with extremists, terrorism justifiers and supporters, and terrorists themselves: Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a communist. [4okp9ew] Jeremiah Wright is an America hater who preached and taught communist Black Liberation Theology to Obama’s children. [yqux9d] William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were domestic terrorists. [6b4hkr] Obama worked with discredited criminal organization ACORN. [5d8tnv] Cass Sunstein thinks animals should be allowed to bring law suits, hunting and eating meat should be banned, and criticism of global warming theory should be banned. [bpegyh, y9eo6r5] John P. Holdren is an apocalypse nut and associate of Paul Ehrlich. [69fhrmx] Chas W. Freeman Jr. is a terrorism justifier and supporter. [dyea33, ce5q54] Rosa Brooks has referred to President Bush as a psychotic and called al Qaeda, “little more than an obscure group of extremist thugs.” [czfwoe] Carol M. Browner is a socialist. [8n3g9d] Van Jones is a communist who justifies terrorism and is a truther. [69ddc92, m9vrug] Dalia Mogahed supports Sharia law. [67d3ucp] Anita Dunn is a communist. [yhyr7jx] Ron Bloom is a communist. [yk8yuuu] Malik Zulu Shabazz is national chairman of the radical New Black Panther Party. [ybtzewr] Robert McChesney is a communist. [ylz7j2w] These are just a sample of literally dozens of radicals Barack Obama has associated with, all ignored by liberals as if they were just fellow chess club members or something. Then there was the real estate deal with Tony Rezko. Unsurprisingly Obama’s top advisor, Valerie Jarrett was an associate of Rezko. [6fgar9]af

I could only provide a very small sample in the essay of the many nefarious characters surrounding Barack Obama because of the immense size of the full list. Here it is, 190+ of them:

October Surprise: The Barack Obama Scoundrels List

• Barack Obama’s excused corruption list


• Barack Obama has other scandals developing as well, like the Solydra bankruptcy, [3kaa9f4] photos showing Obama affiliated with the New Black Panther Party, [5u4tscr] the Fast and Furious deal selling guns to a Mexican drug cartel, [3pt4yub] and the Pigford payoff. [7s2zu49, clzblxl] There are the non-recess “recess appointments” that break the tradition of separation of powers. The whitewashing liberal media have mostly ignored these stories, and liberals in general could care less – after all, we’re not talkin’ Bush here. If it had been Bush, liberals would be screaming at a fever pitch!

Update: Now in 2013 we have the Benghazi fiasco, IRS fascism beginning the day after the head of the IRS worker’s union visited Obama in the White House (they weren’t going to allow another Tea Party election victory in 2012), EPA fascism similar to that of the IRS, the AP phone records seizure and the prying into emails and phone records of a Fox News reporter, arbitrary collection of phone records of millions of Americans, NSA data vacuuming over the internet, ICE releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants with criminal records, the leaking of a whistleblower’s confidential memo to smear him, and administration officials using covert email addresses for who knows what? While everyone was focused on the Benghazi cover up, I had a more basic question. Why weren’t troops ready to defend the Benghazi compound since there had been numerous terrorist attacks of related facilities around Benghazi over the previous few months, and it was the anniversary of 9/11 – duh! [lxhwuvt] There is your smoking gun. What else do you need to know? (Why wasn’t Hillary Clinton demanding protection for her State Department people, publicly if necessary to put the pressure on Obama? Instead she left them to hang out to dry – and die. Obama and Clinton are both directly responsible for four needless American deaths.) Liberals defend Obama by claiming that he wasn’t aware of any of these scandals. So in effect, they are admitting that Obama has lost control of the government, a confirmation of what all conservatives have been saying since he began running for President in 2007 – his lack of executive experience should have disqualified him from ever becoming President. Think about it. Was Bush ever accused of this level of incompetence where subordinates were supposedly running rogue throughout the government? No.ag

• Imagine if conservatives/Republicans had done these things


Now imagine when Republicans controlled the House, the Senate and the presidency during the Bush years, if they had pushed through Social Security privatization reform on Christmas eve, without giving a three day promised period for the public and opposition to review the bill, with no bipartisan support with the Democrats, after purchasing members of their own party’s votes with earmark buyoffs, and ignoring a vocal majority of the voting public opposing the bill. Imagine the outrage from liberals claiming an undermining of democracy! Imagine the cacophony in the media. Imagine the marches on Washington. Imagine the demonstrations across the country. Now realize that this is exactly what President Obama did with his Obamacare legislation. Liberals cheered. Imagine if President Bush had sold hundreds of guns to Mexican drug cartels which were then used to murder hundreds in Mexico and at least two American border agents. Liberals would have been screaming for impeachment and crimes against humanity trials with demands for imprisonment, but since the Obama administration did this, liberals yawn. Imagine if President Bush had invested billions of taxpayer dollars in risky oil companies run by Republican donors that then went bankrupt with little accounting for what happened to the money (you know – sorta like the infamous natural gas company, Enron pushing the Kyoto Protocol for their financial benefit – that Democrats supported and Bush didn’t [*3ppkm7l, *d54nlh3]). That is basically what Obama did with green energy companies and Democrat donors, but again liberals collectively yawn and defend his actions. Imagine if under Bush an American ambassador had been left defenseless and brutally assassinated in a lawless country known to have al Qaeda terrorists operating freely. Imagine if under Bush the IRS had targeted liberal groups and individuals for years. Imagine if under Bush the Justice Department had seized AP phone records. Liberals would have been literally rioting in the streets. But under Obama? Ho hum – move along…

The only thing liberals are really upset about with Obama is that he has not been liberal enough.ah

