Who Is D.L.

Who dares challenge the great & mighty Goliath of American liberalism?

Jim Autio

Uh – my name is David. I herd sheep for a living. I’m pretty good with a sling – and I still have room over my mantel beside the wolves, lions and bears to hang another head as a trophy. (Just kidding – sort-of.) My name is Jim Autio. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – the land of e-oil (ethical oil). I love liberty and I love America. I have been a contemporary conservative for over two decades after serendipity struck through Ted Byfield, an Alberta version of William F. Buckley, Jr. It was Mr. Byfield’s Alberta Report magazine that led me out of the darkness of contemporary liberalism over twenty years ago.

As a polite polemist, I dabble in human studies and other related things that catch my fancy, combining these with an exploration of ideology as a hobby and American politics as a passion. Fate was gracious, providing me the good fortune of avoiding the indoctrination process of higher education (some people are just lucky I guess). My wife calls me the ultimate tweeker, because I am forever changing things (I prefer to think of it as a devotion to excellence [wink]). Along with a stamina for dogged research, my only real talent seems to be an ability to reason out ideological arguments to political situations.

For the last forty years liberalism has incrementally eroded every American’s freedom to manage their own life as they see fit. My goal with the Nuclear Counterarguments Essay Series is to reestablish the liberty to direct one’s own life as a core value in American society.

Why do I care about America? Because America is the only hope for the world. If it succumbs to collectivism, the world will be doomed to an eventual collective dystopia, because there is no other country of consequence who can defend and promote individual liberty.

I wrote the 22 essays from early 2009 to early 2012 when the D.L. website was first booted. I update the essays frequently, however. I am also currently working on a two-part passive/aggressive strategy of simple, practical tactics for dealing with amiable liberals, and rebutting hostile liberals, and a unique self-deprogramming quiz for all liberals, progressives, moderates, independents, socialists, statists, Marxists, fascists and communists.

Anyway, to finish off this Goliath-thing, the N.C. Essay Series is my sling. I am going to embed a stone deep into liberalism’s head and then mount it on my wall. (But since it is so damn big and ugly with crazy-eyes, I’ll probably have to put a bag over it – otherwise it’ll scare the children…)


No man has inspired my enthusiastic leap into ideological studies more than noted Alberta rapscallion Ted Byfield, one time hard drinker, curmudgeon, reporter, publisher, devoted Christian, profound thinker, movement maker. All describe a man of courage, principle, knowledge and depth. As did William F. Buckley Jr. in America, Mr. Byfield has been a pioneer of the contemporary conservative movement in Canada, keeping conservatism alive in his weekly Alberta Report and Western Report magazines throughout the radical liberalism of late twentieth century. The parallels are striking, as well as the achievements, especially in a significantly more liberal country than the United States. Mr. Byfield almost single-handedly birthed the contemporary conservative movement of western Canada that has grown into the majority Conservative federal government of today that preserved the Canadian economy through the 2008 financial crisis and the following Obama Malaise better than any other western nation (thank you conservatism – and thank you Ted Byfield). (I have a request, Mr. Byfield. Please write an autobiography – it will certainly be the most entertaining and enlightening of any conservative provocateur ever written.)

Sometime in the early nineties I found a talk radio show on KFBK, Sacramento that led me into the American political universe. Five nights a week my wife and I would strain to listen to Rush Limbaugh fade in and out for an hour at bedtime. Now, over twenty years later on the internet we still listen to Rush at bedtime.

The internet allowed me to transition from a spectator of America into a devoted researcher of America. The following are a list of websites that have been invaluable to my research: Drudge Report, Lucianne.Com, NewsBusters, Hot Air, FreeRepublic, Memeorandum, Climate Depot, Breitbart (evolved from the Big websites), Daily Kos, Huffington Post.

In a considerable coincidence, I just glanced at Drudge as I have been writing this list. The news that the creator of the Big websites, Andrew Breitbart died last night just flashed on the screen. What a shock! There may never have been a more fearless defender of modern conservatism than Mr. Breitbart, willing to wade into angry throngs of liberal protestors, camera in tow to challenge them to their faces. He will be greatly missed.

Besides being my personal editor, my wife has been my anchor and a wall to bounce things off. I could not have written the N.C. Essay Series without her. (Love you…)