What’s So Great About D.L.

What makes a website relevant?

Content. Content. Content. And purpose.

Deprogramming Liberalism is profound in content and unique in purpose. Quite simply, D.L. is about fixing America. However, if you Google >how to fix america< you will get over 400 million results – that’s more than the population of the country. Basically, almost everyone thinks that they have the right ideas to fix America. Unfortunately, since America still needs to be fixed, none tried have worked. The reason none of them work is that every fix attempts to deal with symptoms instead of the one root cause of virtually all of America’s problems – the source of contemporary liberalism.

I have discovered that contemporary American liberalism results from a societal conditioning propagated on a foundation of paranoia that subsequently drives liberals into the deceptive comfort of attempting to create a safe, collectivist utopia at the expense of individual liberty. The purpose of D.L. is to provide a process through which Americans can effectively dispense with that paranoia by rediscovering their core American value of individual liberty. Unsurprisingly, I call this process deprogramming liberalism.


Of Note:

I enjoy inventing new words, adding new meanings to old words, using obscure word meanings, and have created my own writing markups. If you stumble across one and are not sure what it means, try the Website Glossary – for instance, if you don’t know exactly what an 800 pound gorilla is…

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