• Ted Kennedy – worst liberal scoundrel & biggest liberal icon


• Above I presented you with over thirty examples of this liberal averting-of-eyes and playing stupid to liberal failures and indiscretions, but they are all just gravy, American neighbor – I only really needed this one (remember to read this as if it were about a conservative Republican): The “liberal lion of the Senate” Ted Kennedy got off virtually scott-free after driving and crashing while drunk and then leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to die. But this is only one tragic indiscretion among multitudes. Ted Kennedy was about as despicable a person as has ever been elected to Congress, and liberals elected him over and over and over, holding him up as a ‘liberal hero’. • Born into wealth, and as royals do, profiting on his name and the better reputations of his immediate family members, he accomplished nothing in his life outside of his often belligerent style of politics. • He always compared unfavorably to his older brothers. • He was a drunk and had four citations for reckless driving (and who knows how many he got away with because of his name). • Though married twice he was a womanizer. • He later made jokes about the fatal accident and named his dog “Splash”. • A Roman Catholic who was pro-life, he switched over even to the extent of supporting partial-birth abortion just to advance himself in the Democratic Party machine. • He got into Harvard based on his family ties and was kicked out for cheating. • He signed up for a four year term in the army and requested a placement in Army Intelligence, but was dropped from the program after only a few weeks and cut loose from the army after only two years when his father used his political pull to keep him from being sent to the Korean War. • He rented a whole Chilean brothel. • He met with communist revolutionaries in several countries throughout Latin America. • He was a political force behind the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which discouraged skilled immigration and encouraged unskilled immigration with almost unlimited family reunification. He said in 1965: “The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.” • After two decades of immigration failure he then pushed for amnesty in 1986. He promised of the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Bill: “This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this.” • After another two decades he then inadvertently admitted in 2007 that his two previous attempts at immigration reform were both utter failures: “Now it is time for action. 2007 is the year we must fix our broken system.” • He contributed to extending the tentacles of the federal government into Public Education with the Higher Education Act of 1965 which was ostensibly to improve education in low income neighborhoods, but has been a complete failure with opposite results. • He was important in getting the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 passed that was later ruled unconstitutional. • He supported the failed, forced racial busing program for Boston. • He cynically attempted to have the voting rules changed for his benefit at the 1980 Democratic National Convention. • He deliberately undermined President Carter’s re-election campaign in 1980. • Jimmy Carter blames him specifically for not getting comprehensive healthcare reform legislation. • He attempted to collude with the KGB of the U.S.S.R. to undermine President Reagan’s reputation as strong on American security so he could challenge him for the Presidency, a contravention of the Logan Act. • Unsurprisingly this was not the first time he had clandestinely collaborated with the KGB. He also attempted to sandbag President Carter the same way. • He often opposed improvements to the military and supported appeasement toward the U.S.S.R. • Although publicly supporting affirmative action he had Mayor Marion Barry waive a set-aside clause for minority businesses for a building purchase in DC, allowing him to rent to higher paying tenants. • Even some Democrats thought Kennedy went over the line in his slanderous “Robert Bork’s America” speech which is credited as the turning point where incendiary demagoguery escalated in late twentieth century politics. • In a bout of hypocrisy seldom matched in American politics he called Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas “shameful” in regard to the no-evidence allegations of Anita Hill. • He later smeared Samuel Alito in the same manner as Robert Bork. • He was instrumental in pushing the State Children’s Health Insurance Program which was supposed to be paid for by tobacco taxes, but that also turned into a failure. • He of course defended President Clinton in regard to his “bimbo eruptions” with which he was so familiar in his own life and voted to acquit on both impeachment charges even though Clinton put the Presidency in a position to be blackmailed. • He would become infamous for reaching across the aisle to produce legislation and then later claiming he was double-crossed by Republicans to avert criticism from his liberal fan base. • He was instrumental in the establishment of legislation enacted under the Clinton administration that prohibited the FBI from examining the computer of Zacarias Moussaoui in August 2001 (the since-named 20th highjacker), a month before 9/11. • He ardently opposed a proposed wind turbine farm where he liked to go sailing, while insisting other Americans sacrifice for his liberal interventionist views. • He accused the Hillary Clinton campaign of using racism against the Obama campaign in the 2008 presidential primaries. • It was reported in the Washington Post that the Clintons believed he endorsed Obama over Clinton based strictly on his own misogyny. • His family’s money was sheltered in foreign trusts so as to be protected from the very tax laws he supported for other Americans who were not so fortunate to have a father who knew how to avoid paying taxes. • Publicly he was an ardent critic of the oil industry while privately he had large investments in oil projects he left out of his criticisms, and drafted tax laws that his plays avoided. • Although seriously ill at the end of his life, apparently his belief in his own indispensability led him to refuse to resign his Senate seat, thus denying Massachusetts voters either a present representative or the opportunity to replace him. • He was often rated as one the most liberal Senators in Congress. • He was an ardent supporter of incremental liberalism and very effective as a legislator at it. • Imagine – this man came to be known as the patriarch of the Kennedy clan and as a “liberal icon” (try a Google search of >ted kennedy “liberal icon”< and you’ll find tens of thousands of results). As an icon of liberalism, who can disagree – his documented history screams LIBERAL! • Newsweek described Kennedy as “the living symbol of the family flaws”. • He even colluded with the Soviet communists against his own country (more than once) despite that his oldest brother was assassinated while President by a defector to the Soviet communists. • In his last speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2009 he said: “I have come here tonight to stand with you to change America, to restore its future, to rise to our best ideals and to elect Barack Obama president of the United States.” America got the Obama Malaise. • At his death never in a free society has such an epic failure of a man been lauded as such a success. • A Huffington Post writer went so far as to justify Ted Kennedy’s perverse career in a reference to Mary Jo Kopechne’s death with, “Who knows – maybe she’d feel it was worth it.” How twisted must an ideology be to lionize such a man of monumental failings? [*6662k5j, *6dwqfu6, *37ssm6] Nixon was a piker compared to this man! Can you imagine if Ted Kennedy had been a Republican, American neighbor. His political career would have stopped just as dead as Mary Jo Kopechne’s life did at the Dike Bridge. He would only be a small footnote in history. Instead liberals lift him up as an icon above all other icons.

What if our above list of liberal “indiscretions” was about conservatives, American neighbor? We both know that liberals would never allow conservatives to skate on any of those issues. Liberals would have demanded disqualifications, apologies, resignations, retributions and in some instances jail time. Liberals simply do not judge their own the same way they judge conservatives. In fact it is not uncommon that what conservatives are condemned for, liberals are lauded. As with Ted Kennedy, the more despicable the character, the higher the regard by liberals. Again we see: Without irrational double standards contemporary liberalism cannot exist. And just to make sure you’ve got it, here again is the third lesson about programmed liberal attitude: A contemporary liberal’s honorable motives and noble fight against contemporary conservatism excuses all liberal failures and indiscretions.ai

• Conservatives are motivated by evil


But why do liberals see their fight against conservatism as noble? Noted psychiatrist and political commentator Charles Krauthammer once observed:

~Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.~ [mbc2n8]

In effect it is this insight that we are exploring in the N.C. Essay Series. I don’t think liberals are inherently stupid (although they often play stupid), having already posited my observations about the genesis of the liberal condition being the result of societal programming. However, I now would like to add some detail to Charles Krauthammer’s “Liberals think conservatives are evil” statement. You see, American neighbor, someone can do evil, but be motivated by fear, rage, ignorance, etc. For instance, the men operating the gas chambers and ovens at Auschwitz during the Holocaust were most certainly operating in an evil way, but some may have been motivated by fear of what might happen to them or their families if they did not follow orders. I heard an interview on the radio with a man who was charged with documenting the suffering at the camps by the U.S. military after the end of the war. He said the men who operated the ovens basically stayed drunk everyday to cope with the stress. Sure we think of those men as evil, and while their actions were most certainly evil, their personal motivations for those actions may not have been explicitly evil. Given a choice, most if not all probably would have wanted nothing to do with that job. This is not what liberals think of conservatives. Liberals view conservatives as much more than just benignly evil. In a liberal’s mind conservatives want to do evil. Liberals see conservatives as motivated by evil.aj

• Principle – justified destruction


This leads to our fourth lesson about the programmed liberal attitude: A contemporary conservative’s evil motives justify their destruction by any means necessary. (This also includes moderates that align with conservatives in any way. [89qs76e]) Liberals view themselves as nobly fighting evil, so they will read-in to any situation the evil they are looking for, but of course, liberals will openly deny they view conservatives as evil. After all, they also view themselves as ‘tolerant’. But their words belie their claims of tolerance, and of course there is always that double standard thingy. Following is a list of 800 pound gorilla quotations about conservatives/Republicans by prominent liberals. As you read each of the following quotes, American neighbor, keep in mind the blatantly apparent attitude behind the remarks towards conservatives/Republicans. It is not just that liberals view conservatives as doing evil things because they view conservatives as dumb, angry, fearful, or just plain wrong. It is that liberals view conservatives as doing evil things because they view conservatives as motivated by evil to do evil things. This liberal attitude would only see the men operating the gas chambers and ovens as enthusiastically enjoying what they did, with no possibility that even some may have been reluctant pawns.ak

• Liberal leaders justify destroying conservatives


The assumption by liberals is ALWAYS that conservatives have evil motivations as the foundation of their principles and actions. Put on your detached Mr. Spock demeanor with your third person analysis and see for yourself, American neighbor. Remember it is not your purpose here to judge whether you agree which each of the following statements – your agreement or disagreement is irrelevant. The purpose is to discover the motive each speaker is attributing to their target (the quotes in square brackets will be explained later):

• ~ “The evil is in the White House at the present time. And that evil is a man who has no care and no concern for the working class of America and the future generations of America, and who likes to ride a horse. He’s cold. He’s mean. He’s got ice water for blood.”~ – Democrat House Speaker Tip O’Neill about President Ronald Reagan [4ust9dn] Reagan had no compassion for the working man or the future of the country apparently. Only someone viewed as motivated by evil could be thought of as this callous – and that despite stewarding the creation of eighteen million jobs from 1982 to 1988 for that same “working class”. [“heated exaggeration” “a perfect model of malice” “luxury-loving”]

• ~ “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.”~ – Howard Dean [893b8k7] If I thought of Republicans as motivated by evil I too would hate them and everything about them. [“a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “Do you know what the basic Republican anti-inflation policy has been? To put people out of work.”~ – Jimmy Carter [ydtacly] Hard to imagine a deliberate policy like this, but if I thought of Republicans as motivated by evil… [“conspiratorial fantasy” “makes crises” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced”]

