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Old Comments

The following visitor comments were made in response to my 2002-03 Bible Shepherd website which contained some early content now presented in the MetaChristianity book series. There is also some material not contained in the book series. (You can view the website as cached by the Internet Archive here.) Unfortunately, the website was a premature effort (I discuss this in the first book of the series). Besides that I was not personally ready and still had much to learn, I also underestimated the tremendous amount of work that it would take to transform my study notes into a cohesive, continuous composition. Just determining the appropriate sequence of the books is an immense undertaking because of overlapping topics and the enormous addition of new information for the reader. I apologize for letting so many down who were looking forward to more at the time. (New comments are welcome at the bottom of the Home page.)

“Shocking, revealing, controversial but logical.” Chuck

“The material presented is fascinating, thought provoking and challenges the reader to take responsibility to study God’s word on their own.” Elaine Parrish

“I believe that through God’s mind you write.” Wayne

“I highly recommend this website, because it causes you to think and question what you thought you knew. It also shows you how dangerous it is to not see for yourself what the Bible says about any subject. I believe in what you are doing and applaud you for taking a stand against error in the church doctrine. As for me, after reading it initially, I will go back and check more closely as to what the Bible says on the subjects being presented. Please do continue with this website. I believe you are telling the truth.” Karen

“Very informative and bold.” Perry Gregory

“I have wondered about many of these same things for a long time. I am pleased that someone has the intelligence and ability to put it all together in a comprehensive manner. I hope and pray that you are able to continue and more people will discover and understand the real truths.” Ron Blevins

“I found the insights to be striking.” ct

“As a person making a personal study of the Bible, I found your protocol for applying reason and thought to be compelling. I will certainly now approach my studies with a more critical eye.” Rev. Sean A. Morris

“As a seeker of the truth, your website is very refreshing.” Dee

“The content is superb. […] By the way… for the first time in my conscious analytical days… I have encountered something (preferably of biblical nature) and have found literally no faults and no areas of disagreement (and that includes my pastor lol). For this I am truly grateful. This is a defining moment in my life. Thanks.” Dnhops

“A challenging, positive and uplifting site that sets Scripture in its true context and inspires the reader to actively think, rather than passively absorb.” Samantha Westgate

“Challenging and thought provoking. Whether you agree with every interpretation or not, the [website] should at the very least open your eyes to how the church has allowed tradition to become doctrine.” Michael Shevlane

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your website. Thank you for addressing the “unaddressable”. Most importantly, to me, your spirit does not appear to be one of contention. Unless you are contending for the faith.” Anonymous Surfer

“This website has been the most personally challenging site I have ever come across and I believe ever will come across. There is none like it on the web that I have ever seen and I look forward to coming back here and seeing much more added.” David B. Mathews

“Nice to see someone stepping out, unafraid of expressing their beliefs that are opposed to mainstream churches.” Doreen

“You have touched on a few subjects that through my research I have found out already. So I know that you have been a faithful Berean. It takes many hours of research and prayer. I pray that you never give up or stop working to bring forth the truth of God’s Word. I commend you for the effort and the Web-Site. God’s Speed Brother.” George

“Thank you for the effort you put into it and I pray that you continue in your quest for truth.” Norman

“The content of this website appears to be generated by an author with spiritual integrity and discernment – of which many Christians seem to be sadly lacking because of fear of being different, both against even other Christians and the world at large. Well done and keep up God’s work!!” Samantha Westgate

“Very good web site! Keep up the good work!” Paige

“We need a dozen more sites like this one. The worldly church has done incredible damage to the Bible. Plain statements are ignored or brushed away, while things barely hinted at are made into central doctrines. It is because of Fear; those in positions of power fear to lose them, and true believers fear to be rejected. But your site triumphs over Fear in a way that makes the Father proud.” Nathan Waterman

“God has blessed you with a wonderful mind. I would love to see more of your work.” Rev Rick Shore

“There are things that I never thought about and after your exposition I admit that most of them make perfect sense to me. I have not been able to find a logical or methodological mistake, not that there are none, but other ideas you express I will study carefully to arrive at a fair verdict. Thank you for your candid exposition. I am looking forward to the next addition to the page.” Alberto

“This web addresses the issues that should have been addressed by saints long before they get to preached opinions.” boniface

“Where most Christians today pull verses from Scripture willy nilly and apply them to themselves, the church or other people, your site is very refreshing! I find it’s in the spirit of the Bereans who continuously sought out truth for themselves by the Spirit of Christ. I liked what you did with all of your questions; you asked God Himself!” Rob Van Weerden

“Why didn’t I stumble upon this website earlier?” BK

“Agree or disagree, your site makes people think about the Bible and the unquestioned dogmas they have absorbed through osmosis.” Nathan Waterman

“I found the content very thought provoking. I have come to some of the answers to your questions on my own previously. The one that really came as a revelation was the one about the Lord’s Prayer. It made perfect sense and fits with the Scripture. All the other explanations I’ve heard do not. I could never reconcile the commandment to pray in private with what was taught about prayer. I’m still waiting to see where exactly you are going with this, up to now everything I have read is based on Scripture and is sound. Not that I am an expert on Scripture. I am looking forward to reading more on the subjects you have listed.” Tony

Thank you all for your gracious compliments. You have no idea how important they have been to me. They kept me hopeful in continuing with this project when hope seemed a luxury.