• ~ “For twelve years, Republicans have tried to divide us–race against race–so we get mad at each other and not at them.”~ – Bill Clinton campaigning in 1992 [yqak58] Yup – I guess if I saw someone as motivated by evil I might think this about them. [“heated exaggeration” “conspiratorial fantasy” “a perfect model of malice” “makes crises” “he [the enemy] has a new secret for influencing the mind (brainwashing)” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced”]

• ~ “Republicans want smaller government for the same reason crooks want fewer cops; it’s easier to get away with murder.”~ – James Carville [y8nbkj5] Certainly seeing a desire for smaller government as a policy to make corruption easier could stem from a conclusion that Republicans are motivated by evil. [“conspiratorial fantasy” “sinister” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil”]

• ~ “This President is never going to do the right thing. I think somewhere deep down inside him he takes a lot of joy about losing people, if he thinks they vote Democrat or if he thinks they’re poor, or if he thinks they’re in a blue state, whatever his reasons are not to rescue those people…”~ – Radio host Randi Rhodes about Katrina [bol7ymr] This is truly a description of someone seen as motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “a perfect model of malice” “cruel” “manufactures disasters” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced”]

• ~ “Moderate Republicans can’t stand these people (conservatives), because they’re intolerant. They don’t think tolerance is a virtue. I’m not going to have these right-wingers throw away our right to be tolerant!”~ – Howard Dean [yjxop7b] Since “tolerance” is certainly considered a top liberal virtue, considering conservatives as wishing to throw it away could originate from seeing them as motivated by evil. [“a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “he [the enemy] has a new secret for influencing the mind (brainwashing)” “he [the enemy] has a special technique for seduction”]

• ~ “It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”~ – Barack Obama on heartland conservatives [y9l3seb] If one sees people as bitter because they disagree with you, one likely sees their disagreement not as legitimate, but as motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “sinister” “ubiquitous” “cruel”]

• ~ “Under this administration, America’s middle class has been abandoned, its dreams denied, its main street interests ignored and its mainstream values scorned by a White House that puts privilege first.”~ – John Kerry on Bush 43 [ydplnt7] Classic liberal thinking about Republican Presidents being motivated by evil to benefit the rich at the expense of the poor. [“conspiratorial fantasy” “a perfect model of malice” “makes crises” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced”]

• ~ “While President Bush likes to project an image of strength and courage, the truth is that in the presence of his large financial contributors he is a moral coward – so weak that he seldom if ever says ‘No’ to them on anything – no matter what the public interest might mandate.”~ – Al Gore [ybfclfc] Seeing a President as putting his rich buddies above that of public interest certainly fits with seeing him as motivated by evil. [“suspiciousness” “luxury-loving” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “A pro-life Democrat, unlike a pro-life Republican, cares about kids after they’re born, not just before.”~ – Howard Dean [yaen4pa] This goes hand in hand with this often claimed Republican ‘war against women’ that could be only seen as motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “conspiratorial fantasy” “sinister”]

• ~ “Working people have been shut out by this president because he values only one thing; wealth.”~ – John Edwards about Bush 43 [ydr568r] Same old, same old. A President seen as fixated on wealth can only be seen as motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “ubiquitous” “cruel” “luxury-loving” “makes crises” “manufactures disasters” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced”]

• ~ “George Bush has a health care plan – pray you don’t get sick.”~ – John Edwards about Bush 43 [ydr568r] How could someone seen as so callous not be also seen as motivated by evil? [“heated exaggeration” “a perfect model of malice” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “The right wing has a way of always having an enemy, whether it be immigrants or Arabs or brown-skinned people, black-skinned people, homosexuals, women.”~ – Janeane Garofalo, Hollywood ‘pundit’ [yc92mub] Seeing your opponents as seeking out enemies of minority peoples would definitely qualify as seeing the “right wing” as motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “ubiquitous” “cruel” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil”]

• ~ “Unfortunately, a lot of the people in the right-wing base are not the most intellectual people in the world, not the most savvy people in the world, and they are definitely quick to anger, and quick to blame other people. […] It’s part of the human nature of a personality type that tends to identify as Republican or conservative. And it’s an unfortunate part of our society. It’s a scourge on our society.”~ – Janeane Garofalo [yc92mub] Seeing your opponents as unintelligent, angry people looking to blame their problems on others likely comes from seeing them as motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “the enemy” “ubiquitous” “he [the enemy] must be totally eliminated”]al

• Liberal journalists justify destroying conservatives


• ~ “Republicans don’t believe in the imagination, partly because so few of them have one, but mostly because it gets in the way of their chosen work, which is to destroy the human race and the planet. Human beings, who have imaginations, can see a recipe for disaster in the making; Republicans, whose goal in life is to profit from disaster and who don’t give a hoot about human beings, either can’t or won’t. Which is why I personally think they should be exterminated before they cause any more harm.”~ – Michael Feingold, Village Voice [3uwuzaq] Apparently written as serious political commentary – and self explanatory concerning evil motives. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “ubiquitous” “cruel” “luxury-loving” “makes crises” “manufactures disasters” “traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced” “he [the enemy] must be totally eliminated”]

• ~ “BUSH IS MORE EVIL THAN BIN LADEN”~ – Sign at San Francisco anti-war protest. Portraying President Bush as Hitler and a Nazi was standard fare for liberals during his two administrations (more later). [cmkjwt (see photo)] Again – self evident. [“the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “ubiquitous” “cruel” “traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “You could argue that even the world’s worst fascist dictators at least meant well. They honestly thought [they] were doing good things for their countries by suppressing blacks/eliminating Jews/eradicating free enterprise/repressing individual thought/killing off rivals/invading neighbors, etc. … Bush set a new precedent. He came into office with the attitude of “I’m so tired of the public good. What about my good? What about my rich friends’ good?” … They. Don’t. Even. Mean. Well.”~ – Huffington Post blogger Peter Mehlman [5wlxzaz] Self evident again. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “luxury-loving” “makes crises” “manufactures disasters” “traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “When we were out of power, we organized to win the next election. Conservatives, apparently, prefer to talk ‘revolution’ and kill cops.”~ – Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas [dm5xjm] How else to explain this? [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil”]

• ~ “If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly. That’s right. The Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick.”~ – Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) [y9dwala] What other attributed motivation could explain this view? [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil”]

• ~ “[T]he Republicans lie! They want to see you dead. They’d rather make money off your dead corpse. They kind of like it when that woman has cancer and they don’t have anything for her.”~ – MSNBC talk show host Ed Schultz [yesm6qv] Yikes! Apparently they’re all monsters! [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “cruel” “luxury-loving” “makes crises” “manufactures disasters” “traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil”]

• ~ “It appears that the Republican Party leadership in the Congress has made a decision that they want to deny President Obama success, which means, in my mind, they are rooting against the country, as well.”~ Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) [nvvmz4] If one sees any opposition to policies as opposition to the country, one could only see the Republican Party as motivated by evil against the country. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “The Republican Party … is a mindset, like Hitler Youth, based on hatred — religious hatred, racial hatred … they’re fascists.”~ – Liberal Essayist Gore Vidal [yh2en7w] Another self explained statement. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “cruel” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable” “he [the enemy] must be totally eliminated”]

• ~ “And this is exactly why the conservatives keep harping on spending, spending, spending as the problem: because they know spending, spending, spending is the solution, and they don’t want this solved! They don’t want this solved because they hate government! They hate teachers. They hate police officers. They hate first responders. They hate firemen. They hate EMT workers. They want it all to be privatized! That’s when you gonna get the haves having police protection and excellent schools and the have-nots having no police protection and no schools! And therein is the dreamworld for them. This is nirvana for them!”~ – Radio host Randi Rhodes [39awcyh] Oh my… [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “ubiquitous” “cruel” “luxury-loving” “makes crises” “manufactures disasters” “traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “The Republican Party has been on a crusade against the middle class and the poor for the last 30 years.”~ – Ed Schultz [2ae75vl] Of course to a liberal crusaders are motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “ubiquitous” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “Instead of joining us on the right side of history, all the Republicans can come up with is, ‘slow down, stop everything, let’s start over.’ If you think you’ve heard these same excuses before, you’re right. When this country belatedly recognized the wrongs of slavery, there were those who dug in their heels and said ‘slow down, it’s too early, things aren’t bad enough.’”~ – Harry Reid about Republican opposition to Democratic healthcare reform, comparing them to Democrats prior to the Civil War defending slavery. [6spx2do] To equate a defense of slavery with opposition to a health care plan one must surely think of Republicans as motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “makes crises” “manufactures disasters” “traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• A Washington Post blog included Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas and Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele on a list “Black Folks We’d Like To Remove From Black History”, along with former Haitian dictators “Papa Doc” and “Baby Doc” Duvalier, mass murdering Ugandan despot Idi Amin, Zimbabwe despot Robert Mugabe, and “DC Sniper” John Allen Muhammad. [ybu85vv] A thinking of moral equivalence I guess… [“heated exaggeration” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• President Obama’s official website Organizing for America, in soliciting support for a phone campaign on of all dates, September 11, 2009, described citizens opposing his healthcare reform as “Proud Right-Wing Terrorist” (taking a figure of speech literally – sheesh!) and encouraged followers to, “—* RECLAIM OUR LAND FROM THE HEIRS OF, YES: BIN LADEN *—* YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE *—” [brp7n4g, 7zxjlu3, ya39wn9] On the President’s own website opponents of his health care plan were described as “Terrorists” – obviously motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ blood is on Sarah Palin’s hands after putting cross hair over district~ – NY Daily News headline the day after the shooting [2vpxdrt] Just the result Sarah Palin wanted, apparently… [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “he [the enemy] has a new secret for influencing the mind (brainwashing)” “he [the enemy] has a special technique for seduction”]

• ~ “[I]f you go back to the year 2000, when we had an obvious disaster and – and saw that our voting process needed refinement, and we did that in the America Votes Act and made sure that we could iron out those kinks, now you have the Republicans, who want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws and literally – and very transparently – block access to the polls to voters who are more likely to vote Democratic candidates than Republican candidates. And it’s nothing short of that blatant.”~ DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz [3jy5zww] How could this kind of rationalization not be the result of thinking of one’s opponents as being motivated by evil? (By the way, American neighbor, Bush legitimately won the 2000 election. [*4ewkyl]) [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “makes crises” “manufactures disasters” “traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds” “then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “[T]he rest of them are taking money from the Koch brothers who are Iranian arms sellers…But [Koch] traded arms with our enemies [and] I think that’s a lot worse.”~ – Democratic operative, Bob Beckel using a lie to smear the Koch brothers and Republican politicians with supposedly evil motivations. [*7hgl6jk] [“heated exaggeration” “a perfect model of malice” “conspiratorial fantasy”]

• ~ “This is a struggle of good and evil. And we’re the good.”~ – Howard Dean referring to differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party [y8sap87] Democrats = good. Republicans = evil. For them all to be evil, they must be motivated by evil. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable” “he [the enemy] must be totally eliminated”]

• ~ “We as one nation must stand together, must fight the forces of evil, the conservatives in this country.”~ – MSNBC host Ed Schultz at the 2010 One Nation rally in Washington DC [34vgb4s] Liberals = good. Conservatives = evil. Ditto previous. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “ubiquitous” “makes crises” “manufactures disasters” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable”]

• ~ “The budget deficit is an excuse for the Republicans to undermine government plain and simple. They don’t just want to make cuts, they want to destroy. They want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the department of education. They want to destroy your rights.”~ – House minority leader Nancy Pelosi during the debt ceiling debates of 2011 was determined to portray Republicans as America-wreckers – “plain and simple”. [4yqhdjl] Apparently Republicans are so motivated by evil that they actually want to eat tainted food, breath polluted air and drink dirty water. [“heated exaggeration” “suspiciousness” “conspiratorial fantasy” “the enemy” “a perfect model of malice” “sinister” “ubiquitous” “cruel” “makes crises” “manufactures disasters” “traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds” “a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil” “the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable” “he [the enemy] must be totally eliminated”]

It is not like it is only liberal leaders that display this liberal principle of conservatives being motivated by evil. Here is an article with a list of liberal columnist responses to a single issue that also observes this principle in action: [*4td8bjc]am

• Liberal sheeple justify destroying conservatives


And notice in the following quotation the self-projection of this commenter’s own hate and demagoguery onto those he targets. This is an elaborate but not untypical sentiment from a liberal in the comment section of an internet article about conservative talk radio hosts and their listeners being crazy and hateful:

~All talk radio hosts are. Same as Fox. None of these people actually beleive what they say. Their all just paid shills who know their audience are a bunch of stupid hicks looking for an excuse to hate anything different then them and they’ll ride it all the way to the bank. Their all frauds. I’m also willing to bet none of the teabaggers beleived their own shit either. It’s all about being a sore loser. … I have a theory, I think cons know their wrong but don’t care. Hating and greed are just too much fun. They know global warming is real or at the very least they don’t care because they hate Al Gore (or more specifically, they just hate democrats) and “liberals” more then they care about anything else. Those fake tears Beck squirts? It’s a wink to his audience: “Let’s see what liberal feathers we can ruffle this time”. Same with everything else he does. Same with everything all these people do. The conserviatve movement needs an enemy to survive, without it, they collapse. Most of these idiots don’t have anything in common otherwise. Hence the reason the teabaggers are all splitting up. … I think there are those who genuinly want a theocracy and to see gays, “liberlas”, muslims, and anyone else they disagree with dead. And I think they know they are hypocrites for claiming to beleive in “less government”. That too is also a ploy to get under the skin of “liberals”. I think most of what they do, outside of the stuff that actually makes a buck, is done just to get the goat of “liberals”. Even the teabaggers protesting healthcare reform know they would benefit from it. But they hate liberals more then they love thier own lives. These people want to undo all the freedom that came out of the sixties, and they’re more then willing to destroy civilization just to do it.~ [sic] [79t2csb]

This is self-evident regarding evil motives. The following is another example from a Daily Kos “Diary” referring to Tea Partiers and Republicans. I suggest that you go to the link and read the whole column. It is also a lesson in liberal projection where this author’s obvious hate is projected onto to those he disparages. The irony is so thick you need a snow plow to get through it:

~That the primal scream of angry, hate filled, incoherent savagery on display is destroying the fabric of this country. […] These people want our President, the legitimately elected President of the United States, the man who leads our armed forces and heads up our executive branch of government, dead. […] They are the pitchfork wielding ignorant witch-hunting crazies who would tear this country apart if they could to seek vengeance for their bloodlust. […] They are the betrayers of the very thing they claim to love, the United States of America, precisely because they have given in to the dark forces of rage, of racism, and of incoherent fear and paranoia. […] These people are the crazed stalkers who would rather kill someone they claim to “love” then to see them not act exactly the way they want them to. They are unhinged. […] The republican party has embraced treason, racism and anti-American violence directed at the President of the United States.~ [sic] [*yzwqpkt]

Talk about “dark forces of rage”! Does this guy see a black hole when he looks in a mirror? Maybe not a typical liberal, but far from unusual. Want another example, American neighbor? This was posted at Daily Kos on the day of the Arizona shooting on January 8, 2011:

~curse them all to hell every damn last one of them sarah palin. glenn beck, michelle bachmann, john bohner all the rest … curse them all to hell a plague on ther families. let them all burn in hell for eternity…. im serious. its time to get serious with this human garbage. these people are human garbage… its time to take out the trash.. its time to refuse to tolerate this crap its time to take a stand against human garbage that has been avocating killing democrats for years. its time to say no NO NO NO NO you do NOT deserve to exist.. inciting people to MURDER 9 year old girls????? what the fuck damn it … when are people going to grow some balls against this crap. these people are nazis, racist bigots, human garbage, they are NOT human beings … its time to stand up and start kicking ass…~ [sic] [32oh377]

Obviously this guy is completely blind to the incredible irony in his own post. (You can see it – can’t you, American neighbor?) This guy is more outraged at Republicans and conservatives than at the guy who actually pulled the trigger. This is because in his deluded mind Republicans and conservatives are more responsible than the shooter himself.an

• Liberal leaders aim their comments at liberal sheeple


Those liberal leaders I quoted above are aiming their statements at liberals that sympathize with thinking just like this. Indeed, they encourage it. Notice that liberals never say to their liberal leaders, “You went over the line with that statement.” Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Carter, Gore, Clinton and the rest of them frame conservatives as motivated by evil, and they know their liberal supporters do as well. This is how liberals can sleep peacefully at night with no moral conscience keeping them awake over liberal indiscretions. They are completely oblivious to the 800 pound gorillas in the corner of their bedroom. In a liberal’s mind their motives are honorable, and that excuses any failing or indiscretion. Liberals can say anything about conservatives and Republicans, because in their minds they are fighting raw, unmitigated evil. Apparently for the conservative, “Hating and greed are just too much fun.” Even President Obama’s official administration website has no qualms about describing Tea Party opposition to his policies as “Domestic Terrorists”. It’s like liberals are their own vision of Joe McCarthy and to them all conservatives are McCarthy’s ‘dirty communists’. For liberals it is never just what a person does, but of what motives liberals attribute to each person. Because a liberal’s motives are always noble a liberal can get away with murder (or at least negligent manslaughter) and be upheld as an icon, whereas because a conservative’s motives are judged as evil, they are guilty just for breathing. Once again so that you get it, the fourth lesson about liberal attitude is: A contemporary conservative’s evil motives justify their destruction by any means necessary. [*3axkyks]

(Sorry to have put you through reading all of those nonsensical liberal quotations above, American neighbor, but with this sort of analysis, authenticity and volume are the only ways to convincingly get the message across. Thanks for putting up with them. [happy smilie face with two thumbs up])ao

• Partial list of liberal evils


It all begins with this liberal attitude, American neighbor:

• “This is a struggle of good and evil. And we’re the good.” – Howard Dean referring to differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party (and by extension anything that does or does not fall under the umbrella of liberalism.) [y8sap87] Liberals see their world as divided between good and evil. One is either a good liberal or one is evil and very likely motivated by evil:

• There are good liberals and there are evil oil companies. • There are good liberals and their are evil racists. • There are good liberals and there are evil misogynists. • There are good liberals and there are the evil rich. • There are good liberals and there is that evil Fox News. • There are good liberals and there are evil global warming deniers. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil because they think government employees are overpaid. • There are good liberals and there are evil SUVs. • There are good liberals and there are evil opponents to embryonic stem cell research. • There are good liberals and there is the evil logging industry. • There are good liberals and there are evil home schoolers. • There are good liberals and there is evil Christmas. • There are good liberals and there are those evil believers in morals. • There are good liberals and there are evil medical insurance companies. • There are good liberals and there is evil offshore drilling. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil because they believe in free trade. • There are good liberals and there are evil tungsten light bulbs. • There are good liberals and there those evil people who would rather arrange all of their own retirement funding. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil because they oppose cap and trade. • There are good liberals and there are evil tax cutters. • There are good liberals and there are evil coal companies. • There are good liberals and there are evil Christian fundamentalists. • There are good liberals and there is evil Anwar drilling. • There are good liberals and there are evil pro-gun supporters. • There are good liberals and there is evil fast food. • There are good liberals and there is that evil Sarah Palin. • There are good liberals and there is evil talk radio. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil because they see Medicare and Social Security as threats to the American economy. • There are good liberals and there are the evil Ten Commandments. • There are good liberals and there is evil Halliburton. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil for opposing a carbon tax. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil that promote abstinence. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil for opposing gay marriage. • There are good liberals and there are those evil believers in American exceptionalism. • There are good liberals and there is evil Wall Street. • There are good liberals and there are evil pro-lifers. • There are good liberals and there is evil shale oil and natural gas drilling. • There are good liberals and there are evil soft drinks. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil because criticize public education. • There are good liberals and there evil opponents of partial birth abortion. • There are good liberals and there are evil free markets. • There are good liberals and there is the evil Tea Party. • There are good liberals and there are evil oil pipelines. • There are good liberals and there are evil black Republicans. • There are good liberals and there is the evil Pledge of Allegiance. • There are good liberals and there are evil banks. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil because they point out that the green economy is an economic failure. • There are good liberals and there are evil war-mongers. • There are good liberals and there is evil, union-free Walmart. • There are good liberals and there is evil fracking for oil and natural gas. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil because they oppose Obamacare. • There are good liberals and there are those evil believers in a strict adherence to the Constitution. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil for wanting a Fair Tax. • There are good liberals and there are evil patriots. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil for being anti-illegal immigration. • There are good liberals and there are those who are evil who support torture. • There are good liberals and there are evil Republicans. • There are good liberals and there are evil conservatives. Hopefully you get the idea – in short, there are good liberals and good liberalism, and then there is everyone and everything else with which liberalism finds fault. They are all evil. As Ed Shultz explains, all of the above evils can be summed up as follows:

• ~ “We as one nation must stand together, must fight the forces of evil, the conservatives in this country.”~ – Ed Schultz at the 2010 One Nation rally in Washington DC [34vgb4s]ap

• ‘Everyone knows that liberalism is always correct’


The strategy that liberals use to paint everyone not like them as evil is to pretend (that playing stupid thing again) that EVERYONE knows that liberalism is always correct, but those who publicly disagree are doing so only because they have evil motives, not because they actually think they have better solutions. For instance, conservatives don’t believe in tax cuts because they think they are prudent. They know that liberal tax increases are the better solution – the only reason conservatives want to cut taxes is because they are motivated by evil greed. Here is another example: Global warming deniers know full well that global warming is caused by mankind, but oppose doing anything about it because they are motivated by evil, not because they honestly believe it to be a waste of resources. And here is another: Pro-lifers don’t actually believe that a fetus is fully human – they just say so because they are motivated by evil to harm women. This warped reasoning allows liberals to avoid having to argue the substance of any issue – they can pretend (play stupid) that just about anything they don’t like is a result of evil. They simply proclaim that any opposition must be willfully rejecting what is right (liberalism), because of course any opposition must be motivated by evil. This is the simple world of no-substance-necessary, good-and-evil liberalism.aq

• Mock your enemy


You can tell when two rivals cross swords which one has no respect for the other. Disapproval and disdain will soon show themselves through how they treat their opponents. There will be mocking disrespect. This is a deliberate Saul Alinsky strategy (more later). Except for entertainers and journalists no one else is normally excused for mocking others. Mocking is generally considered a classless and childish action of a bully, but mocking is also the last resort of a person who thinks he is fighting willful evil. In a politician it is generally associated with an autocrat or elitist. It is certainly something no President should be known for, but will inevitably be accused of doing occasionally, sometimes legitimately. Of course, if the majority of the press has a bias against a President one would expect the accusation of elitist mocking to be inflated where even marginal cases would be magnified when manufactured indignance is included. But if a President has the majority of the media biased in favor of him one would expect any accusations of mocking to be reserved only to extreme cases with a pass for anything marginal. So I ran a little test to see which President relatively shows respect to his opponents and which one doesn’t. I did Google searches for >”Bush mocks”< and >”Obama mocks”< (the only two Presidents of the blog era of the internet). [ya8knub] Naturally one only “mocks” one’s opponents.

Of the two Presidents, on a level playing field Obama has the most likelihood of garnering the smallest number. After all there is only one of his name who is prominent in the media and he has not been around that long, whereas there are three Bushs, all of which who have been in the public spotlight for decades. And as for media bias, they are practically slavish toward Obama and hate the Bushs with a passion. So quite naturally one would think that >”Bush mocks”< should garner many multiple the amount of hits that >”Obama mocks”< would. Here are the Google results for April 14, 2012:

>”Bush mocks”< = 12,500 This result includes three prominent Bushs (George H.W., George W. and Jeb) in the news over a period of decades with an almost universally opposed media.

>”Obama mocks”< = 473,000 This result is just for Barack Obama over a period of just a few years with a majority sycophantic media.

Given the tilted playing field one would expect that the Bush number would be ten or twenty times that of the Obama number, but what we see is a complete reversal of what one would expect, especially given the fact that the field actually tilts against the Bush name and in favor of Obama. President Obama is described as mocking other people forty times more than the Bushs. So what can we conclude? George H.W., George W. and Jeb Bush must be pretty classy people. Whereas Barack Obama is obviously a boorish punk. He is surely petty and childish to achieve such an astronomical number compared to the Bushs when every consideration is tilted in his favor. Truly, President Obama lives up to his reputation as an autocratic bully. [*249sxmj]

Again we see that it is liberals who show no respect for their opponents. It is quite obvious as to why this is, don’t you think, American neighbor? Obama and other liberals think of their conservative opponents and their ideas as motivated by evil and thus not worthy of any respect, but only of loathing, which is naturally reported in the media and the blogs as mocking their opponents and ideas. Why do liberals think President Obama is such a good speaker? Because he is a very smooth and accomplished mocker – liberals’ favorite kind of speech. Here we can see our latest liberal principle illustrated in irrefutable numbers: A contemporary conservative’s evil motives justify their destruction by any means necessary. Including classless mocking. (And it turns out that Obama won the 2012 presidential election using nothing but a strategy of mocking his opponent since he had no positive record to run on.)ar

• Betray your friends


To show you how far liberals go with their lack of respect for others, President Obama has shown us that it also applies to more than just his opponents. I did a Google search for >”bush betrayed”< and >”obama betrayed”<. With the same considerations as above one would naturally think that the Bush number would be multiple times that of the Obama number, but surprise! – NOT! On February 12, 2013 the Obama search result was 240,000 and the Bush result was 7,050. That’s 34 times as many results for Obama.as

• The “paranoid style” in contemporary liberal ideology


An understanding of the liberal belief that conservatism is motivated by evil can arguably be traced back to an essay written in 1964 by historian Richard Hofstadter called The Paranoid Style in American Politics. [6d4qrn] [88] This pictured the then rightwing as societal paranoids, supposedly seeing communists crawling out from under every rock. Of course the spread of communism was a serious threat in the sixties over which President John F. Kennedy almost started a world war, but the purpose of the paper was to paint the rightwing as detached from reality, and to an extent it worked. Partly based on this perception Republican Barry Goldwater was soundly defeated in the 1964 presidential election. However, this paradigm would not continue indefinitely, and indeed Hofstadter conceded that the societal paranoid need not only be rightwing, having found many different groups in history fitting his definition of the societal paranoid.

With a thought process regulated by a victimization anxiety the societal paranoid can be recognized by his anger with and fear of the enemy. This perceived enemy may be temporarily or permanently focussed in one person, groups of people, and/or associations and industries, and/or political parties and/or movements. There is an exaggerated distrust that often leads to wholly imagined threats from this enemy, for which the societal paranoid is always on guard. The societal paranoid is readily slighted and feels the need to place blame for whatever insecurities they see in society, so they create imaginary motives for their enemy, seeing them as evil to the core and frightening to the point of being monsters, and conspiring against everything good. The societal paranoid often sees their enemies as gleefully persecuting them self or other victims with which they connect. This leads to wildly false accusations of malicious intent, often with included demagoguery and sophistry to justify their view of evil motivations imagined within their perceived enemy.

By the late sixties the left had supplanted the right as the societal paranoids in America. Hofstadter never agreed with the student liberal radicalism of the late sixties (the New Left) despite having been a student, communist radical (the Old Left) in his youth. Apparently, without explicitly stating it, Hofstadter saw these early liberals as the new Paranoid Style in American Politics (and if he didn’t, he should have, as you will see, American neighbor). The then budding contemporary liberals of the late sixties began to portray any who opposed the nanny state of the Great Society as desiring to deny the presumed owed benefits for the underprivileged. This they saw as an assault on society that could only come from an enemy of evil motivation. Along with this came the demagoguery of painting conservatives as racists. Then, of course, there was the Nixon administration and Watergate combined with the perceived injustices of the Vietnam War which finally pushed liberals over into a permanent paranoid style about supposed evil conservative motives. Hofstadter wrote:

~I call it the paranoid style simply because no other word adequately evokes the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy that I have in mind.~

Think back to earlier in the essay of our list of liberal quotes about conservatives by liberals, and our list of evil entities perceived by liberals to saturate American society. Can you not see the “heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy” in their accusations, American neighbor? Liberalism now perfectly fits the “paranoid style” that Hofstadter had seen recurrently in history, which at the time he wrote of it led him to define the then rightwing as the societal paranoid, but it is now liberals that see evil monsters crawling out from beneath every rock and lurking in every corner of society, whether it is in the spheres of politics, business, the environment, race, gender, the media, the rich, education, healthcare, retirement, taxes, Wall Street – the list goes on and on and on. Apparently the monsters with evil conservative motives have infiltrated every nook and cranny of American society, American neighbor.

Be aware that the following quotations were written by Hofstadter as a generic description of what he saw as a paranoid style of world view. I ask you to read these as descriptions of the thinking of a contemporary liberal about a contemporary conservative “enemy” and see if they don’t comfortably fit:

Liberal Paranoid Delusions

Liberal Paranoid Delusions – Evil monsters are everywhere, deliberately thwarting utopia.

~The enemy [the conservative] is clearly delineated: he is a perfect model of malice, a kind of amoral superman—sinister, ubiquitous, powerful, cruel, sensual, luxury-loving. Unlike the rest of us, the enemy is not caught in the toils of the vast mechanism of history, himself a victim of his past, his desires, his limitations. He [the conservative] wills, indeed he manufactures, the mechanism of history, or tries to deflect the normal course of history in an evil way. He [the conservative] makes crises, starts runs on banks, causes depressions, manufactures disasters, and then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced.~

This is what the paranoia of contemporary liberalism thinks about contemporary conservatism this very day, but as described in a parallel from 1964. Reread that last sentence and think of liberalism’s conclusions about the 2008 financial crisis, American neighbor. The Bush administration is universally seen by liberals as having caused the 2008 financial crisis, supposedly producing a close equivalent to what Hofstadter described as a run on the banks and a near depression. And who benefited in liberals’ eyes? Why those evil Wall Street fat cat bankers and industry CEOs who are synonymous with conservatism in the liberal mind. Conservatives supposedly produced the misery and enjoyed the profits of it. Or think about global warming. Evil conservatives have caused global warming with their evil free markets recklessly producing carbon dioxide, profiting off the destruction of the world while the poor of the world suffer at their hands, and even worse, evil conservatives are the “deniers” preventing noble liberalism from fixing this calamity. How about the Iraq War? Why did President Bush and conservatives want to invade Iraq? Well obviously, to get Iraq’s oil for Bush’s buddies and of course, Halliburton, and to enrich the military manufacturing complex. “Bush lied – thousands died!” simply meant that the Iraq invasion was the result of evil motivations. Hofstadter goes on describing the “paranoid” directly, but again we will look at it from today’s eyes:

~The paranoid [liberal] spokesman sees the fate of conspiracy in apocalyptic terms — he traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds, whole political orders, whole systems of human values. He [the liberal] is always manning the barricades of civilization… he does not see social conflict as something to be mediated and compromised, in the manner of the working politician.~

Does this not describe Obama and Obamacare? What compromise? Does this not describe Al Gore and global warming? Liberalism is fixated on the supposed apocalypse of global warming. Al Gore has been their hero is this regard, but almost any liberal will tell you of the supposedly upcoming inevitable cataclysm if America does not completely surrender to liberalism as the salvation for the “whole world”. And what about Medicare and Social Security? Liberals see conservatives as conspiring to remove Social Security and destroy Medicare in order to throw seniors out on the street. Ditto when some natural disaster like Katrina hits, liberals jump to the conclusion that conservatives only see it as an opportunity to kill liberals and crush a liberal state. Or oil exploration. Conservatives don’t care about the environment – they just want to plunder the land and the sea for greedy profit. Abortion isn’t about children – conservatives just want to punish women for their carelessness. Then there are taxes. Conservatives don’t want to lower taxes because they honestly believe it is beneficial for the country – that is just their excuse. Really they just want to further impoverish the poor and enrich their wealthy benefactors. And conservatives don’t want smaller government because of some imagined benefits – they just see government as an impedance to furthering their own greed. Of course there is also racism – conservatives are just plain racist, because they are. Almost anything a conservative says can be taken as an insult by a liberal. In fact, conservatism itself is considered an affront to liberalism. These are all deeply seeded paranoid delusions in liberalism, American neighbor.

~Since what is at stake is always a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil, what is necessary is not compromise but the will to fight things out to a finish. Since the enemy [the conservative] is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable, he [the conservative] must be totally eliminated — if not from the world, at least from the theatre of operations to which the paranoid [the liberal] directs his attention.~

This why liberals do not wish to engage conservatives – they wish to destroy conservatism. Think about this, American neighbor. What do liberals resent the most about Barack Obama? That he has compromised even a little bit with Republicans. Remember, “This is a struggle of good and evil.” How can one “compromise” with evil? What about Glenn Beck? Did liberals want to debate his ideas when he was on Fox News? No, they wanted to shut him up. Same with Pat Buchanan on MSNBC, same with Lou Dobbs on CNNHN, same with Andrew Breitbart at the Huffington Post, and Dana Loesch on CNN. The list goes on and on – don’t’ forget about Rush Limbaugh. They want to destroy Fox News and get it taken off the air. To liberals this is not a battle of ideas – it’s a terrifying war of good versus evil.

~The paranoid’s [liberal’s] interpretation of history is distinctly personal: decisive events are not taken as part of the stream of history, but as the consequences of someone’s will. Very often the enemy [the conservative] is held to possess some especially effective source of power: he controls the press; he has unlimited funds; he has a new secret for influencing the mind (brainwashing); he has a special technique for seduction…~

Is this not what liberals now think of conservatives? Conservatives are brainwashed and controlled by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. They’re financed by Wall Street and the Koch brothers. Katrina wasn’t only a natural disaster – someone blew up the levies! 9/11 wasn’t Islamic terrorism – it was a conservative conspiracy. Jared Loughner wasn’t just crazy – he was controlled and directed to kill. The Tea Party isn’t a grass roots movement – it is a corporate creation to seduce the ignorant and terrorize the nation. Opposition to anthropogenic global warming theory is not based on genuine doubts – skeptics have evil, conspiratorial motives directed by big oil. Look at our list of liberal perceived evils above – there are dozens of them! Liberals are paranoid that just about everything is evil, and they see this universal evil as embodied in conservatism. Indeed, Hofstadter may have had some prophet in him:

~This glimpse across a long span of time emboldens me to make the conjecture—it is no more than that—that a mentality disposed to see the world in this way may be a persistent psychic phenomenon, more or less constantly affecting a modest minority of the population.~

Well he got that right – except that it has not been the rightwing which he was vilifying at the time that has persisted with these beliefs, but the left through its then new contemporary liberalism that supplanted the supposed rightwing paranoids of the sixties, developing into Hofstadter’s “paranoid” of the contemporary era. Whereas Hofstadter saw the rightwing of his day as paranoid about evil communism everywhere, it is now liberals that are paranoid about evil conservatism everywhere – they see evil conservative motives as monsters crawling out from under every rock. But not indefinitely. Hofstadter obviously could not foresee the N.C. Essay Series, American neighbor.

The classic case of mass societal paranoia in the world is that of Muslims toward the Jews and Israel. In the modern vernacular Muslims are Judeophobic and/or Israelphobic – they fear and despise Jews and Israel just for existing. They fantasize that Israel is the major cause of the world’s ills, and certainly their own. It is no different for liberals. Liberals are paranoid of anything that is outside of their liberal ideals or the control of liberalism. In this sense liberals are phobic – anyone or anything other than liberalism is viewed as an enemy motivated by evil. It is beyond that of seeing conspiracies, though no doubt conspiratorial undercurrents are imagined frequently. The liberal sees the world as made up of good (liberalism) and evil (anything other than liberalism). There is no gray area in the contemporary liberal world view. This is our seventh revealed principle of liberalism: Compulsive paranoia is the foundation of contemporary liberalism.

Middle East

Israel (red) vs. the Middle East – Talk about an elephant afraid of a mouse… [Map Town]

In a moment I am going to ask you to return and reread the above list of liberal quotations in the section, Liberal leaders justify destroying conservatives, American neighbor. Now you will understand what is contained in the square brackets following each quote. They are Hofstadter’s descriptions of a societal paranoid, how they view the “enemy”, and what they view the “enemy” as doing. Now go back and reread the list of liberal quotations above with your third person analysis. See for yourself if they do not fit like a hand in a glove with Hofstadter’s descriptions noted in the following square brackets, then come tell me you can’t see the severely delusional paranoia saturating every quotation. (We’ll further examine Richard Hofstadter’s The Paranoid Style in American Politics in a later essay.)at

• Deprogramming lessons 1


So here are the lessons we have learned about programmed liberalism so far (remember, third person analysis):

• Former President Bush deserved criminal prosecution for denying suspected terrorists undeserved rights even beyond what is granted by the Geneva Conventions, because as a conservative his motives were presumed evil.

• President Obama can be given a pass for denying suspected terrorists and their neighbors basic human rights, and instead executing them with Drone missile strikes, because as a liberal his motives are presumed honorable.

• Former President Bush deserved to be prosecuted for supposedly lying America into a war with Iraq, because as a conservative his motives were presumed evil.

• Former President Clinton can be given a pass for lying America into a war with Serbia, because as a liberal his motives were presumed noble.

• Former President Bush need not be given any credit for stopping continuous mass murder in Iraq, because as a conservative his motives were presumed evil.

• Former President Clinton can be given a pass for ignoring the genocide in Rwanda, because as a liberal his motives were presumed noble.

• Liberals think of everything that is not liberal or benign as evil.

• Because liberal leaders think of conservatism as motivated by evil they relentlessly and childishly mock it.

• Liberals are perpetually paranoid of anything that is not liberal as a threat to liberalism and the “world”.

I have one more liberal quotation for you, American neighbor. It is perhaps the ultimate example of liberal paranoid delusion since it comes from none other than the ultimate example of a contemporary liberal at the height of his own paranoia:

~ “Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists would be censored at the whim of government, and the doors of the federal courts would be shut on the fingers of millions of citizens for whom the judiciary is often the only protector of the individual rights that are the heart of our democracy.”~ Senator Ted Kennedy

This speech on the Senate floor opposing the nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court is so over the top delusional that Kennedy’s sanity should have been questioned. Was he drunk? Was he on medication? Was he just being a liberal icon? Or was he really a man consumed with his own personal paranoia? I pick door number four.au

• Liberal principles so far


• Cause: Compulsive paranoia is the foundation of contemporary liberalism.

• Symptom: A contemporary liberal’s honorable motives and noble fight against contemporary conservatism excuses all liberal failures and indiscretions.

• Symptom: A contemporary conservative’s evil motives justify their destruction by any means necessary.

• Symptom: Contemporary liberalism requires a strict adherence to playing stupid.

• Symptom: Without irrational double standards contemporary liberalism cannot exist.

• Result: Contemporary liberalism is rife with unintended consequences.

• Result: Contemporary liberalism is absurd.av

• Contemporary American liberalism = progressive-fascism


Contemporary liberalism is an ideology of paranoia, American neighbor. In the minds of liberals their world is populated with monsters – evil conservatism and anything or anyone who are at odds with liberalism. If you don’t believe in liberalism’s evil monsters, you are probably an evil monster. So let’s go back to our MCTE question from the beginning of this essay: “Would you describe a person that constantly imagines evil monsters all around them as deeply, delusionally paranoid, American neighbor?” Yeah, I would too. This phobia of anything other than liberalism being evil is expressed in our principle: Compulsive paranoia is the foundation of contemporary liberalism.

Here is where we have ended up so far: Contemporary American liberalism is a type of fascism (fascism will be fully explored as a leftwing ideology in essay #6). Fascism is an ideology that sees its opponents as “enemies” and relies on intimidation of its opponents to achieve its goals. As with contemporary liberalism, fascism is based on a societal paranoia that rationalizes that without the use of drastic measures a desired society cannot be produced. Fascism is an ideology of crisis, as John Flynn explained in the 1944 book As We Go Marching, on the fascism of FDRHoover:

~It [fascism] is born in crisis, lives on crises, and cannot survive the era of crisis. By the very law of its nature it must create for itself, if it is to continue, fresh crises from year to year. Mussolini came to power in the postwar crisis and became himself a crisis in Italian life. Then he conjured up new crises … Hitler’s story is the same. And our future is all charted out upon the same turbulent road of permanent crisis.~

(FDRHoover was not a typo. I refer to Franklin D. Roosevelt as FDRHoover because he turned out to be Herbert Hoover’s ideological twin brother – much evidence for this will be presented in following essays.)

Permanent crisis is much less a strategy than it is a reaction to ingrained paranoia. Liberal paranoia sees new crises around every corner and finds evil enemy monsters hiding beneath every overturned rock. Throughout this essay we have witnessed examples of contemporary liberalism as an ideology based on crises and intimidation of opponents (the enemy). You will discover that most liberal principles are about enacting and self-justifying intimidation as a standard political operation for liberals. Fascism doesn’t always begin as totalitarian, but as an infection of a free society. In the case of America it is progressivism gone malignant. It is ironic that following the war (or more specifically, FDRHoover’s death) John Flynn’s prediction of a continuation of the permanent crisis mode that FDRHoover had established as his political mechanism during the Dirty Thirties actually paused and lay dormant from Truman to JFK. However, Lyndon Johnson revitalized it with a passion – the birth of contemporary American liberalism.

This is where contemporary liberalism in America is at right now. America is still a free society, more or less. However, liberalism is infecting this free society with a tyrannical-leaning ideology using crisis fearmongering and intimidation to establish itself as an unchallengeable ruling class. It can aptly be described as progressive-fascism.aw

• Deprogramming lessons 2


In the first essay we had learned that liberals live their lives in direct contrast to their core desire to have the liberty to direct their own lives. They do this in part by adhering to the self-imposed foreign principles of playing stupid and accepting irrational double standards. In this essay we have learned how liberals can hold to playing stupid and to irrational double standards without losing a wink of sleep agonizing over them through a pattern of self-justification that includes a narcissistic/paranoid belief that liberal motives are always pure, and opponents’ motives are always evil. It is on this base of compulsive paranoia that the liberal programmed mind embraces the principles of playing stupid and accepting irrational double standards, that are justified by generating the principles of a war between noble liberal motives and evil conservative motives, that then reinforce the paranoia. It is virtually circular – each step perpetuates the other, but the key to understanding liberalism is the compulsive paranoia. (Compulsive is constant, constraining behavior or thought, whereas impulsive is occasional, reactive behavior or thought. Liberalism is compulsive in its world view and impulsive in its application by individuals.) So liberals live their lives in a direct contradiction of their core belief. It is the paranoia of evil monsters imagined as out there everywhere that leads liberals to give up directing their own lives just to keep from being eaten up. Everything is out of control. Monsters are ruining everything. Somebody must take control. So the liberal voluntarily and incrementally gives up the control of directing his own life to a life of indenture so that the monsters can be kept at bay. But when liberalism demands of you, American neighbor, to be phobic of everything outside of liberalism as evil, leading you to cumulatively cede to others the decisions in your own life, how does that provide you with the freedom to accurately analyze your world and direct your own life? I wouldn’t describe a perpetual, compulsive state of paranoia as liberating. Would you?

So, what do you think is the primary difference between a contemporary liberal and a contemporary conservative, American neighbor? It is paranoia. Liberals are afraid of almost everything, and are afraid that everything of value is threatened by one evil monster or another. For instance, President Obama thinks that we must “repair the deteriorating climate that threatens everything we plan to leave for our kids and our grandkids.” This is true paranoid delusion. Obama believes that “everything” of value is threatened! In his delusion he thinks that he can “repair” the climate. He is a modern day King Cnut the Great who unsuccessfully ordered the tide to stop, believing that he actually has power over the forces of nature.

Here is some more evidence. Strong men tend to be conservatives, while weak men tend to be liberals. [cpda7k8] Is this surprising, American neighbor? Weak men expect big-mommy government to deal with all of the evil monsters. (And, of course, so do their women.)

The sooner a liberal realizes that paranoia drives their life, the sooner they will want to get rid of that paranoia. Quite simply, separate the foundational paranoia from a liberal and you end up with a conservative. That is what the process of deprogramming liberalism is all about, American neighbor.

[A new theory (2013) stating that contemporary liberalism originated with a blaming of the right for JFK’s assassination is novel, but the rhetoric during the blossoming of contemporary liberalism in late sixties lacks any evidentiary reference to the assassination, and instead focuses on the Vietnam War, civil rights and a new model of the welfare state as offered in the Great Society. Liberals turned against America mostly because of the war, not the assassination. The idea of punitive liberalism is a description of a symptom of contemporary liberalism, not the cause. Liberals are punitive because first they are paranoid. Paranoia drives liberals to operate punitively toward their opponents because they see them as motivated by evil to stop utopia.]

I hope you don’t see me as an enemy motivated by evil, American neighbor. I don’t hate you and I don’t want to destroy you. Remember, I was once in your position – I sincerely desire to help you. If you can accept this, I am grateful for the benefit of the doubt you allow me, or at least the opportunity you are giving me to make my case. [tip of hat]ax

• Deprogramming exercise


Use your third person analysis to judge things in your everyday life, American neighbor. Make your life about analysis instead of ideology. Watch out for your own motives when doing, thinking and saying things, and watch for the motives you attribute to others. Make your decisions based on analysis. By choosing analysis instead of reactive ideology you are choosing to direct your own life. Beware of labeling things outside of liberalism as enemies or evil. Maybe try a little so-called liberal tolerance first. Beware of liberal paranoias clouding your thinking. Here is a good column of comparisons between conservatives who are guilty just for existing, and famous liberals who can do no wrong. Double standards, anyone? [*csqlg78] And here is another column illustrating that liberals believe that conservative motives are evil using a historic example as a comparison of how the mechanics of it works (although he seems to erroneously think that this is a recent phenomena with liberals). [*q2rdewe]

With this essay we have discovered the explanation for how liberals can so effortlessly play stupid and accept and apply irrational double standards to virtually any issue with no hint of regret. Ponder what you have learned in this essay when you go to bed tonight, American neighbor. In the following essay we’ll look at the mental mechanism that allows liberals to preserve the above principles.ay

• Humor, sort-of


Here again is a little end of essay humor break from the “And you thought Sarah Palin was stupid…” file under the liberal principle: Contemporary liberalism is absurd.

If I were to tell you that under the Obama administration the Treasury Secretary, who is responsible for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), was testifying before the head of House Ways and Means Committee, who is also responsible for the IRS, about the Secretary’s objectives for the IRS in tracking down tax evaders, you would probably think, “Good! Go get those tax cheats like Joe the plumber!” But if instead it was you that was telling me the exact same thing I would surmise that one liberal tax evader who also happens to be the Treasury Secretary was meeting with another liberal tax evader who happens to be the head of House Ways and Means Committee, to discuss how to reign in other liberal tax evaders like the White House Chief of Staff, or the liberal nominee for administration Health and Human Services Secretary, or the liberal considered for the administration Chief Performance Officer, or the liberal nominee for the administration Secretary of Labor, or the liberal for the administration U.S. Trade Representative position, or the liberal nominee considered for the administration undersecretary for International Affairs, or the liberal nominee for the administration Health and Human Services secretary, or the liberal administration choice for chief of protocol for the State Department, or the new liberal Senator from Minnesota, or the Democratic Senator for Missouri, or the “many members” of the Democratic Party in Congress who according to Maxine Waters (D-California) have also made “mistakes”, or the liberal union members that make up the civil service. [dech28, yjcdb4r, pwozft, 7tfgc6d, dk6m2l, b2mr9t, cmwukw, ygcp2wv, akmagk, yju2cqt, mp8kuy, 4vpfzc3, yazgkfx, 2fc9nez] Additionally, as of September 10, 2010, I might think of the 41 people working directly for the White House that also owed back taxes. [2arhd54]

Here’s the punch line: President Obama has called out what he labels as “deadbeat companies” – those that are awarded government contracts while still owing back taxes. He claims they are “gaming the system”. [yj7j5zz] I thought it was a Democrat’s patriotic duty to pay their taxes – at least according to Joe Biden (I guess he only meant that for Republicans). Maybe some liberal could explain to me how these above listed Democratic politicians, administration appointees and government workers weren’t also unpatriotically “deadbeat” for “gaming the system”, and shouldn’t they be asked to resign or be dismissed? (Of course I am sure all of their motives were purely honorable. [/sarcasm])


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